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Sought & Found

We want to hear from you!!
  Please let us know when you find your friend or loved one! Everyone likes to hear about successful endings to other peoples searches. After all, they have been reading your messages daily and have been wondering whatever happened to you! Besides, if you don't tell us, your message will stay with us for a very long time! Unfortunately, most of the time, the only time we hear from you again is when you try to answer someone else's message and the e-mail address is bad!

We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person.  Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others.  If you have a story you want included here, just write to comments@the-seeker.com and tell us HOW you found them.

Here is what some of our viewers have said:
Thanks to your site I was able to locate my birth father. I did a search on the Militarily Seeking and located a shipmates email address and wrote asking about my father. It turned out he was in touch with an old friend of my father's who had been searching for my dad, it was the friend that actually found my dad. One morning about 7:00a.m. I got a phone call, he told me his name and at first it didn't sink in, then
when it registered I flew out of my bed in wonder. By that weekend we met, lucky for both of us it was in driving distance, about an hour and a half drive. I look just like him, we were both in awe of this whole
thing. He had no idea that I existed, he said if he had known he would have took me and raised me.
Since this all took place we have really bonded, I'm so much like him. Now my life is complete.
Thank you again for everything.

Karen L. Dunn

I want to thank you for this site and especially that it's free.  I tried a site that charged a fee and still didn't get the results I got here. 
I haven't seen my father since I was 2 years old, I'm now 28, and last week (10/11/2001) I found him. He posted a message on your site and I e-mailed 
him immediately. All I did was put in my maiden name and to my wonderful surprise and disbelief, there it was, a message that he was looking for me. 
We are in steady contact now and he's finally gotten to see his only daughter and granddaughter.
I can't express the completeness I feel now because of your web-site. 
Patricia Whitfield

"We take on the strength of that which we overcome."
Please delete message #19952. I was reunited with my biological mother, biological father, biological
siblings, biological grand parents, biological aunts and uncles in May of 2000. After searching on my own
and through internet search registries for 5 to 6 years, I realized I wasn't getting anywhere on my own. So, I hired a searcher who worked for the same agency that handled my adoption in 1978. One year and $300 later I was in contacted by both biological parents and also one of my half sisters on the same day! I have a great relationship with my biological mothers family as well as with my biological grandmother on my father's side. My biological father and I only spoke for about a month before we had a falling out. We haven't spoken for over a year now. But At least I got to see him, hug him and hear his voice which is all I ever hoped for! Thank you & good luck to those of you searching!
Jill Bates

Thank you for your site. I would love to know the date that I posted to your site. My site number is 72169.
Because of your site, a man in Canada, matched me with my birthmother.  He keeps a large database of adoptees from the State of New York.  My birthmother posted on Birthquest.org and I posted on The-Seeker.com. This wonderful man sent me an e-mail with the possible match. I live in Atlanta,
GA and she lives in Mission Viejo, California. Approximately 10 hours later, I was able to contact her and within 12 hours we met. This happened
2 months ago yesterday and we have visited each other 3 times since and speak on the phone twice a day everyday. We had a instant connection. Our lives
will never be the same.
I was even on your live radio show one Saturday but I cannot remember the date.
Thank you,
Cathy Seebohm

You can Delete message 82720. I found my dad. I e-mailed several people in the e-mail search I ran and luck would have it my brother that I never met
responded the same day .I sent him the information I had and He called our dad and told him I was searching for him .He replied to the call and we have
been on the phone daily for hours.  I am elated that so many responses came from this ad and to everyone who sent me information A Huge THANK YOU! A

I need for you to delete message number 78944. I found my classmate, Stewart Devault. His wife, Margaret saw my message and told him so he could contact me. It was such a thrill. Also hoping to become good friends with Stewart's wife. Also delete message 79766. I found out that my schoolmate, Lloyd Curtis, passed away several years ago. Thank you for your help! T0mEGrL809@aol.com

I just wanted everyone know that after posting a message on your site, I found my daughter, Hope. A few months after posting my message, searching for my daughter, a "search angel" read my posted message and called me to offer me help in my search!!! I sure did need some help......I'd been searching for years and was getting no where. The "search angel" got in touch with me on Thursday and on Monday morning I had my daughter's name and address! We have since been in touch with each other...we've talked and have meet each other.....my daughter has been to spend the week-end with me.....everything is going very well so far.
If not for this site, I probably wouldn't have found my daughter. I'm just thankful that I was finally reunited with my daughter after 34 years....and just in time for Mother's Day.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you. I found whom I was looking for. He happened to come across your page one day and typed in his name, sure enough someone was looking for him. He emailed me and now we are in contact with each other. Posting
#66337 and #67636. Please remove my messages and thank you once again.
Sandy Arvelo

