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Sought & Found

We want to hear from you!!
  Please let us know when you find your friend or loved one! Everyone likes to hear about successful endings to other peoples searches. After all, they have been reading your messages daily and have been wondering whatever happened to you! Besides, if you don't tell us, your message will stay with us for a very long time! Unfortunately, most of the time, the only time we hear from you again is when you try to answer someone else's message and the e-mail address is bad!

We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person.  Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others.  If you have a story you want included here, just write to and tell us HOW you found them.

Here is what some of our viewers have said:

I found my late father's family! I was able to get his social security card application which listed my grandparent's names and from that name I got all of the addresses for that last name (her children) in NJ and sent them a
mass mailing. My aunt and grandmother both called me and were very happy to hear from me after 30 years of wondering. Although I didn't find them here, your site certainly led me to the right avenues to search.
Thank you!
Dawn M. Wessling

We have found the person in a strange way.  While we were looking for her, she had become curious about her father and had been going through channels and had gotten his address off the Internet and had written to him. They are reunited and are spending time getting aquainted with the rest of the famiy. Thanks for your consideration and care.
Sincerely, Pat C.

Please note posting #37605 as a successful FOUND! I have been reunited with  my daughter, thanks to the use of your service. I cannot begin to express my
gratitude! AND I refer your service to all my friends looking for that  special someone! Thank You!

Please remove message #4290. The grandson of my half-sister contacted me last Novemeber and we have been in touch ever since. Unfortunately both my half-sisters have passed away. My contact was through Family Tree Maker's search page. Thank you for your help.
Fran Shaver 

Just wanted to let you know that you can remove my seeker messages. The lost have been found. A friend of mine finally paid someone to find one of our missing military friends.
I found one of my school friends through a reunion board, which is a great way of finding people, by the way. Both of the high schools I have attended have a reunion board as well as an alumni board. The friends I were looking
for were not listed on the board, but another girl I knew was. I wrote to her, and she just happened to be working with the mother of my best friend Kim.  Through her, I am now in touch with Kim. Unfortunately, one of my friends
died a few years back.
Thank you for posting my messages, even I did not find my friends through you.
Rhonda Hanson-Steele

Please delete message 23596 - person found through VA records.
Thank you
Bill Forst

I am 2/3 of the triad, an adoptee, as well as a birthmother. I started searching for my birthmother about a year and a half ago - on the Internet.  I registered at a few registries and basically told my story on websites that had a message board.  Then, in August of 1997, I found out that the laws in Missouri had changed to allow a search to be conducted by adoption agencies. I contacted the Children's Home Society of Missouri, where I had been placed for adoption.
They put me in touch with a lady that did searches for them. I used my income tax refund to do the search and I must say it was worth every penny!
My birthmother was found and, at her request, we began by corresponding by letters with non-identifying information. This was a good way to begin our relationship by getting to know one another a little better. After a few
months, all the information was released and the day I got it in the mail, I called my birthmother. She was delighted, as was I. In November, I flew to St. Louis, where she lives and where I was raised, and we met. It was not a teary-eyed reunion, as we are not super emotional people, but we spent an entire day together and it was one of the most incredible days of my life. Joan is an incredible lady and we have SO much in common. Since my adoptive mother passed away when I was very small, I missed out on having a 'mother' and now I do. I even call her 'mom' occasionally. The unique relationship and friendship we have is a blessing. I am truly lucky to have
found her.  I have also found my birthfather, Jim, who is, incidentally, coming to visit me here in Phoenix today! I have been cleaning my apartment all week and think I am finally ready!  I am looking very forward to meeting him.
That's my story. Now that I have found my birthparents, I would be open to helping other adoptees or birthparents searching.
Donna Mueller

Hello. I would like to update my posting on The Seeker regarding DOROTHY CLIFFORD MOREAU, of Columbus, Ohio last seen in 1945. I found out that my
birth mother died in 1984. She changed her name to Dawn Soltis. But in my search I found a half brother I didn't know I had. We already met twice just before Christmas and keep in touch regularly. Pretty amazing after thinking
each of us was an only child for so many years.
While I did not find my information from your web site, it did put me in touch with many knowledgeable people who helped me along the way.
If anyone has information about DAWN SOLTIS who lived in the Pittsburgh, PA area near McKeesport from 1945-1949 and worked or owned Dawn's restaurant
in New McKeesport I would appreciate hearing from them. Those are the missing years.
Thank you.

