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Sought & Found

We want to hear from you!!
  Please let us know when you find your friend or loved one! Everyone likes to hear about successful endings to other peoples searches. After all, they have been reading your messages daily and have been wondering whatever happened to you! Besides, if you don't tell us, your message will stay with us for a very long time! Unfortunately, most of the time, the only time we hear from you again is when you try to answer someone else's message and the e-mail address is bad!

We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person.  Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others.  If you have a story you want included here, just write to comments@the-seeker.com and tell us HOW you found them.

Here is what some of our viewers have said:

Please remove message # 9989. I finally found my old school friend through the college he attended. Although the school wouldn't give me his address they offered to forward a letter to him if I would sent it to them. I did so and now we communicate via email and AOL instant messenger. Your site has inspired me to try and find other old friends. Thanks......wgube@multipro.com

Your service works!
Last Saturday, a gentleman called in who was searching for a woman named Mary Dubey - hideously close to my email name of MaryDoby. I have received dozens of messages passing along this information. As a reunitee and an adoption
researcher, I am gratified that so many are paying attention to your show.
The service you perform is irreplaceable - not everyone has a computer, but most everyone has a radio! Thank you.
Pompano Beach, FL

My 24 yr.old Son, Christian and I have been REUNITED!
I have waited all his life for this day!
After over 10 years of hard work and a lot of heart-wrenching anguish, Ihave been given the ultimate pleasure of meeting the most intriguing, beautiful and loving young man...
There IS a God!
Thank you to everyone who loves me and has supported me through-out this "journey"... and may God grant you the peace in finding your loved ones as well...
One thing Christian said to me was particularily striking...
He said that on the day He turned 18...He wondered why I hadn't come looking for Him...
He was never aware just how difficult it is to find a loved one...
Let's hope that in time...together, we can change the laws!
Hugs to all!
Christian's Mom... :)

Please remove #7414 and #9692 . Michelle has been found and is now reunited with her many brothers and sisters and family. They are planning a big get together. She was located through a letter I sent to social services several years ago and asked them if she ever showed up to get in contact with me. I am happy I was instrumental in helping them.
Carol Hamp

Great news! I registered with you recently and a volunteer
searcher, named Sandy, remembered seeing a post that sounded familiar.
She searched back on several list and found a match. I contacted the email address and last night my son emailed me back. He wants to talk by phone this afternoon. I can't wait. Thank you for being their for us. God bless! truckon
Flo Sells

I have found my birth family. You have my permission to read this on your show. I am 46 years old, found out quite by accident two years ago that I was adopted. Wow, what a shock!  Needless to say, I began searching immediately. My adoption was illegal, my birth mother assuming the name of my adoptive mother when she went into the hospital to have me. My adoptive mother only knew the last name of my
birthmother, Lee, and that at one time my family lived at an apt. complex on Pacific Ave. in San Francisco. With only these two bits of info, I began my search. I went through the regular channels initially with no success.
Finally I decided about 6 weeks ago to make up flyers with my pictures and birth info. I started sending them beginning with the Lees in Chinatown (I am Chinese.) I had secured addresses from a San Francisco telephone directory and from the Internet. I also sent a flyer to the apartment manager at the complex where my family had lived in the 60's. To my great amazement, the apartment manager called my birth mother who had moved away from the complex  many years ago, but moved back after the family got smaller. She is now
the  president of the tenant's association, so logically she was the one the apartment manager contacted. She had wanted my mother to present the flyer  at the next meeting of the tenant's
association to see if any of the older residents remembered anything that could be useful. But my mother did not have to do that. She told the manager, " My daughter doesn't have to search any further. I am her mother."
I have since found out I have eight siblings, most of whom are still in the Bay area. ( My father died about 18 months ago.) We are planning a glorious reunion! I thank God for helping me find the missing part of my heart. Tell your listeners to never ever give up!

My Name Is Dee Torres. I Live in Hawaii With My Husband & My Cat... I Have A Wonderful Story To Share About My Sister Virginia & Me.  May 16th 1999! I Was On My Web Tv Looking Up Some Geneology & Got Into A Cemetery Site Where There Was a Message That Said Lost Mother & 2 Sisters!It Was My Sister Virginia!! I remembered all the names she had in her message...I was 10yrs old & she was 3yrs old when we were seperated.   Her  father took her to the Phillipines & I never saw her again until June 16th 1999!!  What a wonderful Day! Our mother is still alive so that was a
blessing also! Our other's sister however passed away when she was 42yrs old of MS.   But She was With us in Spirt,Or perhaps she arranged the whole thing with a lot of help from Our Maker!!  After All I Was In The Cemetery Site!!  Please put this out there to give some hope to others as to how
Miracles Come About : )

Thank you for your interest, but sadly to say I did my own investigation and found out my birth mom died in 1980. I never got to know her.