Not 12 hours after posting updated info on this site, I got an email that someone may have info for me. I found my birth aunt (my b-mother is dead) and 
have already met cousins. I found out that I have an older sister who was also given up for adoption. Now we are trying to find her to make the story 
complete. I also need to search for my b-father, so after I write this I will post the information I have. My sister was born Roberta Ann Carr or Fields 
and adopted by Ruth and Herman Krause in Endicott, NY.
You can now delete messages 61159 and 38362! This has been a dream come true!
Thank you!!!!! 
Dianne Hubbard Misko (Judy Rae Fields)

Simone, Thank You so much The information you sent me proved to be 100% correct I located my long lost friend and just finished about a two hour phone conversation with him --I will never be able to thank you enough after forty three years.  It was just out of sight Bless you Lady and thanks again please remove my name from the Seekers Search list thank you
William A. Chadd

 Thank you again for the information on how to find a friend, it worked. I just followed your steps and there he was. Like I said I am new on a computer and on the internet and I'm glad there is some out there who doesn't charge a fee for helping someone out.
Have a Great Day
 Jim Steiner


John K Mathew

 Simone-Thanks so much for helping me.  I can't believe in less than 24 hours I was talking with Candice.  I called the # you found for me and had
 to leave a message. Before bed that same night Candice returned my call.  I haven't talked to her in over 4 years.  I remarried so she couldn't find me.  How amazing!  It was just like old times.
  Thanks again, Christa Metzger

Last Tuesday, my B-Mom & Dad were found by a very good friend of mine.  After 9 short months she found them for me, yesterday, I spoke to my B-mom for the first time ever, it was very emotional.  I am 48 and I am a late discovery adoptee.  I can't even tell you how and what state of mind I have been in since last March when I found out, I can now go on with a whole feeling in me.
Thank you, Shan

I have found My Birth-Mother (Yesterday) I will meet my Family very soon.  All is well and she did want me! Thank You 
Jeffrey Sinclair 

Thank you so very much for you time and effort - I have good news to report I found her -- I'm not sure if it was from the search on your site or one of the others that I did. Actually I found her son -- he called her and she gave permission for him to send me her phone number -- an angel must have been watching over me because a year ago I did a search and came up with nothing. It's wonderful -- after 30 years. I now
have reunited my brother, my sister, and all of their children. Tell all other seekers -- never give up hope and don't stop trying. Thank you again.

Simone: I would like to thank you and the-seeker for
your help. The people that I was seeking have contacted me. I have referred others to The-Seeker and will continue to do so. Again, thank you. 
Dale Messer

Just wanted to drop your organization a note of thanks. An ad placed on your site has turned out to be my birth mother. I was adopted out of Oklahoma. It's a tough state to get information and still doesn't provide original birth certificates. I knew the Internet
was my only hope. I don't think I would have found her if it hadn't been for your site. Now I will be able to finally claim my Native American heritage and learn important medical information. You perform an important service. Thanks again and may the Lord
continue to bless your efforts to reunite people.
-Grateful Reunited Adoptee
Rebecca Schlaegel

Just wanted to let you know that I have found the friend I was looking for in Ad# 63309 Daniel J.
Shaefer. I actually had his last name spelled incorrectly. When I finally figured out that it was a
wrong spelling I tried some more searches on my own and found him. November 13, 2000 was the first
time we have talked on over 10 years. We were both surprised and very happy that we found each other
again. He also had been wondering what had happened to me, but didn't know where to start his search because he knew I had probably gotten married and didn't know my new last name. We haven't met face to face yet, but we are hoping that it will be soon. Thank you so much for this site. It gave me the will to continue looking for him even after all my other attempts failed.
Melanie Tookey 

Dear Simone:
I am writing to thank my angel, that is you. For my miracle. Many, Many Thanks.
You were right, Jim Plough is a very nice man.
Now , I can rest easy and put his face and name together in my mind.
According to his shipmate they had a wonderful time overseas. At least I know he had some happiness while he was here.
Please remove my ad.
If I can help you in any way, please feel free to write me.
P.S. -My brother and I share the same high cheek bones. I would like to keep in touch. And let you know the rest of the story. I will be sending pictures to his friend and Jim of myself.
God Bless you. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and wishing you a Happy New Year!
Jean Frederick

Hi Simone!
We started our search just after Christmas Eve of 1996 when hubby's mother passed away. 
I had posted everywhere and searched everyway I could think of. Then I found "the seeker". It triggered me to go back to other sites I had searched. From your site, I went back to classmates.com, put in her name and up she popped with her married name! Problem--- I wasn't subscribed (couldn't afford at Christmas time), so I couldn't send her a message.
Then a miracle occurred. I had registered at classmates and a fellow one year behind me emailed me for the heck of it. He mentioned that he was a
subscriber. Long story short--- when he found out my birthday was New Years Eve, he emailed Stephanie. Being given the email address and permission, he sent it to me. I emailed Stephanie giving what info I
had. On the 31st at 1 PM our phone rang and it was our Stephanie!!!!
Keep in mind, hubby only saw her one time as an infant. They stayed on the phone for over an hour and since then we have been emailing pictures back and forth. The beauty of this is that Steph's stepdad had burned all documents and pictures of her Dad while she was still very young so she didn't even know what he looked like.
I was at the point right before Christmas to just give up and believe it was never meant to be. But I kept going back to "seeker" and trying one more thing and you see what happened! After 37 years hubby finally has a sibling.
You work miracles, my friends.
From the bottom of my heart---THANKS.

