The 5th Annual Birthmom's Summer Celebration

June 15 - 18, 2001
Seattle, WA

5 years ago there were many of us just coming out of our "no known word to 
describe" that most birthmothers retreat into upon realizing what has just 
happened to them and their powerlessness to do anything about it. We had 
met and grown close over the internet.

None of us - to our knowledge - had met another birthmother before. One of 
our group was coming to Seattle for surgery and an extended recovery period. 
One thing led to another and we decided to come together and celebrate - 
coming together, our friends visit, and it happened to be the first weekend 
in summer - and the Birthmom Summer Celebration was born.

We announced it to the world and although most were from the Puget Sound 
Region in Washington State - we had a birthmoms from Arizona, Oregon, and 
British Columbia in attendance.

In the words of those who attended - it was magical. How wonderful to meet 
other birthmothers for the first time. The realization that you are not the 
only one and to see tangible evidence is empowering.

Many of us from that original group have gone on to participate in the 
political process working for open records including Linda Corbin - key 
member of the Measure 58 team in Oregon.

We have continued to meet every year - each year picking up new 
participants. We have had several new generation birthparents in attendance 
all in various forms of open adoption.

This year in addition to the social/educational gatherings we have added the 
component of public education. We will be participating in the Fremont 
Street Fair by having a informational booth. The Fremont Street Fair is 
attended by over 100,000 people and is a favorite for those doing 
initiatives as the attendees typically are better educated and forward 

This is a chance for Birthmothers to speak for themselves directly to the 
voting public. People to people.

And we'd like everyone to come. We already have commitments from people 
coming from as far away as Florida and Colorado.


Terri Leber

5th Annual Birthmom Summer Celebration
Sponsored by National Council of Birthmothers