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We want to hear from you!!
  Please let us know when you find your friend or loved one! Everyone likes to hear about successful endings to other peoples searches. After all, they have been reading your messages daily and have been wondering whatever happened to you! Besides, if you don't tell us, your message will stay with us for a very long time! Unfortunately, most of the time, the only time we hear from you again is when you try to answer someone else's message and the e-mail address is bad!

We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person.  Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others.  If you have a story you want included here, just write to comments@the-seeker.com and tell us HOW you found them.

Here is what some of our viewers have said:

We found my daughter's birth mother via a lawyer in Tampa who hired a lawyer in Chilean. We employed a private investigator. We ran adds on the radio and in the newspaper, and finally someone who recognized the birth mom's name and knew her came to our assistance. Thank you for
your help.
Karen Cohen

I am just writing you to tell you that I have found my McKee relatives in Bangor, Northern Ireland. My ad number was 34406 and it can be removed now. Thank you so much for trying to help all of us across the world put our families back together!!!! :-)))
I was just surfing the net, looking at different Ireland sites. As I said in my add, my Grandparents on my mother's side are both from Northern Ireland, my grandmother from Belfast and my Grandfather from Bangor.
Bangor is a small city just down the road from Belfast. However, they both met in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I came across this site about Belfast called "Mo's Page For All Your Needs In Belfast, N.I.,
(http://www.belfast.net/mo/default.htm) Within on of his pages, he asks, "Want help to find lost friends ?? E-mail me and I will see what I can do.
( No promises ) But I've had some great successes !!" So I sent him the information I had on the McKee family. Well Maurice or Mo as he is called,
looked up McKee in Bangor in his local phone book, and the first call he made, he found my McKee's. Actually, he called my Mom's cousin Victor
McKee. I also my think of him as Victory. Mo set up a time with Victor which would be a good time to call and at 12 noon my time in London, Ontario, and 5 pm in Bangor, I got to talk to Victor. I was so excited I
was shaking. We talked and mainly laughed for an hour. It was one of those moments I will remember till the day I die! We are now planning to visit the McKee clan in Ireland in September of 2000! Victor has informed me that between him and his 13 brothers and sisters, there are now over 54 McKee's in his family. Once we arrive in Bangor, the family is all going
to meet in a pub and reunite! This will be the first time ever, that my mother will get to meet her Irish cousin.
Thanks again for your help!
Marjorie Munroe

[Finding-in-Florida] I got my mom & dads names !!!!!!!!!!
After 11 years I finally got their names!!!!!!! woooohoo
keep praying !!! That's what I did.
Good luck all. 
I just wanted to thank you for sending me help!!
She is amazing. I can't believe that she found the names of my birth parents.  I have been freaking out since I found out yesterday. Guess what, I talked to my blood 2nd cousin last night, he was very nice and is coing to call me when he gets my dads phone #. He and my dad have not talked in a few months but he thinks he can find him. I will let you know when I hear something.
THANK YOU AGAIN, if i can ever do anything for you ... PLEASE let me know. I will love you and your friend forever, what you both did for me I
can never repay you for.

You may remove # 32203. My sister went on the internet and used a people search engine and came up with 4 names. Number 2 was my father. I last saw
him when I was 6 months old, and now, 35 years later, I finally heard his voice. He is dying of cancer, so my children and I are starting to make plans for a 2000 mile drive to meet him. What a great Father's Day!!!
Sylvia Vass

My birthdaughter found me on the internet on 1/8/99. She was shocked to see how many places I had placed my messages. Thank you for helping me out.
Marilyn Rogers

You can remove my ad #35127. I found my birth mother with help from a friend who locates missing people and birth parents. I called my birth mother and she was happy to hear from me. We will keep in touch and hopefully meet each other in person someday.