Simone, through your site and assistance I was able to determine that my younger brother, Jerry, died about ten years ago in San Diego, according to Social Security death records. I'm now in the process of obtaining his death certificate. Certainly not what I
expected, but at least I know, and I probably wouldn't without your help. Thanks very much. 
John Foland

I just wanted to let you know that I found the person I was seeking and you may delete my ad. Although I did pay someone to do a search using his SSN, the links that you provided were extremely helpful in my search process. Using these links I was able to find phone numbers for the addresses I had been provided and locate someone who knew how to reach him.
Thank you for everything.
Tamara Clark

Dear Simone, I have found my sister. with online help ...my search of 25 years has ended. I thank you for myself and for every single one of us you have helped go home. Happy holidays.. I'm sorry I can't express my happiness because it's too huge to describe. THANK YOU, Diane

I found my friend Johnna through another lost friends service (Switchboard.com). She was very glad to hear from me. 
I do thank you all for providing this site; I wouldn't have thought of looking for her using the internet if I hadn't gone to your site first.
Sincerely, Maria Burns

I need to have an ad removed due to reuniting of  son.  I found my son 10-31-2000 and finally confirmation was made 2 weeks later.  Message read iso birthson Steven Allen Love, born 10-4-69 Ogdensburg, NY.  BM Diane Lynn Norris.  One of his friends, who is an investigator seen my addy and he knew his birthname and place of birth.  His friend contacted me and I called the number, and sure enough it was Steven.  He lives in Mass.  And I live in Garland, TX.  We were talking daily on the phone and Thursday night, guess who appeared at my door???  My son is now here with me.  If it wasn't for the internet, I would of never found him. Good luck in all of your searches.  Love,
Diane Norris

I found Denise, when a friend of hers saw my message on your message board.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having this board.
I am going to place another add looking for Shona so please do not erase that message.  Thank you.

Dear Simone,  Thanks for your website. By using The Seeker I found an old Army friend. He was looking for my ex and I just happened to use my ex's name to look to see if anyone we had known was looking. There was a message from someone looking who mentioned my name so I e-mailed that person and it turned out to be one of the friends I was looking for.
Keep up the good work, I'll recommend The Seeker to my friends who are also looking for someone.

 Hey Simone, thanx for your reply and thanx for your site. I've been to many sites and sent out hundreds of emails looking for my friend, and yesterday, he emailed me. One of the email addresses I got on your site was him. You don't know how much this means to me to have found him, so thanx very much and keep up the good work. And I'll use this info to find some other long lost Navy friends. Thanx again, Miki

Dear Linda & Simone, I have found both of my daughters. What a roller coaster ride. You may
delete my posted message-63716. I have referred you to many, who were amazed that I was able to locate them, I truly believe that if they cannot find them through the seeker, they Have left the planet. Thank-You... What a terrific Site You are. Sincerely, 
Cheryl Williams

Dear Simone, I would first like to thank you for all of your help and let you know that I found Michael through your genealogy site I figured there would not be very many Bazini's it is a odd name.  I find the
Internet a very powerful invention and Would like for you to know how very important the job that you do is to a lot of people.  Thank you again.  By the way I found him in Georgia just about 4 hours away from
where I live. He's married with 3 kids and I hope to meet them all soon.
Melissa Dasher

Dear Simone: A big thank you, through The Seeker, I have managed to trace my uncle and aunt in Texas, not only have I found them but other long lost relatives. We are now in the process of writing and phoning each other and filling in all those missing years. We are all so happy to have found each other again.  Many, many thanks.
S Warneford

Just to tell you that The-Seeker was a tremendous help in locating the sister of Lester Francis Isaacs. She read my message on your board and contacted me. I have been sending pictures I have of Les, her brother now deceased. Again my thanks and appreciation.
Wally Zink

I need you to know that I have found my real dad with the help of you web site.
2 hours after I posted my story, I received and email
from someone I didn't know saying this might be your dad.  It was his name and an address in NM. I went to the white pages and put in the last name Lowe and found a Billie E Lowe in NM.  Figuring I had nothing to lose I called this number and asked for Billie. Once I had him on the phone I told him my name and said I was looking for my father whom I have never met and asked if anyone in his family was named Alan DeWayne Lowe, his response was yes, that is my brother. To make a long story short he gave me my aunt's number and I called and then I spoke to my dad for the first time.
It was wonderful.. and now I'm trying to get enough
money to go visit him to see him for the first time.
He lives in Louisiana and I live in California. If it
wasn't for your web site this may have never happened.
Thank you for being caring enough to put a web site
like this on the internet. I hope more people get the
same experience I did.. It was the best!!!
Thanks Sonya Lowe

Thank you for the information, I'll send a letter right away. We've been looking for him for so long, I just hope he's still there or left a forwarding address.
The news is even better than we thought. My daughter logged on to your site after I told her about finding the note from Stewart, she found a message
from her half-sister who had been adopted out at birth. What a blessing your site has been for us, two finds in one day!!!
Thank you SO much...

