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Sought & Found

We want to hear from you!!
  Please let us know when you find your friend or loved one! Everyone likes to hear about successful endings to other peoples searches. After all, they have been reading your messages daily and have been wondering whatever happened to you! Besides, if you don't tell us, your message will stay with us for a very long time! Unfortunately, most of the time, the only time we hear from you again is when you try to answer someone else's message and the e-mail address is bad!

We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person.  Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others.  If you have a story you want included here, just write to comments@the-seeker.com and tell us HOW you found them.

Here is what some of our viewers have said:

Found birth sibling and birth mother
We found my husband's birth sister with the help of
a lady in Cincinnati by the name of Jan. Her address is Jangel@aol.com.   She helped us with the names of birth parents/the maiden name/of the b.mother in the Ohio area who gave birth on my husband's birthday and at the hospital in which he was born. She then narrowed it down. She helped
me to get numbers of possible relatives, in the area. She was
tremendous. I don't think it would have ever happened without her.
You may take my husband's listing off of the site. He was born 10/1/68, in Elyria, Ohio. Thank you so much and I wish the others as much luck as we had.
Pamela K Reed

Please delete my message number 31810. I have located my sister Jeana Dorothy Landry. Thanks to your site! We have been in touch with her sister-in-law, and we are waiting to hear from her. I really appreciate your help.

(me again!)
For over 8 years my mother and I (I am Eddie) have been searching for birth family on my fathers side, every since the death of my father in 1991.  We picked up where he left off.  I posted my information that we had with The Seeker and it was not long ago.   Well on November 13 ,1999 I received
an e-mail from a what I call my guardian ANGEL her name is Carol.  The first e-mail came in at 8:44 am and with a lot of work done by my ANGEL CAROL by 6:00 pm my mom was in touch with my biological GrandFather, GrandMother, and 3 Aunts when I was only searching for 2 and found an extra. We still have not found 1 Uncle, but with wonderful people
like Carol and The Seeker we all have hope to find him real soon. Thank You,Thank You, and may God Bless You all and you all find your missing links. There is hope. Love Eddie
P.S. What are the chances of finding so many relative in one day? GOOD

Please delete messages 1658 and 1659 from your search database. Also please delete fozz@alaska.net from your mailing list. Thank you for the use of your service. I did find one friend when her mother passed away and the obituary listed where she (my friend) resided. Thanks again.

My birth Mother's family found me. My add is #6551. They found me on the internet. I had been searching for over 20 years, and aggressively for 2 years. They said that they found me in 3 days when they found out about me. My birth Mother died 11
years ago. My aunt and 3 of her daughters are the ones that found me. We kept in touch for the first year but now I don't hear from them as much. I have been wondering what the problem is since I still email them and call but they don't seem to be interested. I still would like to find my birth Father and/or
his family. (I have no siblings on my mother's side), The lady that I worked with at Catholic Charities did me a favor by checking my adoption records to see if my Birth Father's name was listed. I asked her to find out for me so that I would not go through all the trouble of trying to get their records released by the
court for nothing. She said that it was in there.
Denise Mitchem
D.O.B 11/13/57
Birth Place St. Andre's Home for Unwed Mothers/ Biddeford, ME

Please delete message 44894. I have been told by my friend has returned to England and is now living in South Shields.
Tyrone Ali

Anna is 21 yrs old. She has been searching for me since she was 16 yrs old.  I had signed a paper saying she could have the info when she turned 18.   Catholic Charities wanted to charge her 350.00 for the barest of info, and if I happened to be searching and paid my 350.00 too they would have matched  us.   I'm very angry about this, my understanding was she could get the info when she turned18, no charge.
I started searching the internet last year. I found your site and
posted a message quite a few months ago, my computer crashed so I got another one but couldn't remember you address. I kept looking around and stumbled upon it last Wed. I didn't have enough time to post or read until Friday morning and by that afternoon had found Anna.
This has been wonderful, I can't wait until Thanksgiving, I guess we will have something to be very thankful for.  Anna has made a webpage, it's our reunion: http://www.homestead.com/searchingforanswers/adoption.html
go there it's wonderful!
Thanks so much for your interest in our story and your kind thoughts,


Thank you for your support and help but last Jan. I found my bio. mother through a very nice lady out of Fort Worth Texas she had the means to look up all info. I had given and she had her located within a day.
Thank you again could you please delete my meesage for me and I believe I dont need another look up now.
Cindi Lunsford

I found my daughter from The Seeker site! I posted my message on Friday Nov. 5th. I was reading some of the messages from adoptees looking for their birthparents found one that could have matched and was put in touch with my
I'm very excited to meet her. She is driving to my house tomorrow Nov.7th.
Thanks for all the help from The Seekers,
Sherry F. Putnam

Good news! My army buddy was found I received an e-mail
from The American Veteran Search to call...they found Eugene Czeisler! Called American Veterans and was given Eugene's phone number. Yes, it was my long lost army buddy. We chatted...exchanged - telephone numbers and addresses. In the near future...I will be visiting my buddy! He is 80 years old and I am 84. After all these years...we are going to meet.
Thank you...The American Veteran Search and The Seeker
for your sites...contacts...team work. It surely paid off!!
In addition, I believe my army buddy Joesph Bohl passed away in 1984...Ancestry.com? Please, remove ad number: 46395 from your site. With great apprecation...."The Best To You All"
-John DeSimone