You may remove ad #33169. I have found my friend Jack after 18 years. I had continued the search my brother started after his death of Lou Gehrig's disease. I just happened to review the white pages again and found his name and address in Colorado, where I knew his sister lived. His phone was disconnected, so I wrote.
A week later he emailed me and said he was the one. We have talked since by phone.
Even if nothing directly constructive came from your site, it does offer hope and the encouragement to continue to search. Thank you.
Scott Tipling

Message number 19129 can be removed. I finally located my highschool friend by way of parents to parents. We were reunited earlier this year.....I
think I'll stick with the memories.......thanks for running this board.I think it's "really really neato".....Burke Wasson

About 3 years ago, I started my search for my birthson on the internet by placing as many 'requests' as I could find on any site that offered me the chance (yours was one of them). Last week, I was re-visiting your site once again, and found alot of matches for the date of birth (which was the only
info I have), so I clicked to a couple of other sites that I found there.
Somehow I found myself on a site I had never seen before and proceeded to place a search request there, but first, I checked to see if anyone was
looking for me. I entered the date of birth and state of birth and, lo and behold, there was only ONE MATCH. All of the information (which was
basically non-identifying) matched what I knew to be true, so I sent a message through e-mail to him. He didn't get back to me (because of the holiday weekend) until Tuesday, but we spoke on Tuesday, on Wednesday (by now we were both certain we had a match, but we were waiting for the adoption agency to confirm this), and yesterday we got the confirmation!! I don't think I can put into  words exactly how I feel! The one thing I do know is that now I am at peace.
If this 'relationship' goes no further, I at least know that he is okay, had a good life, is successful and happy -- and I couldn't ask for anything
I have spoken to him every day since the initial contact -- I guess eventually we will run out of things to say but believe me, I am on cloud 9 now!!
Thanks for being there!
Linda Freeman

Please remove ad #11378. Our daughter found us!
She just turned 25 and had her first baby in March. We are so overjoyed to be able to be a part of her life and to know she had a wonderful life, a great family, happy marriage, and now this beautiful grandson. Thanks for The Seeker. She found us on the Internet the first time she looked.

Found Her!!
Wanted to let you know that message 9162 can be deleted now. I have found my birthdaughter!!
Searching off and on for many years for my birthdaughter, I have finally been successful. I had known the approximate area that she was in and her age, of course. I did a search on the internet for high schools in the area that she might be in. I came across American School Directories and logged in. On the chance that someone may know her, I wrote email to the people that were listed in the Alumni directory of a couple of schools in that area
requesting help in finding my birthdaughter so I may pass on much needed medical information. Low and behold, one young girl wrote back saying she would help out as she knew a couple of other girls that were adopted that she graduated with. She proceeded to ask questions on the birth and placement of my daughter so she could identify her better. I wrote back with some of the birth information and adoption agency. Then told her that I would gladly forward my home address and phone number if needed. She had wrote back and asked for them also explaining that she really needed them and hoped that I was not joking on the matter cause it was really serious to her. At that time, my heart went to my throat thinking that she had found my daughter. This young girl that was helping me search for my daughter happened to live in the same town as my brother, so I called my brother up to let him know what was going on and gave her phone number to him figuring that a local call for this girl to help
me would be much easier than calling me long distance. Well, on Mother's Day (of all days) my sister-in-law called me to tell me this young girl from the computer was going to call me directly and I had better tell them the results of this particular phone call. About 10 minutes after I hung up, this girl called me. The first words out of her mouth were "Happy Mother's Day, MOM!" You can imagine my shock when I realized that the person that said she was going to help me find my birthdaughter was actually my birthdaughter and she was confirming
the details of her birth and adoption with her adoptive mother. We have since been reunited in person and I now have a beautiful 6 month old grand daughter to spoil now!!
Thank-you for your service and hope everyone can have a wonderful reunion in their near future!
Holly A. Roth
Binghamton, NY
Reunited 5/98

It finely happen... I have been looking for my daughters cousin (my nephew) since he was a baby, it took us one day over 21 years to do it but we did it, we found him!!!!. We have ads here on The Seeker and I went to every place I could find with free web pages and made a page about Harley David Frampton, and it has paid off. A few
weeks ago my daughter her boy friend and I were sitting around talking when the phone rang.
It was the operator saying I had a collect call, we heard some one say "what do I say" and then click.
A few seconds later it rang again with we have a collect call from Harley, I was like WHO... (operator repeats) Harley , I say Oh my God as In Frampton... I heard his voice for the first time say YES!!!!!!
I said Of course and when he said Hello I said Harley -again he says Yes... I busted out crying I could not believe it. He said one of his wives friends had been surfing the net and came across an ad from some one and he wanted to know who was looking for him. HE NEVER EVEN KNEW ABOUT US, so our dream came true for us, but he is still in shock that he even had a family. He lives in Kentucky and we in Texas and neither of us have the money to
fly are drive to the other but we have spoke on the phone, and his father has sent me a letter to send him and I made a three way call to his step mom and he has talked to his cousin (my daughter).
It was so hard to find him when he was little because there was NO PAPER trail. But thanks to the power of the Internet and people like you we have found him and can not wait to meet him and his wife!
By the way this call came the day AFTER his 21st birthday. I am still in shock that we found him this way when the pay for searches could not.
I did not think to ask him who found my ads but who ever you are....... I love you for this and owe you big time.