I found Jenny through her sister who I found on classmate.com and the white pages for Texas. Actually I found her name in the white pages and
was able to cross reference it to the high school. Jenny called me today and it was great!! The old gang is going to get together soon. Thanks for the site and suggestions and you can remove my listing. It took
several days to find her sister and I was never able to find her parents even though they still live in mobile. Good Luck to all who are looking.
 Juli McClain

I have made so many inquiries through so many internet sites, that I cannot even tell you how I hooked up with a woman named Becky with an internet name of "Sunnybrook". She found my cousins. All three of them. The middle cousin, Sammy, called me last night. I was so thrilled. He caught me up on his life and both brothers. He was so young when his father took him, but he remembers that his mother's new husband had beaten them repeatedly and that his father, not knowing what else to do, took them. He says the beatings are a valid memory that is his own and his brothers have the same recollection. Of course, my aunt did not ever mention the boys having problems with her new husband. The boys have a half sister that is a product of that marriage and I hope that they can meet her and fall in love with her anyway. I see so many similarities in the four of them. She is very sweet and the voice of Sammy that reached out from the past yesterday was sweet also. He said "Thanks for looking us up".... he had no idea how long I'd been looking. I asked him to please call and write, saying that if he wasn't comfortable giving me his phone and address, it was ok, I'd give him mine.....he was quiet, so I gave him my information. I have his from my caller ID and from what my internet angel, Becky, gave me, but I won't pursue it if he never calls again. I will give it to his sister though... Danged brothers...you have to push them sometimes...I don't get your program, but again, thank you and thanks to all the Sunnybrooks who take the time to help families like mine who can't keep it together.. It means the world... Di Anne Wentzloff,  Show Low, Arizona

Donna Moyer

Thank you for having a good web site. I have found my friends already. It only took 2 or 3 days after I
posted my message at your site, so I would like to say
thank you again.
Daniel Merchant

 Thank you for the info, it is greatly appreciated. Yesterday I found my birthmom! It was so wonderful. We talked on the phone and I already have reservations to fly to see her in Dec.! Thank you again for help.

I would love to thank-you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to find an old lost friend (love). I had fallen in love with this man but could not bring myself to believe it. I was not ready to be in "love". After being away from him for four years with no way to
contact him, I realized he was the one. I am now so thankful to you for helping me to locate him. Come to find out , he moved to the state that I am from, S.C.. I met him in Missouri, so I would of never imagined or tried to look for him there. Again, thank-you for your
time and information on where and how to look for him. You have made my life much happier now. Tammy Beckman

Hi Simone, Thank You so much for your responds to my search for Sean Wynn. I have to remove my ad. I found Sean Wynn, I went to Highschoolalumni.com
A friend told me about that site. I registered on the site looked up Sean's high school and low and be hold he was registered also. He included a # I took my chance on calling the # and it was the right person. He and I have been in touch for 2 wks now and I am very happy.
He is still in the Washington DC area. He came to Richmond Va to see me We agree never to lost contact again. Thank you again for your information.

Simone, You asked for an update on my reunion...It was GREAT!!! Everybody received me with open hearts and arms... I finally felt complete.. I had
so many questions but when it came time to ask them they really didn't matter any more (plus I couldn't think of a single one) it was like they were all answered without even having to say a word! I met my Mom and one of my younger sisters plus a BUNCH of Aunts and Uncles! The search will go on as there are 5 more brothers and sisters to find and it will take time but with everybody help it will happen and then they will have their answers also. My Dad had passed away but I have a feeling that he knows and is okay with it. I want to thank-you for having your site... I know it is hard work but without ya'll out there there is little hope of anyone finding their answers.
Thank-you again,
Patsy Ann Cook