Hi I just wanted you to know that you may delete # 32318 I have found my Father's Family and unfortunetly he passed away. I did however find out that I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I am looking forward to meeting them and finding out what kind of man my father was through all of his families memories. Thanks again for all that you do for the many of us that are searching.
Betsy Ward

Because of all the help I have received from places such as the Seeker, I found my mother's sister. They hadn't seen each other in 29 years. I had prepared my mom for a let down, just in case the reunion wasn't everything that we had hoped. Well, the reunion was everyone thing that we had hoped for and more.
I now have added six new people to my life, and I couldn't be happier. They came
for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. I speak to my cousin once a week.
Thank you for making our lives better. However, we are still seeking another sister. Her name is Dawn Marie Sutherland, last seen Sept. 1960 in Mooresville, IN. Any and all information on her would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
Kristie Vandergrift-Ramm
Fay Sutherland-Stahl

I did find my old school and birth mate, Yvonne Dautremont. It was over twenty years. The Seeker provided me with her parents phone number and I
did the rest! Thank you again...I am still searching for Jerome Cowan and Wesley Binder from
Chatsworth HS.
Mickaela S. Earle-Ross

Thank you for a wonderful website. I have located my birth family and everything is great.
Thanks again, Krista Moore

I would like to let you know that my daughter has found me and we are so very happy it a great feeling being one again and my daughters page is
as you will see I have even re-adopted her
thanks Michael Nowak

My Story
I am 38 years old and left home at a very early age(14). My name is Lisa and now live comfotably in CA.  It was not a very easy road. In fact I have
faced death many times. I traveled primarily by myself and with very little fear, that was a learned behaviour. I have had no contact with my family and I must add I have traveled with the knowledge of my adoption; discovered by accident. When I was 11 my bestfriend said she had heard it from her moms'
friend. That may have been the beginning of the end. It has taken me close to 20 years to get the nerve to find and talk to my adoptive family. In
one nite of complete luck I fell on this site and the computor that I had bought last year for just this purpose gave me the number and adress of my dad. I knew once I saw the name that there was only one and it had to be him!! He was receptive to my call and gave me some info on my birthmother and my
adoption. I have changed my post and am now on a mission to discover the rest of the story. I must add I have also talked to both my brothers and my
mom too. I am an Auntie and my mom is now a grandma again!! I am still amazed , it happened so FAST!!
Lisa Landry

I found my birth mother! I can't believe it! I want to recommend to everyone a man named Dan Doughtery. He can be reached at ""  
He found my mom in just 12 days!

Pam Maxson

Linda... Just wanted to let you know, that since I was on your call-in radio show back in January, I've found my bson!!
We made contact thanks to a benevolent searcher in CT who gave me his amom's name, address and telephone number!
He's alive, well, lives in Phoenix, AZ, and is coming to FL for a visit on May 13th!!
Boy... am I one "happy camper" or what??? :)
Pat >^..^<
Son, Manning Born 12/06/68 in CT
Found in Phoenix, AZ on 03/19/99
First Contact via Telephone for 1-1/2 Hrs. on 03/20/99 YIPPPEEE!!!!!
P. A. Zimmer

High school friend found
Please remove message #30123. I found my high school friend. (she found me). She found me simply by looking me up in Yahoo. This success story
adds up to, "She wanted to find me...and I'm easy to find."
Evan Peterson

My name is Salina Thomas. I recently found my dad's Army buddy, so you can remove my  add from "Military Seeking" add number 34683. I found him on my own, but I would like to thank your site anyway. My dad has been so excited. We have recently exchanged phone calls and mail with his
friend. Thank You

#33710 Please remove this message. I was blessed with a call out of the blue. Thank you
so much for your service. I'm sure other people appreciate your site as much if not more
than I do. This is a really great site.
Toni Larimore

My ad number is 31588. Anthony found his mother two days after placing corrected information in a search site for California adoptee's. His mother had had someone put her information in using her maiden name and once we entered that information (from his birth certificate) we received two names from this wonderful lady in California who maintains
the database. The first one called was his mother and you cannot imagine the emotions that were felt from all concerned. The lady who gave us the name was very helpful in making suggestions on how to make the contact. Her name was Cindy Ellis from Anaheim California. A reunion is being planned in August. He has talked to her several times on the phone (we are in Missouri, she in California) and to a half-sister in Florida. Pictures have been exchanged and so far everything is going great.
Carolyn Heilman

Hello I just thought we would let you know that today we have found our missing relative (James David VanWinkle) and you may remove his name. I do not know the number that you have requested. Maybe db40????? Well we have found my moms brother by the internet. We went to as many sites on the web and posted messages. Last night I got a call from a woman from she left a messages saying that James David wife had posted a message on it that night and ten mintues later she called her back with a postive match.
Then she called my house and the next day when I came home we got the message and called right away. This was the most incredible thing that we
could ever imagine. My mother has been reunited with her brother and they are so happy. Thank you for letting us post because it is the reason we
found him. Thank you again. The Sullivan Family.
Cassie Sullivan

Thanks, I have finally found him...mainly through a fluke, nonetheless, I have finally found my brother... and his name was not either name I listed, instead he is a Robert!!! Thanks for your help!!!