Please remove my ad # 7885 & 7886. I have found my brother as of 10/98. We have had a happy reunion and continue to see each other as much as we can.  He only lives 2 1/2 hours away!!! We have so much time to make up for. Your site is a blessing to all who are searching. Thank you for letting me

Please remove message 27026. I have found Jim! I used both 1-800search and docusearch services.. All I knew was his full name and approx. age when I began my search, and within 1 week, I had an exact birthdate.  With that I was able to have docusearch search drivers records in Washington State, and they came up with a good address & phone number in Oregon.
Linda Denson

My son has been found
Children's Home Society in Clearwater called me and told me they had found my son. On 4/1/99 I talked to him for the first time. It was
fantastic! I haven't met him yet. He lives in California & I live in Texas.
Hopefully it will be soon.
Vicki Lovil
Bmom to Joshua 11/22/73
found 2/23/99
first phone contact 4/1/99

Hello, my name is Nancy Peterson, I would like for you to remove my ad for my son. We have found each other. My heart is finally able to mend
and I am complete knowing he and I will always be friends. It took many years and many tears but I finally got ahod of the adoption agency that
he was adopted thru and they helped. My son lives in Indiana and I in Virginia so our physical reunion will not take place until June. He is a
quadraplegic from a car accident five years ago but from our letters, and many, many phone calls I know that he stands taller than most men ever will. I love him and he now says to me he loves me. I will never be his mom but I am content to just know he loves me and that I made the right decision 29 years ago. I thank you for allowing me to post on your site. Just knowing that on a daily basis I could hope has made the years much easier. God bless you and keep up the good work. I will write to all the stations I can begging that they give all people the right to know.
Nancy Peterson

Found my birthson!!!
Thank you so much for your prayers & concerns, please remove ad#15827... I have found my son after 39 years of searching. I am doubly blessed in that he is a Lutheran minister and he is willing to have a relationship with me. He also brings with him a loving wife and three beautiful grandchildren...God is truly good. Thank you & keep up the good work. Trisha

Please remove my ads - I've been found!
Thank you very much for hosting my adoption
information on your site, as well for reading it on
your radio program and sending your online
newsletter!! I'm happy to tell you that it's not
necessary anymore - during her first internet
search, my bio-mom stumbled across "findme.org", and within two days a match was confirmed!
My ad numbers are:
Please remove them, and save some room for the people who need it! :0)
[I don't know if it's still there - I once had  an ad # 17913 - if that's still there, please remove that too!]
I really appreciate the fact that you provide this astounding and vast service - I hope that somebody else's bio-mom stumbles across your site on her first foray into the Web. Thanks for answering my questions when I had them, and for being so nice and helpful throughout.
It's amazing how much you've grown over the past few years - I've watched the site get bigger and bigger!!! Thanks again for your kindness, and good luck with everything you do!
Most sincerely,
-SL Goldstein

My daughter, Keara West
(janisjoplinrulz@hotmail.com) has been writing to you asking your help  in finding her 2 half-brothers that she hadn't seen since 1984.
Almost a year ago, I found out that the Social Security Administration would forward letters to lost relatives if they could find an address for the relative. I sent letters for both boys to the
SSA, along with a letters detailing all of the information about the boys that we had, which of course included their full names, dates of birth, places of birth, and both parent's names. I also told them that it was quite possible that their step-father had adopted them, and I gave them his name.
Thursday, one of the boys showed up at our house and now my daughter not only has met one of her long-lost brothers but she also knows that she has 2 neices and a nephew. By the way, they HAD been
adopted and their entire name was changed!!
PLEASE, pass this information on to your readers &/or listeners. All it costs to have the SSA do your leg work for you is the cost of the postage stamps. Quite a bargin, wouldn't you say?
The address to send letters to is:
Social Security Administration
Office of Central Records Operations
300 N. Greene Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Diana S. West