Want to let you know I did find my son's Bmom along with 2 1/2 sisters and a 1/2 brother om 9-16-00. Finally after contacting our former lawyer again. 1st time
in 88 & got a sorry can't help you everything is sealed now . Well, he did petition the Judge for the adoption and Certificate of Adoption which we never got 31 yrs. ago. By golly we got them & they Certificate had his BMom's full name and confirmed what we were sure was his last name. I had pages from the city directory for the area which I had the library send me for the years at the time of his birth to his adoption.
She was listed with place of employment. Granted she wasn't still there but what a miracle.. a 69 yr. old so-worker still is and gave me family names and info. With in a week from when I had gotten the papers I had found her. She was very happy and everyone was excited about being found. The reunion with his birthf amily though only by phone is going well. 
You can remove the post no # 58389. ISO Bfamily. of BN: Kenneth Bradford, DOB 10-15-67 at St. Joseph's hospital in Joliet, ILL.
For your info the info the agency about the BMother was not the truth....what's new. She wasn't single,
22-23 with no other children. She was 28, going through a 2nd. divorce and had 4 other children... 7yrs (twins ), 4 yrs. & 2yrs. She just couldn't support a 5th baby . Also soon to be ex was not the Bfather.  Well, I am happy now that he knows the truth, & his history which along with his medical info. has answered some very important questions to problems he has had in his life. His birth family want to be part of his
life and theirs and he is for it too but will take it slow.
Thanks for all you do for the adoption world. See you on the search list. 
Karen Bevers  

Thank you. The Pete Rugur in Texas is my brother. You can stop your search.
 I found out Friday that Robert Rugur was never my B.Father. My mother had me believing this for 50 years. I also found out yesterday whom my birthfather is and have been in contact with him. You see my mother was married to Robert Rugur when I was born, but she had had an affair. I tell you it's hard
 to find out when you are 50 that you aren't who you thought you were.
 Thank you again for all your time.
Sue Stanton

About 3 years ago I placed an announcement in The Seeker looking for my wife's birth mother.
We had very little to go on but it was worth a shot. We had not heard a thing but, my wife was told by her adoptive parents that her B-mom had died in 1967. We really never thought about it again until Thursday Oct. 5th. 
I received an e-mail from a woman stating that she had been searching for her mother and aunts sibling born Toadvine in Oct. 1958.
Her name would have been Jean Marie. I was 
floored - my wife has gone almost 42 years thinking she had no kin. She now finds she has two sisters and a brother who is still lost.
Thank you ! The diligent work of my wife's niece and the small 3 line ad I placed on your site has reunited three sisters who actually grew up within blocks of each other in Pennsylvania.
You guys deserve a big "Atta boy" for this stuff.
Thanks again!
Kevin and Jeanne McCarthy

I wanted to let you know that I located my father Roland Lee Heiman. You can delete/update my message on your site.
I located my father by placing small postings onto message boards one day for about 4 hours straight in the state that I knew my father originated.
Also, I posted messages with several genealogy sources that same day.  The very next day I received an e-mail from a man who read my message on
Roots Web.  He said that he lived in Alaska and does genealogy work and also happens to know my father. They grew up together in Omaha, NE.  As things progressed Tom (the man who responded to my ad) was able to locate my father with a few phone calls. My father actually lived about 5 hours away from his friend Tom.
Just last weekend my father drove to see his good friend Tom. Then Tom gave my father a letter and a photo album I made for him. Tom also took digital
pics of my father and sent them to me!  My father was a bit shocked that his friend knew anything about me. It was the last thing he expected his friend to say. Right now my father is still in "shell shock" but has communicated with his friend Tom about me and
hopefully soon when he has some time to get his head together we will finally meet!
(She ultimately spoke with her father and learned of other family members. She was to meet in about 2 weeks.)
Thank You Seeker for all of the wonderful links and suggestions that your site has to offer. It was here that I started my original search. I will continue to visit and refer your site to others!
Melissa Scott

Just wanted to say thank you to Linda and everyone on this wonderful list who told me to be patient. I had found my bio-dad myself via the net after searching over 30 years and across continents. I didn't have any patience left! After I called him, I was a wreck because he didn't call back and I felt abandoned again. I found this list after I found him and members
have been absolute angels. Your support helped tremendously when I didn't know who to talk to. Bio-dad just sent me an email.  (Isn't the net great!) It was an electronic greeting card with German flag, anthem, and soccer ball animation.  LOL! It was
addressed to 'all my German friends'. I didn't know what to make of it at first, but realize it is his way of reaching out (since I was born in Germany) and it's nice I was in his thoughts. I will later send a funny animated Halloween card and take it very slowwww. Well, thank goodness for all you real angels out there! Without your help, I'm sure I would have called him
screaming and scared him away! --I'm glad I didn't! ;^) Susan 

Please remove me from the registry! I have found my birthmother, birthfather and my sister! The reunion was great for me and for my adoptive parents, as well! I feel whole again!
Thank you for all you do!
Jeff Bounds

Hey! I tried calling last night and I got voice mail so I left a message. If I don't hear anything soon I will call him back. I am so anxious to talk with him, but I don't want to push the issue, I am afraid of his reaction, 
but if I don't do this, I will regret it for the rest of my life. Do you want me to call local radio stations and see about having your show put on in Charleston, SC? That would be so cool, ya'll don't realize how much this could change peoples lives. Well, you probably do because you have helped so many piece their family back together. I am definitely smiling, and it is 
all because of you and your organization. Thank you!
 Lauren Gould 