I placed Seeker ad #38062 yesterday and the following exchange of info took place today.
(Editor's Note: a reader saw his post and helped him locate his missing person.)
Might be appropriate to mark this one as found and remove or whatever you do with them.
Gotta love it.
Now if we can just find my sister from ad #1479 which is why I knew to come to this site.
Thank you.
Rusty Russell

I placed ad #2501 in 1996 while I was searching for the daughter I gave up for adoption in 1969. I'm happy to report that my daughter and I have been reunited. It was not through The Seeker, but through what I'd have to call a "back door." In spite of California being a closed adoption state at that time, the woman who presented me with the final
adoption papers failed to cover the names of the adoptive parents. I always remembered approximately what the names were. I looked up the
AFather's name in the phone book and there he was. Although I never called him, I passed the info to an Aunt who was excited to help me search. She phoned the AFather who was EXTREMELY supportive of the reunion. It turns out, has lived in Denmark since she was a toddler.  She speaks Danish (as well as fluent English and a few other languages) and is a Dane, through and through. She and I began corresponding via email in February 1998 after her AFather put us in touch with each
other. She came to the US for three weeks in July 1998 and stayed one week with me and my family, met my parents, her great-grandmother (who
has since passed away), her great-Aunt (the one who found her) and several other relatives. Our reunion is going swimmingly and we are becoming good friends. My family is in love with her--their little lost
girl. It was so exciting to send her a large package for her birthday last December after spending every other Christmas since her birth depressed! Thank you for having a list like this where people can find
each other either directly or indirectly. Being able to post my listing here gave me the feeling I was "doing something" while I waited.
Jeanie Salyer, Birthmom to Jacqueline

Please remove my listing. We have located Uncle Phillip. Now Robert J. Forsman. Lives only 20 minutes from our house. Thanks.

Neighbor was looking for her father, who has since been found.   She'd not seen him since age 4 approximately and is now 40, some 36 years!
His social security number was used by an organization to locate him.  Something Hearts I believe.  Could find out for you more information if you want. They even met about 4 months ago now! Very great.  Found out she has three brothers, they found out they have two other brothers and a sister. All going well. Thank you for asking.

I found my friend's birth mother in the following way: I had a feeling she was still in California, the state where she relinquished him 40 years ago. But California has very tight public records. Even as a
newspaper reporter, I could not access DMV records, etc. I had my friend's mother's maiden name, and his older brothers' full names and birthdates. I ascertained none were dead, but the brothers had very common names (Bob Bell
and Glenn Bell) and I couldn't find them, even after hundreds of letters and phone call attempts. Finally I contacted the California department of
Fictitious Business names. They had a record of a woman with my friend's mother's maiden name, and the last name "Reed" at the end of it. She had
taken out a license for a business in 1994. I thought she might have remarried, and this was her new married name. I did a phone search and found
her first name and the "Reed" last name in the vicinity of the town where she'd had the business. I called, and it was the right woman. After 10
months of hard search, it was wonderful to find her. She was thrilled, as was my friend. They're planning a reunion next month in California.
Margie Boule

Hello, I would like to request to be removed from your e-mail list at this time. The # of my request is 12935 I did not find my relative through The Seeker, but through ship lists at library archives I was able to find the church that he was married in and locate from there.
Here in Calgary, I used the library archives at the Glenbow museum. From there I was able to trace back to the ship that brought my relative across into the USA first and then through USA census I was able to approximate date of marriage, estimate when kids were born and entry into Canada. With those approximate dates I could then look up in other books for birth and marriage certificates.
Mark Brennan

I am writing to let you know that I have found my birthfamily. I met my birthmom for the first time yesterday. I was one of the greatest days of my life. We met because her second daughter was looking for me. She bought her computer on Sunday, found my post at another website on Monday & by Wednesday, we were fairly sure we were sisters. It has been amazing & a lot more. There are just no words to describe how I feel.
You may take my post off. You may also post my success story. If I can help someone else in their search, I would be happy to try.
Thank you,
Jen M. Melton

