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Sought & Found

We want to hear from you!!
 Please let us know when you find your friend or loved one!

We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person.  Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others.  If you have a story you want included here, just write to and tell us HOW you found them.

Here is what some of our viewers have said:


39281 Della Osborne
Please remove above item. I was able to finally locate Della through the telephone listing after checking many search engines. I have not
spoken to her in over 26 years, and every time I drove through Cleveland, I would check the phone books to no avail. The ironic thing is that Della moved to a city in Massachusetts close to me for 4 years.
It was really a wonderful reunion.
Anita Bergman

Please remove message 30195 - FOUND and happily reunited with B-Dad.
This is a different story from most. My brother fathered a child and has never forgotten that child even though he did not know anything about him.
The baby was given up for adoption, the b-mom was 18 and my brother was 23.
They lived in WA. She went away to have the baby, we heard in CA. Also heard it was a boy but that was all. She went back to college, he married.
But, he never forgot a child he didn't know. Him and I have talked about this for many years but had nothing - not even when he was born or where.
Last fall we both bouth computers and decided I should attempt a search - I did with no knowledge of how to go about it - within a week we had found
him!!!! It was through the postings I had out, a volunteer did some searching and came up with it - the baby was born under my brother's name!!!! Another searcher matched the birth certificate numbers, came up with the name and phone number so we called. My brother had me place the call as he was too frightened. David did not even know he was adopted until his dad died when he was 22. He had less information than we did. They decided to meet in a few months - that lasted until the weekend when Don flew from FL to CA to meet his son. There was an immediate bond. David then flew out to FL to spend the holidays with his Dad! They are in constant contact and the love for each other is undescrible. Now, he wants to find his b-mom but we are running into brick walls every lead we take.
All we have is her maiden name, not even the date of birth. Figure it was around 1938-39. I know where she graduated from high school (gave David a
picture out of the year book) and where she went to college but don't know where she graduated from college. Do not know her parents name but that
she was an only child. I drove up to the house where they lived but it is gone.
Just don't know what to do now. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your concern. Couldn't have done it without all the help out there - people are so great!
Sharon Ridge

As of Tuesday morning, I have found my sister's brother who is forwarding my info.  I received an e-mail from my sister's brother confirming
that Cheryl is his sister and that he would forward my info and then it would be up to her to contact me (which confirms for me that she was adopted and
born in KC on 6/5/52). I was shocked. I expected to find aunts, uncles, etc.
Now I am just crossing my fingers that she will contact me. I found out that she is happy, well, and successful in her field.
To find her, I paid LuaneP for her adopted name and exact DOB. She had access to MO birth records. Then I paid 1800ussearch $39.95 for a search
for Cheryls born on that date. I didn't include last name since I assumed she would be married. Two names out of a list of 39 were her last name. I did reverse address lookups and found a Jack and Helen at a FL address with her so I assumed they were her adopted parents. I called the number in FL
and talked to a family that had purchased their home when Helen moved back to KS, right outside KC, when her husband, Jack, died. So I began searching
around KC again. I called people all over the state of MO with her last name. Then I started e-mailing all the people with her last name. Some of my e-mails were forwarded to other people they knew with that name. I received an e-mail on Sunday stating that the man who contacted me was Jack
and Helen's son. He did not confirm that Cheryl was his sister. He wanted more information on me and the information I had collected on his family
name (Jack had done some research before he died). I e-mailed him back with the family name information, included a brief biography, and then included a paragraph describing the adoption situation in KC (only one sister's records were sealed). After checking my e-mail about every 10 minutes on Sunday, I received an e-mail this morning confirming that Cheryl is his sister and he
would forward the information.
I described my search process so it will help others who are looking. I started looked the week after Easter, 99 and now I have located her immediate family. We were separated in late 1952 or early 1953. In Missouri, the way records are sealed, she would never find her birthparent names or even know she has siblings. Internet and e-mail are wonderful tools. I wish Godspeed to the rest of you out there searching for those missing links.
Debbie Wilcox