May God pour out His richest blessings on you and the people who assist you in this tremendous ministry of hope for all of us who are or were looking for someone dear to us. I am happy to report that my
 nephew Jermaine L. Ross HAS BEEN FOUND. I want to personally thank you for your service to our family.  Jermaine was located in South Carolina. A
friend of the family went on-line looking for him. She published his picture along with her plea for his return and a few days later was notified of Jermaine's where-abouts. While I am saddened by his apparent struggle for survival, I am happy that he is alive. He was found incarcerated in South Carolina, ( while that may seem bad to some) we were just glad that he was
accounted for. His health was poor but we know that a little TLC and a lot of prayer can and will change that. A heavy burden has been lifted from our shoulders but we know that the road ahead may be long. I'd like to
encourage others who are looking for their loved ones to never give up there is hope, and there is also a Simone Keevert who works tirelessly for The
Seeker. The friend who went on-line found Jermaine because someone quite like yourself cared about someone else's hurt. Again, thank you very much.
 Richard Jordan, Jr.

Please remove ad #63499
Thanks to you and the wonderful people who read our ad's, Tuan has found his birth father.
FOR US: Lynn-Marie who recovers lost children
and her e-mail address is mrecover@tampabay.rr.com
she sent us his address, DOB, and and his middle name Gene.  She was just a lady to tried to help, and who had read our ad.  And to Brenda M, who sent us his military information.
and to Susan at srourke@monmouth.com
who also sent us his correct addresses and a lot of other pertinent information.
Ron Speaks

Thank you for you reply and the information. I went through Social Security Death and found that he died. I need to look for one of my sons, so the information is very helpful. Thanks again for the information.

I found my daughter with the help of 3 search angels. Thanks for all your advice and help. 
Thanks Leslie

Please delete my ad (61611) Thanks to you I have found the person whom I was looking for and we have been in contact and now dating. Thanks a million!!!!!!!
Rich Richardson

I have found my sister also a brother I didn't know any thing about. I had a court order for any and all information, That didn't help. I didn't have their birth cert. no.'s.  Some lady went and look in The Black Book for Kentucky and emailed the Birth Cert. numbers.
They never change in Kentucky. I don't know about other states. It is my understanding any one can look in The Black Book. It's in Frankfort Ky.  Good luck to all
Juanita Ollar  

I Just wanted to let everyone know that after 45 years of "wondering", with the resources of your site and support and encouragement of your members, I was able to have the records of my birth opened in the state of Kansas.
This has enabled me to learn the identity of my birth mother and the correct location of my birth as well as, the name of the hospital.
I am still continuing to search for additional information and have requested a copy of my adoption folder. I will keep everyone posted as I receive the information and hopefully become reunited with my birth family.
Thank you
Michael J. Oliver

I am happy to say that I've found my birth family, and have been joyfully reunited since 8/20/00. I've been welcomed with open arms and hearts. Thank you for being there for me during my search.
Kathy Hutchinson

WE FOUND HIM. After 2 years of searching. It only took 3 days after finding your website and getting the information you sent and them checking www.anybirthday.com (Found in our Site Seeking section) and finding his birth date and a zip code match we called and it was him. There are not enough words to thank you for this information.
I tried like I said for 2 years only being able to find his birth certificate.  We just found out today and his father is at a loss for words. As I stated he is ill and this was always his one and only wish to find him before he was gone. Richard found out he is the oldest of nine now and wants to stay in touch. He is a few states away but now plans can be made to have a reunion.
Again, thank you from the bottom of all our hearts. This site and you are wonderful. What a great day (full of tears) and wonderful ones at that. 
Nancy Drier

 Friends found after 30 yrs.
Thank you Simone and The Seeker from David Skidmore. I posted my ad with The Seeker on Friday, 8-12-00. On the next day I used the three references you sent to me and struck pay dirt! One of them was the son of my friend and he was able to connect me with my friends. 
I was deeply saddened to learn though that my friend Lorenzo Calhoun had passed away just last year...... I talked to his wife though and it was to hear from her again. We exchanged addresses and phone numbers and promised to keep in touch in the future and I plan to go visit them within the next year or so. Please remove my ad now and once again thank you so very
David Skidmore 


My husband and I are both adopted, and we placed several ads (958, 1768, 15158, 15159, 39906, 59105) on The Seeker's website, looking for our birth parents. I was reunited with my birth mother in April of 1999, due in part to my posts on The Seeker (this was one of several
websites where she found my information, and this was the website where she found an address for me), and my husband spoke with his birth mother for the first time last week. We both have siblings, which is wonderful, since we both grew up as only children. I have a wonderful
relationship with my birth mom and my sister, and I have gotten to meet my two nieces as well.  My husband has spoken to his birth mom and his sister, but has not yet gotten to speak to his brother. But it looks like both of our stories will have happy endings (or beginnings, depending on how you look at it), and we are now blessed with family in addition to the wonderful families we already have. And The Seeker played a part in it all! Thanks so much
for the wonderful resource you provide.
Lisa Maillet

