Chris Hensley

A Profile

Chris Hensley is a birthmother who's daughter was born in December of 1983. Chris' daughter was relinquished and placed for adoption through Catholic Social Services. Although they had exchanged letters through the agency starting in 1999, they were not allowed to divulge indentifying information. Her daughter was alerted to a posting Chris had placed in an online reunion registry by a mutual friend and made contact with Chris by email. They continued to email each other, and spoke several times by phone before reuniting face to face in August, 2003, when her daughter traveled to Kentucky to meet Chris and the rest of her birth family, including her birthfather. Chris and her family plan a trip to Texas very soon to meet her daughter's adoptive family.

Chris works as a legal secretary in the Greater Cincinnati area, where she presently resides. She attended Eastern Kentucky University after graduating from High School in Independence Kentucky in 1984. In addition to her daughter, she is the mother of two sons.

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