Joyous/Thankful/At Peace
I relinquished my daughter at her birth back in 1957 when I was a very young teen, and was under my parents direction.  When she reached the age of 21, it was like a silent alarm went off in my mind. I hadn't forgotten her by any means, but somehow, had shelved the pain of relinquishing her somewhere not to be easily accessed until her 21st   birthday. How does a mind function in such a way? Protective,
programmed?  I will never know for sure. All I knew was that I had delivered 4 more children who were reaching teenage, plus had adopted two more when my husband came to me with two orphans from his prior wife's death.
Finding my 1st born daughter became my crusade, but I didn't tell the family or my husband at first. I didn't want to jinx or disappoint myself.  (This was in the early 80's ) I searched for my daughter by a letter writing campaign to everyone I could  think of. waivers of confidentiality, Registry Groups, Support Groups in the state of relinquishment as well as the State I lived in at that time.
I finally accessed the original attorney of adoption but he couldn't ethically, give me information. He instead went into dusty files, contacted the  adoptive Parents and ask for exchange of identities. They REFUSED! What a blow. He did get from them the right to tell me she was well, happy, and  recently married! Well, while that wasn't much to go on, it still helped me become more resolved to settle down and keep searching for however long it took.
I prayed a lot, and somehow I just knew, sooner or later I would be successful. Who could stop my onward force, I would remind myself. I'm not
at liberty to explain exactly what happened ( nor do I even know) but I did get identifying information and I re-contacted her family. I will say I was helped by the original states support group and somehow an access to supporting files that gave me her original name.  It took me over 5 years, but finally my daughter's younger adopted sister who  had been confided in that I was searching, decided to tell "our" daughter, that her birthmother was wanting contact with her.
She immediately contacted the adopting Attorney who was still limited by his  ethics.   In TIME, she got to the right place, who directed her to the support group in my own state. They gave her what she needed, and she had them contact me to alert me she would be calling later that afternoon.
How can I explain the radiating JOY? I paced the floor for the next few  hours, and prayed my Thanks for all the supporting help I had received.
We have since developed a loving relationship despite being so far away in miles. We write and e- mail, I have visited her several times. She did
have a loving family and good childhood, and she didn't have anger at me for relinquishing her. She did wonder about me, and it was beneficial for her
to get to know all the things she needed about herself and her biological profile in ancestries.
I just recently came across a saying that says it all for those of you who are still searching:
Coleman Cox : " Even the Woodpecker owes his success to the fact that he uses his head and keeps pecking away until he finished the job he starts!"
I have since become a volunteer search buddy for those who request it.
It's a terrible emotional triangle and we all need each other to understand our pain.

I wanted to write and tell you that, thanks to a private investigator (who wishes to remain anonymous) who saw my post with "The Seeker" and found the info and passed it along to me out of kindness. I have found my Niece and Nephew! I have been searching for 31 years and would still be if I hadn't posted with you! We live very far apart so no reunion has been planned yet but we will exchange more letters and photos and the BEST part was I was able to direct them to their Mom and they spoke for the first time in 31 years! God Bless you for your web site-People-never give up, miracles
happen and the Seeker helps! Sincerely,

I've finally found my husbands friend, John Sullivan. I found him through the sheriff's office where he used to live.  It's a small town, they offered to put a note on their bulletin board.  Luckily someone knew him and gave him my name and phone number the next day.  Later that night my husband answered a call from his old friend.  It was really great to hear from him.
Loretta Breaux

Use of Site Seeking
Just wanted you to know that your Site Seeking links have really been a great help to me as a Real Estate Professional! Last week, I located the
owner of an expired listing by using Site Seeking. Today, I chased some records necessary to get someone approved for a mortgage by locating an out
of state attorney's office. Thank you and I do appreciate the great job you are doing.
Carolyn Alexander
J. Booth & Co., Realtors
Venice, FL

Please remove message 25657. A biological brother I never knew I had found me when he searched your sight and found the information I had placed on it. I received an email message from him and after getting over the initial shock, I called and talked to him. This would never had happened if I had not placed my info on your sight and had your sight not been here. I hope you keep this site going for a long time so others may have the chance I waited 25 years to get.
Richard Gibb

Please remove my ad # 20196 from your list. My son was torn from me when he was only 5 days old by my ruthless father. He was my only child. My father made a deal with the county behind my back. He did not approve of the fact that my son was of mixed ethnic background. My father was german, my son was half Puerto Rican. He was sold to the county and passed off as an Italian. My father also made a deal with the Dr. that delivered my son. He had me sterilized to avoid future "Mistakes". My
father is now deceased. I think he now knows that the deals he made back then, were really with the devil. Well, I found my son last 07/17/98 after several years of searching. He is now 32 years old. We spoke on the phone 07/21/98 and met at Thanksgiving. I had plenty to be thankful
for. He is a wonderful, articulate, sensitive man and we have had several meaningful conversations getting to know one another. He was raised by a loving family, whom I met, and he is happy and healthy. I feel truly blessed. I hired a private searcher to find him, but I want you to know that your site was most appreciative when I was searching.
Thank you for allowing me to post. Everyone that is still searching, don't give up. Continue to search for that missing piece of your heart.
The closure that it brings when you find that special one is well worth the effort. You see, there can be a happy ending. Sincerely, A thankful
Birth Mother

I wanted to write and thank you for allowing me to use your services. I located my son and we have talked on the phone once and are going to talk again today to set up a time and place to meet. This is a part of my life that I have looked forward to for 20
I am proof that if you pursue all of your avenues you can find your lost loved one. Keep your chin up and use sites like these to help
Kimberly Burton

Please remove my post. My message number is 29624. I have found my
birth family. Thank you!
Janelle C. Lieder

My message number is 24537. I've been reunited through another service, Lost and Found,
but I appreciate the work you do, regardless.


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