I finally found my friend, she's doing great. I paid a small fee to find her, with the information I had I was able to retrieve her through US Search, but I also took your advise and paid a small fee to join classmates.com, I got a lot of responses from that. You helped me so much! Thank you! I greatly appreciate it!
Ettar Dirgeis

Just wanted to thank you again and let you know that my birth mother Loretta found my brother Stewart last week, (imagine finding both of us in the same month!!!) who had been estranged from the family since 1984. He lives only 230 miles from me. We are planning a reunion the 28th of August and have everyone at The Seeker to thank for this. I will let you know how our reunion goes. Again many THANKS
 Janine Englund -

Well my daughter finally met her father. after he got over the shock and we shared some pictures before the visit, the meeting went pretty well. He was very cordial and nice. My daughter knows her background and medical history and actually resembled her father and one of her step sisters. They may have a distant relationship, and if not, that is fine. Now she can close that chapter of her life and go forward. Like she described it, she had such a calming come over her. If it was not for $39.00 and sonic search, I do not think I would have found him. I had looked for five years, on and off the internet and was very skeptical. I would now recommend it to any one who has used up every other resource. thanks again for your help and support.

 Can you believe it?  I found James Nathan Sappington my father and he is alive and well.  He just wrote me and told me that he has been waiting for this moment for a long time.  Thank you for your caring support.  I truly could not have found the strength to find him without you.  Bless you, I am truly thankful for the few good people like yourself.   Keep in touch!
Sincerely,  Kimberly Blair Sappington

Remember me? Well I have a long story to tell-I have not seen my father since I was 17, he is at best an ugly person, but I did get the courage up to send him an invite to my babies High School Graduation, all of his grandchildren and great grandchildren were going to be there and myself his only child. Well my Aunt got his mail and she contacted me, I haven't seen her, my Uncle or my cousins since I was 10 or 11. My father is in a rest home and she takes care of his business, to make a long story shorter, she and my Uncle and her sisters daughter came for the graduation and 3 of my other cousins got in touch by E-Mail. They left my Father at home because he is still a jerk but I have a whole lot of family I didn't have just a couple of months ago. And my children now have gotten to meet some of their family!
 So I just want to thank-you again for the wonderful information that you got to me, it has been such a great experience. So please take a huge cyber-HUG for yourself!!!! PS please feel free to share this, as praise for your good work! Love and Blessings! PFM

Thanks to you people and your tips and encouragement, I was able to talk to my brother this morning...
I had called so many people in Sheridan, WY, that I actually, had someone call me back last night...
Her name is, Phyllis Turley... She suggested, that I call the Sheridan Police Department... Maybe they would be able to give me some kind of info.....
She was correct in her assumption...  So, I called the Police Department in Sheridan, Wyoming... They told me that what I was asking of them, would be illegal, if they did it... I was asking for any kind of info. that they could supply me with... So, they told me to contact my local authorities, and have them send Sheridan a teletype... I called my local police dept. and they did not even know what a teletype is... So, I phoned the Sheridan police dept. again... They informed me, that the last known address they have on my brother, was last reported in 1997, and was in Billings, Montana... So, I contacted the police department in Billings, Montana, and the fellow I spoke to, looked up the name of my brother, in the phone book, with me still on the phone, and gave me my brothers address in Billings, and gave me 2 phone #s to reach him at...  So, I called....
When my brother answered the phone, I asked if it was the resident of a Martin Shane Waddingham... He informed me, that, indeed it was... And, then all of the sudden, I could not speak!!! And I do not know how he knew who I was, because, he does not have Caller ID... But, when I was quiet for a few minutes, he said," Angie??? As in Angie Brown?" I replied, " As in Angela Brown.." He continued," As in my little sister?" I
 immediately replied with a yes...
 And, well, it went from there...
I used to sit and imagine myself finding him, and I would have so much to say, and so many things to tell him... But, when it happened this morning, I was completely speechless...  Thank You so much Simone... I will tell you more, as soon as I get over some of this state of shock that I am in...O.K??? I just want to tell you that I really do appreciate all of your help and all of your encouragement... You have been so helpful in so many
ways... Please let everyone know of my findings.... I would like for the entire world to know about it... Anyway, I will write again soon... Please write to me soon...
Again Thank You so Much...
Always and Forever Grateful,

I would like to say that I found AMY!!!! I was so excited!  Here is a little help for people who are looking for someone. I found AMY thru her brother who happened to graduate from our school the year they left. I went thru CLASSMATES.COM and found her brother, e-mailed him, he e-mailed AMY and she e-mailed me.  Funny thing, she only lives 2 hours away. Thank you for all your help and the internet has many ways to find someone. 
Donna McDaniel