Use It!
I have used The Seeker twice, and both times have gotten results! The key to my successes wasn't in finding the actual people, but the advice I got from other Seeker users! They turned me onto new ways to look for my friends or just gave me support and advice. I found the answers I was looking for both times and highly recommend this sight. Thanks Seeker!
Tracy Federico

After searching for about 10 years and after hiring IL and not finding anything, I went on a trip to
Florida with my best friend Linda who was taking her daughter to college in Clearwater. Linda
thought that since Clearwater was right there next to St.Petersburg we could go to the Library and
see what we could find out about my birth. This was in Aug. of 1996.
When we arrived in Florida and had settled in we went to the library in St. Petersburg and looked
at old yearbooks. We did not have any names to go on so we just looked at old pictures. Then we
thought that we would check out the old Birth Announcements just to see what was there even
though we did not think mine would be there because my parents we not married.
She was 17 when I was born and my dad was 25. We did know that he was married but had filed
for divorce.
So we thought it would be worth looking into.There was only 1 BA that matched with a baby girl
and the same birth weight as I was. How ever it was a Mr. & Mrs. James E. Hudson. I thought,
well lets go check it out just in case. We went to the house and the lady that lived next door said
that no Hudson ever lived there. She had lived there since she got married in 1954. We had also
looked in the phone book for 1956 for Hudson and he was listed at another address. So we went
to the Largo Library where we were told had more infomation to search. We found out the names
of the hospitals in the area at that time and went to check them out as well as the one in the Birth
Announcement. We went to the ones that were still around to see about getting admission records
for Hudson. No luck and the Doctors Hospital had just closed a few years before.
No one seemed to know where the records were.
By this time we had run out of time so we had to come back to VA.
I continued to search with the help with some wonderful people that I had met on the internet. I still could not find the records for the hospital.
Then I wrote to get my non id again from NC. They had lost all my records! So, I just had physical
information to go on. I kept on searching and posting!! Letter after letter after letter. Finally about a year later they had found my records and were able to give me some more non id information !
Piece by piece little things started to add up. I still had the feeling that Hudson played a part in this
some how.
Then a bigger break came and I learned my birth mom's name and my birth name and my brother
who was given up at the same times birth name and date of birth! I was so happy!! Something else
to go on. I put away the Hudson thing for awhile since this name was not mentioned and I was not
having any luck with it anyway.
I had heard about a live radio show in the Tampa are and called in telling people that I was searching for a lady . I did not say she was my birth mother at this time because I thought I ought to try without that first not wanting to shock her if family heard this and did not know. I did not hear anything from this but planed to try it again. I have found that it just takes the right day and the right person listening!
So, thought I would try something else.
I thought maybe if someone is researching the name of my birth mother I may find out something
more. So I posted on a genealogy site. A wonderful lady that was researching the name contacted
me. She wanted to see if she could help me. She was a great help to me!! Her and her husband
were going on a trip for there anniversary and were going through Tampa. She said she could stop
there and research some of the things that I had been trying to put together. I had ideas that I just
needed something more to prove them right. This wonderful couple took some of their time to do
something for me that would really get the ball going for me!
I had asked her to get me a copy of the phone book for Hudson and look into some other things as
well. They looked into the City Directory and got a copy of the page I needed.  Also I had asked
her to check into my birth mothers last name. Through cross referencing we came up with what we
thought was my grand mothers name.
Then I looked into the SSDI and came up with a lady with that name that would have been the
same age. I posted more and more. Then on Friday 3-5-99 a PI from FL e-mail me. He had seen
my post and wanted to help if he could. I e-mail him what I knew and what I thought to be and told
him of the lady in SSDI. He checked into all of this and was able to get me the Obit that I needed.
One more thing I had to confirm the names I had come up with. I now had my Birth mother's
married name!! With his help and my best friend we came up with my birth uncles phone #. On
3-6-99 my best friend called him and had a wonderful conversation with him. This indeed was his family and he was so happy about all of this. He asked that we not call the sister who had raised
my 1/2 brother because of heart problems she is having. I had wanted to call her first but could not
find a phone #. Good thing I couldn't! We assured him we would not and that we would let him
break all this to his sister, my birth mother. He told us he would then call me when he had done all
this. I have not heard anything as of this time but am sure that it will take some time for this all to sink in
and do not want to rush anyone.
Wow..did I write to much??? LOL
Have not meet as they live in Florida and I live in VA.  Still searching for my birthfather James E, Hudson and Brother born 2-18-57 whos
birthname was Ernest Eugene Peterson


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