I don't have all the details yet but I will after 5PM today.
You see I found my birth family, and as sorrowful as it is, both my parents are dead, but I have 6 living siblings. You see my birth mom and dad got back together after I was released for adoption, in fact that same year I was born he came back to get her. They went on to have 9 children including myself.
I have two brothers that have already passed away at a young age with the hereditary heart problem that I have already had 6 way bypass for at the age of 38 years, I am now 46 and must have the surgery again soon for one bypass that has shut down. My Doctors are only waiting for the AVM in my brain to hopefully shrink more, before doing it because of the danger of brain hemorrhage.
You had been so kind in writing me and I just wanted to share this news with you. Needless to say I am overwhelmed, and as happy as a person can possibly be. I talked to my sister Darlene last night and they all new about me and were hoping that someday we would all find each other. Mom had never made a secret of me at all. I have prayed for this moment, what seems like all my life. I know the truth and if I died tomorrow I could go in peace now, because the truth is with me. I just wanted to share this with you and thank
you for your encouragement. God bless you!
Pamela Stewart-Anderson

Birth Mom Found
I had told you previously about the Confidential Intermediary
program sponsered by the Dept. of Human Services in Oklahoma, and that I'm a trained intermediary. I just found and contacted a birth mother last night, and she was delighted that her daughter wanted to find her. The lady at DHS
who is in charge of the program will contact and counsel each party prior to exchanging information or arranging a meeting. I'm really happy to have been a part of helping reunite loved ones. Ed Koonce

I put an ad on The Seeker to find a lost penpal of mine. However I found out today that he died 18 months ago, so I want to remove my ad, the registration numbers are: 43598 & 43599.
Sincerely Eli-Anne Skogheim

Search Complete/Message 25897
You may remove my ad. I have searched for and found all 5 of my siblings.  The last of who is Lissa Mae. Thank you so much and I wish the best for all  those who are still searching.

Please remove ads number: 31737 & 32509 under Relatively Seeking---Seeking Adopted Child!
After 19 years of searching My Son; Jeffery Scott Shoop has been found. Well Not Exactly in that way!
He found me.
Actually! I am registered with you and several other on-line registries. You had a link to "find-me.org" Which I preceded to register with them. Through his wife doing genealogical work he found out June 4, 1999 that he was adopted. This was in answer to a direct prayer (so people there is really a loving GOD) that if he didn't know please let him find out. Thud! It
was through the help and encouragement of my husband &
our son (who started me on computer's), a several very
patient librarians in Wisconsin, the Postal people in Illinois, and my Pastor who started me to do work on the computer for him and research work it probably would have taken me alot longer.
Also, I am grateful to a very sweet young lady who is now my daughter-in-law who was helping Jeff with his family history--I may have never known him if she hadn't stared doing it. I will always be grateful to her for her part. So, people! There may days; which after 19 years of searching I had almost given up
hope; and was getting ready to quit. So, a search can be an emotional thing and there are people who don't want to be found. Please don't lump us birth parents all together. I was not promised anonimotiy and if I would have I would have refused it. My son & other adoptees (of which I am also) have a right to know their medical history, their true leinage, and any other pertinent information.
Anyhow! I just wanted to thank you so much for all you encouragemnt and support. It is all appreciated. Thank you and keep up the good work. May God Richely Bless
you Suzanne Shoop Shukoski
P.S. If you want to put this is the comment section please feel free to do so. Just hope it will be a source of encouragemt to others.

You can remove message #14801. I have found my birth mother.
I went to Texas the beginning of August for vacation and to look for any relatives.    On Aug 17th I started searching and found a whole new family on Aug 19. It only took me 3 days to find them.
I probably broke all the rules for contacting family members but it worked out great. I discovered unfortunately that mother and grandmother are dead. My mother was shot and killed in 1970. This was upsetting to me and I was really
disappointed. Now what? I was informed I have an aunt that lived in this town.
The man that I initially talked to had called her while I went to make a copy of a picture of my mother. She wanted to meet me. He took me over to her house and it was just like on unsolved mysteries. We hugged and cried. The only thing
missing was the cameras. This aunt informed me that I had a brother and sister.
She called my sister and we met that night. She welcomed me with open arms. No questions asked (although I did provide proof) and we stayed up until 4 am that first night talking. I spent the night at her house and in the morning she called our
brother. He was shocked but loved it. We arranged a meeting on Sunday and I met his family. We talked from 11 am to 8:30 pm. We exchanged addresses and phone numbers. We plan to get together soon. I've been on an emotional roller coaster for almost a week now. I have a wonderful family despite my mother being killed. I don't know all the facts but it seems tragic. The only regret is I may never know who my father is as anyone who knew she was pregnant has died now. My
sister does have some ideas and we are going to work on it together. There is hope in finding your relatives. After starting my search in 1977 I'm glad it's finally over.
Now I look forward to getting to know my new family.
Lisa Jennings
P.S. Out of all my search tools the past telephone directories and the cross directories proved to be the most valuable.

