Linda S. Hammer
Tour Leader
Talk Show Host
Newspaper Columnist
Former Private Investigator
Former Private Process Server

Topics to be Discussed
(Time Permitting)

Tracing Your Family’s History

--Where do you begin?

--Video of a Family Tree

--Non-cooperative family members

--Websites, magazines, books

--Genealogical societies

--Daughters of the American Revolution

--Genealogy seminars

--Teaching Children/Grandchildren genealogy


--Passed Down Family Recipes


--Native American searches

National Adoption Awareness Month

--So you want to adopt a child?

--Who should, who can adopt?

--Black Market Adoptions

--Transracial adoptions

--Costs associated

--What will the child go through with their peers

--When to tell the child he/she was adopted

--When/should the adoptee search for birth parents

--When/should the birth parent search for the adoptee

--What to expect when that first phone call is made

--How do you begin a search without a name to search for?

--Amended birth certificates

--Changing laws - how to help

--Books, magazines, websites

--Baby Abandonment Laws

Military Searches

--Where do you begin?

--How do you find DD-214 forms?

--Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

--Returning military items to families

--Military Brats

--American Legion, VFW, WAVES, etc. organizations

--Books, magazines, websites

Seeking Beneficiaries

--Could you be a beneficiary and not know it?

--State Treasury Department

-Insurance Policies you never knew about

-Safe Deposit Boxes

-Bank accounts

-Last paycheck

-Bank Deposits

-Warehouses/storage facilities

-Wines, boats, planes, antiques

-How to find out if you are named

--Insurance Policies/paid up policies

--HUD Insurance proceeds

--Federal monies - i.e., $50,000 life policies on soldiers

--99 year old people

--Be aware of ‘Cadivar’ private investigators

--Get your own affairs in order

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