Hey! I'm one of the fortunate persons you have reached.....I found my daughter after a 2-year search and we have e-mailed once; phone conversed for 2 l/2 hours and exchanged one long letter with pictures. My daughter is welcoming "us" all into "their" lives and does not have a shred of bitterness having been raised beautifully by her adoptive parents. I am sooo very content and overjoyed with our new discovery. I hope others have the
same outcome!! Thanks for your time and efforts, I appreciated everything everyone has done all along the way....Sincerely, Linda O'Brien

Hi, My name is Nora Chester. And I believe that I posted a message about a year ago about my mother whom I hadn't seen or heard from in 39 years. This wasn't an adoption case. Over the years I had searched as much as I possibly could. I did
everything except hire a private investigator this I couldn't afford to do. About 16 years ago I thought that I had located her through a social security number that my father had found on some old tax papers. So with the help of a local friend we found a address and phone number for this lady. I called and talked to her and she said she was not my mother. Well needless to say I didn't believe her since she matched the social security number. Well after this I sort of gave up and decided she just didn't want anything to do with us. I also have two brothers, one older than me and one younger. Well last week, this started on Tuesday I received a phone call from my nephew telling me he had just gotten off of the phone with this lady who would be my half brother's wife. I didn't believe what he was telling me it was just such a shock. So he gave me the phone number and I called it.
After her and I established the fact that we were who we thought each other were we both started asking lots of questions. We talked a long time and before we hung up I gave her my phone number to give to my mother because I decided that if she really wanted and was ready for this to happen she would have to make the first move. Well I didn't get much sleep that night because I had all of this going on in my head. OK here's the biggie, the next evening I got the call I had been praying for and waiting on for a long time. Needless to say it was one of the most emotional moments in my life. And after I finally calmed down enough to ask some questions that only my mother would be able to answer and yes she answered them all correctly. So I knew without a doubt that this was indeed my mother. To make a long story short there is a reunion being planned in the next few weeks. So everyone who is seeking a loved one. Please don't ever give up because if it's meant to be it will happen.
and Very Happy, Nora Chester 

I posted my message number 62509 just this past Saturday July 29 in The Seeker to find my best friend Eleanor Morrell. It had been 43 years since we had heard from or seen each other. I mentioned her brother Fred and sister Janice.
Sunday morning I checked my Yahoo e-mail =(ed_helen30@yahoo.com) and surprise -there was an e-mail from another brother of hers whom I'd forgotten his name. He called Ellie and told her that he had seen the message. Ellie told him to give me her phone number and e-mail. I answered Roger and thanked him. 
I sent Ellie an e-mail but when it was noon on our Eastern coast it was 9 a.m. on the Pacific coast. I called and her husband
woke her up. Ellie and I talked for over an hour - we still can't believe this after all these years. Ellie's daughter sent me her mother's picture with an e-mail. I now can see her all day as a screen saver. I just sent Ellie a picture of my husband and I, as Ellie introduced us to each other about 53 years ago.
Thanks to the internet, The-Seeker and Roger - there are two happy best friends. One day we may get to see each other.
Thank you again, 
Helen McDonald Nelson

I placed an ad (#60872), and thanks to the bulletin board, someone located my father with a skip tracing program for New York and E-mailed me the info.
Well, we met for the first time in 33 years on July 11, 2000! It was fantastic.
I also have two brothers and we are all happy to have found each other. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of making a 900 mile move to live closer to them!!
Thanks for your help and to the bulletin board.
Karen M. Sams

Hi there, Please when you have time erase messages # 51203, 51204, 51206, 51305, and 51306. The Vital Statistics came through for me. I didn't even have the correct name. Then, since I now had his full birthdate, finding him was a cinch. I wanted the messages removed anyway because I put too much personal info. And on another board I saw it right before my eyes someone was able to check me out and some of it was in error but embarrassing.
Please warn people to think twice before posting too much info. I was looking over my shoulder for a month.
Thanks. You have a wonderful sight. I enjoy reading it. Sincerely, Deborah Warnholtz

I love this registry, it is one of the best.
Please delete #45478 and #46468 we have found them all.
Thanks so much for your wonderful registry.
Grist, Mary E

Hello, My name is Julia, and I found my father after
forty-five years of not seeing him. He is no longer here but I have sisters and was put back with my family on my fathers side. Thank you for your help. My father's name was
Clarence B. Young.

After 48 years of not knowing where my brother and sister
were because of the courts taking them from her, my mom got to meet them, and last year I found them through the internet. Three days ago I found another brother who no one has seen for 31 years. we're Praising the Lord for him opening the door to sites like yours. Thank you and God Bless You

I wrote a letter to the New Orleans address and it was her sister. She called Jen yesterday and she called me. She came over last night with her kids. In the two and a half years we were apart she married a man from PA, I married a man from PA. She had a baby, I had a baby, and both our new babies  have an eye disorder that makes one pupil not dialate and they both have it in their left eye. We live about 5 minutes from each other. I would not have found her without you.
Thank you.

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