My experiance was diff. I also was looking for my mother. I'm 42 now but I started looking about three years ago. I also petioned the courts for my records. I think they are concerened about people trying to find each other with out giving much thought about the out come. I know I had to do a lot of praying and coming to a place of contentment that God would help me deal with the outcome. I needed to think about why did she give me up? If she were sick when I found her what would my obligations be. Would I want to take care of her? What if she were poor? Would she expect money from me?
What if she didn't really want me to find her, how would I deal with it?
As it turned out, she is in a nursing home. I did have a sister, who had cancer in the same nursing home as my mother. I was really fortunate for the timing for I had the oppertunity to spend the last few months with my sister, and I brought her to a nursing home near me so we could be together. As for my mother, she is 82. She cannot remember giving birth to me, but she has excepted me . I live 4 hours away from her now but she lives real close to her sisters so they can visit often. when I do get to
go see her, her face lights up and I know she is happy to see me. I may never know who my father is or why she gave me up, but I'm going to have to
be happy with what I have.
I get to hug her neck tell her how much I enjoy seeing her. We talk of my parents and my children. I have to remind her that they are her grandchildren and then she looks pleased. If I had not been ready in my heart and soul I would not have been able to handel all of this. I'm glad I had to go before the Judge and talk to him. He was really intrested in not
just my mother's welfare but my own.
Good luck in your pursuits. I hope they turn out like you hope.
Sincerly; Vonada Barwick

Hi!! I am proud to say you may remove message # 39017, I was reunited with my bmom on 5/11/99!!! A wonderful woman named Carol helped with my
search. Once she had my info it took her less than a week to find Rose!!! Rose and I talked for 3 hours the very first time!! We have sent pictures since we live on opposite coasts, but its been GREAT!!!!
Even though I didn't locate my bmom through your site, I'm happy that there are sites like yours out there to help others!!! Keep up the good
Bridgette Hoffman

I located Nona last week, not through the Seeker, but I appreciated your help, it gave me encouragement to continue. Through persistance I was able to locate her on my own and we have had a joyous reunion after close to 20 years. W e have a lot to share with each other. I am so thankful for
services like these. Keep looking, you will find those you seek. My search is complete and my life is complete because I have found a lost dear friend.
Tom Nutter

Please remove message no. 30525
I found my family, or rather, they found me. I got a call from one of my half-brother's mother saying that my dad wanted to get to know me.
Completely out of the blue.... I can't say that they found me through your  site (they're not internet savvy), but I think it sent out the right Karma.

I found my birthson through an anonymous tip placed on my webpage. It was only last month that I was able to trace him using the clues I received over the last 15 years. Our reunion is going very well.
Thanks for thinking of me.

I have finally put closure to my aunt's search for her adopted sister.
In 1998 I located the adoptive family of Teresa Lynn Hardy (adopted Teresa Lynn Ransom) who was raised in Lancaster, Ohio.
I was lucky enough to obtain both her original birth record and her adoptive birth record, then contacted her father for further information on Teresa's whereabouts. Tragically as this search ended, Teresa was shot and killed by her own husband while living in Oregon 15-20 yrs ago, a family has finally brought closure to years of not knowing.
If anyone needs help, particularly with how to search in the State of Ohio, please feel free to call upon me.
A very special thanks to all who helped me on this families search. I owe a lot to so many for all their help and thanks to the internet for making it possible. Never be afraid to ask for the help of those we do not know, they sometimes are our best of friends!
Debi Foster
Catlettsburg, KY

My name is Barbara Jo-Ann Singleton/Young, and I placed an ad in the "Seeker Magazine" on Saturday 1/30/99, in tring to locate my mother, Patricia Ann Born.
The AD NUMBER is #35521. I no longer need this ad ran, I located a brother, a son of the same woman, who will be getting us together. Thank you so much for the oportunity of placing an Ad with your company. I was quite shocked that I had found someone in the white pages that was a connection - GLORY TO GOD!!!
Thank you again.
Barbara J. Young