Found them both.
You can take my ad #43900 off your page. With the help of fellow seekers I was able to find my birth mother and birth father. They are both great people. I sent some pictures and I was told I look exactly like her. It is actually knowing I look like someone. The service you provide is something special. Know that I know about it I'm going to be sure to pass the information on. Thank you everyone!
Sharon Siebe

UPDATE to Message #37322
On Wednesday, July 21, 1999, my 24 yr.old Son, Christian and I were REUNITED!
I have waited all his life for this day!
After over 10 years of hard work and a lot of heart-wrenching anguish, I have been given the ultimate pleasure of meeting the most intriguing, beautiful and loving young man...
There IS a God!
Thank you to everyone who loves me and has supported me through-out this "journey"...
and may God grant you the peace in finding your loved ones as well...
One thing Christian said to me was particularily striking...
He said that on the day He turned 18...He wondered why I hadn't come looking for Him...
He was never aware just how difficult it is to find a loved one...
Let's hope that in time...together, we can change the laws!
Hugs to all!
Christian's Mom... :)

Found my Daughter
I just want to let you know that I found my daughter and you can remove my message...I found her by searching on the internet...unfortunatly she does
not feel comfortable, as she put it in contacting me at this time..so I will respect her wishes and wait to here from her..at least now I know that she is alive and well and that she knows that I exist...The message I posted was : Father searching for daughter, Janis Nazarenko..
Thank you
Ken Sylvia

Two More Found/Message #25897
Just yesterday we were reunited with two more sisters: Barbara and Norma.
I started out looking for 5 siblings and, in less than a month, I have found 4.
Please do not remove my ad. I am still searching for Lisa Mae Kimble DOB 7/21/58. I wish the best to everyone.

I have known the facts about my mom's adoption for many years and finally decided to see if I could turn anything up via the internet. I posted what I knew in hopes that someone would be able to give me more information or my mother's birth parents would come across it. I also called and wrote to
the public library in my mom's home town and they were able to send me a copy of her birth announcement. When I told my mom about the newspaper clipping I found out she was just beginning an active search of her own.
She traveled to her place of birth, went to the courthouse, and with the bit of info from her birth announcement (mainly her fathers name), she was given access to records such as her parents wedding license, etc.
Because her father's family had come from that area there was a wealth of information -- that same day she boldly went to visit the people in town that bore her name (gathered from the local phone book) and was immediately reunited with an aunt (who remembered her as an infant and toddler)!! Her
aunt was able to put her in instant contact with her father via the phone.
She has since been in contact with her birth mother and was pleasantly surprised to find out she has a full sister too!! They plan to meet in August for the first time in 43 years!!
Matthew and Alicia McDaneld

Two found/Message #25897
I've just recently been reunited with my brother (Randy) and one of my  sisters (Julie). We've spent so much time talking and seeing each other the past couple of weeks, it's as if we've always known each other. It's  great!!!! The best to everyone that searches.
Please don't remove my message, as I am still searching for 3 sisters.

I want to thank you for the use of your website seeking out my birth family.
My add #16921 can now be removed. I was reunited with my birth mom and so far it's great!! My birth father unfortunately passed away tragically. We only live a 5 minute drive from one another and have lived in the same city all our lives. Thank you again.

I was looking for my birth  Mother--I found her!!! It was an awesome experience!!!! It is nice to have some of life's little mysteries solved--Thanks again.
Michelle Croft

I have an ad on your seeker #39768 please remove it from you ads.   I talked to you on Sat. on your radio show, you helped me so much by going to the SSDI part, I found she had died in 1995. Bless you all for the good work you are doing for everybody.  I had not heard from her in 5 yrs. so I knew there was something wrong. She lived in Oregon & was my favorite Aunt she paid for my school ring as we were so poor my parents couldn't afford it. Thank you so much for all the good things you are doing. God Bless each & everyone on your staff. Sincerely,
Cleo King, Tampa, Fla.

I would like to tell you of my own good fortune in locating a first cousin - after 35-40 yrs of no contact - I knew he had been a school teacher in ny state - probably retired - after searching on the internet - I found an alumni association
for retired teachers in NY state - emailed them & had a small notice (no charge) placed in their current newspaper - the first email panned out - next a phone call from someone who taught with my cousin (he has a common name) - & yes I found him - not 1/2 mile from my present address - I thought this might be
helpful to people searching - in that if ones profession is known - their are associations which might have infomation - thanks!
Harriet Goldstein


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