Locator's International, along with the Maury Povich Show helped me find my daughter. I appeared on the show in what I thought was an effort to find my daughter and SURPRISE they had her there. She was looking for me also and the reunion was one of the great days in my life. Thanks for your help and you can remove my message #
31612. Thanks, Denice Gifford

It's painful to ask you to remove my message number 3473 where I was looking for a dear past lover. I received a message from one of your fans
who went to the trouble to check social security records and reported that Brenda passed away in 1975, just one year before I started searching for her.
However, I was able to make contact with her daughter who gave me such an uplift by informing me of their hope that I would be their Father, and
confirmed the love Brenda had for me.
Thank you for your service. Even though I would have preferred a different conclusion, at least I have closure in a large chapter of my life.
Chuck Dedman

Hi, you can take out the following ads because the
birth mother has been located. 2699, 2703, 3381,
3382, 3383, 3384, 3385, 4539, 15872. Although The
Seeker did not find the birth mother, I must thank you for your service because I would have never met the adoptee had it not been for your magazine. I did the search myself and it took two long years but the birth mother has been located in California. Thanks to The Seeker, the adoptee and I have a great friendship.
Best regards, Sandy

I am writing to ask that you remove ad #30531. I have found the answers I was looking for, thanks to your great site.

Tracy Federico

Please remove message 31030 from your list! After giving up on the search for my father for a few months, I return from a holiday weekend and getting engaged - to an email from him. He was looking for me!! We have emailed daily since. Thank you!

I  found and contacted my mother since I placed the msg. It was so easy! She was on the web the entire time, Just I didn't have her new last name but it worked out well and we are planning on meeting.
Everything has been great and thank you for the chance to post our thoughts and inquiries!
Take Care!
Sunshine and Smiles,

I was sitting at my desk last night, reading the paper. (My wife and kids were gone to the Mall...all was quiet). I had just check my e-mail, gotten
off the line and within 5 minutes the phone rang!
It was Marilyn and she sounded really scared. We really had a good conversation but we had to cut it off. Just couldn't cover everything! (She sounds like a really great person and we promised each other we would speak again) No one in her family knows about me but she said in good time.
(That's no problem with me)
Before I hung up the phone I told her that I had made a new friend that night and that I loved her. She told me the same. It was truly wonderful!
Thank You for all you did. You will never know what that means to me!
Can you bring  your program to Texas? All the morning radio shows in Houston have special
guests all the time!  It must be truly  rewarding and bring tremendous satisfaction!
Your Friend in Texas,
Dan Keffer


39281 Della Osborne
Please remove above item. I was able to finally locate Della through the telephone listing after checking many search engines. I have not
spoken to her in over 26 years, and every time I drove through Cleveland, I would check the phone books to no avail. The ironic thing is that Della moved to a city in Massachusetts close to me for 4 years.
It was really a wonderful reunion.
Anita Bergman

Please remove message 30195 - FOUND and happily reunited with B-Dad.
This is a different story from most. My brother fathered a child and has never forgotten that child even though he did not know anything about him.
The baby was given up for adoption, the b-mom was 18 and my brother was 23.
They lived in WA. She went away to have the baby, we heard in CA. Also heard it was a boy but that was all. She went back to college, he married.
But, he never forgot a child he didn't know. Him and I have talked about this for many years but had nothing - not even when he was born or where.
Last fall we both bouth computers and decided I should attempt a search - I did with no knowledge of how to go about it - within a week we had found
him!!!! It was through the postings I had out, a volunteer did some searching and came up with it - the baby was born under my brother's name!!!! Another searcher matched the birth certificate numbers, came up with the name and phone number so we called. My brother had me place the call as he was too frightened. David did not even know he was adopted until his dad died when he was 22. He had less information than we did. They decided to meet in a few months - that lasted until the weekend when Don flew from FL to CA to meet his son. There was an immediate bond. David then flew out to FL to spend the holidays with his Dad! They are in constant contact and the love for each other is undescrible. Now, he wants to find his b-mom but we are running into brick walls every lead we take.
All we have is her maiden name, not even the date of birth. Figure it was around 1938-39. I know where she graduated from high school (gave David a
picture out of the year book) and where she went to college but don't know where she graduated from college. Do not know her parents name but that
she was an only child. I drove up to the house where they lived but it is gone.
Just don't know what to do now. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your concern. Couldn't have done it without all the help out there - people are so great!
Sharon Ridge


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