Please delete my message #37671.
I posted this message for a friend who was looking for her son who was adopted almost 30 yrs ago.  Betty never thought she would see him again and called me 6 months after I posted messages on several websites to say she was the grandmother of twins. She found her son around the first of August and traveled to meet him August 27. She was very excited. She
found out he was raised right in her own neighborhood,
but has since moved to the midwest.  I do not know which web site he located her on, but I thank you very much for your service and any assistance you gave. I tell everyone I know to post and never NEVER give up hope.
(This after my sister located her daughter, 24 yrs after her adoption. We had only been posted 3 mos, if that)
All my support to everyone else looking. Thanks
Linda Cote

Glad Reunion Day
I found Ernest Taylor through writing to the Social Security Administration, to lost but living relatives. You send all the information you have on the person you are looking for and you also send a letter to the person you are looking for . The letter to the person,you don't seal up the envelope . You put
a stamp and your return address on the envelope., and place it in the same envelope with the letter to Social Security. If they have records on the person they will forward your letter to them and its up to the person to contact you.
He was in a retirement home in Louisana and we went to see him in July. He was one Happy person to see his Son , whom he hadn't seen in 37 years. He had had a stroke and couldn't talk but it blessed my soul to see his face and all the excitment.  We also met two of his sisters and spent the night with them. So you can remove me from your list and thanks so much for whatever you did. Sincerely,

Wanted to let you know to delete my inquiry #39514. I have found the info on my dad and discovered I have nine half-brothers and sisters at the same time. Sadly, my father died some years ago, but I have found the family I never knew I had, thanks again. Your service is truly great for helping people find people.
Ann Dowty

Please delete message #42436
I have found my sister's birth father. I did not find him though the seeker but was given the number of a man who works for the U.S. Locater Service from the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, MO who for a fee located him in less than 8 hours. My sister and her birth father have met and everything went very well. Thank you for providing this service which gives so many the hope that they too can someday be united with those they are searching for to put the missing pieces of their lives together.

Please delete these messages. (40966 & 40967) Through extensive searches through various places, I've learned that Joey Reed Milligan, Jr. died on 11-15-92. Through some of your phonebook sites I found my nephew...which led me further...through the Federal Records Ctr. in St. Louis I found more info. Finally I located my deceased father's former wife. She was wonderful (they had divorced in '62). I knew I had one brother...well she let me know I actually had two!!!! Within 12 hours I spoke with both of them. They have welcomed me into their hearts and we all plan on meeting very soon. We've
exchanged addresses, emails etc. Alot of questions, have now been answered. They lost contact with Joey in 1962...and we know he died in 1992...so we have 30 years to fill in and we are assuming there will be more children out there. We hope we can find them. Once I gather enough data (I've ordered a
death certificate and an obituary) I'll put together another message to attempt to find the rest of the folks out there.
for having this website and links. I too was contacted but I haven't taken anyone up on their $49 specials. I did do the 1-800 US SEARCH and wound up with 5 names 3 that didn't match up...basically $60 was tossed out the window. Oh well it could have been worse.
I've been emailed by various individuals offering sincere help and suggestions of other websites.  I in turnhave emailed various people with things I've discovered along the way. There definitely are more "good"folks out there! Again thank you for all the help and inspirations. I pray everyone finds their answers!
Maria Kight

Please delete message #36773.
I found my brother.
Thank you......Mikki@aol.com

Hi. My message # is 36742. please delete my message as I have found my birthfamily. Thank you.
Jennifer Milligan

Please delete #35773. My daughter and I were reunited threw a Canadian Adoption Site. We were reunited the day before her 20th birthday. I started my search in December 1998 and she started hers on July 13, 1999. Less than 24 hours after registering, we were talking on the phone together!! She has met all of my husband's side of the family as we hosted the
family reunion at our house this summer in August. Let's just say that it not only was the last family reunion of the millenium, but probably the best one our family will ever have - at least the most talked about and remembered. My daughter was the best kept secret in the family for 18 years and now she is the most well known of the family!!! For all of you out there still looking, don't give up and keep the faith!! When you are least expecting it - your phone might ring too!!!
Thanks to you and the many sites like yours out there.
A very happy mother and new grandma!!
Louella Heraid

Today I was able to talk with my birthmother for the first time. I have been searching for her for 3 years, but really was able to spend some time this past year.
I knew that I was born in Sheffield, AL, from my birth certificate.  I knew from my adoption records that I had been given a name at birth.  I called the hospital and requested medical records for myself under my birthname.
The hospital provided a copy of a microfische which included the name of my mother, her birthdate and the address of the house where she lived at the time.
We immediately used her maiden name and birthdate to start searching for her.
In the mean time, we went to the local city library and went through the city directories from 1968 to find who lived in the house at the time. It was a boarding house which still exists today.
There were only three people who lived in the house in 1968. One of them was "transient", another was a lady whom I verified from the SSDI had died in 1985. The third was a man named Paul P. I looked up his name in the directory and beside it was listed Mary E, and the fact that he was a TVA
translator. I assumed that I had now located the name of my birthfather.
I immediately went down the street addresses and wrote down every name of people that lived around the house in 1968. I then compared the names with the 1998 directory. There was one family that still lived directly across the street. Since the house was only a few blocks away, I immediately went
over to visit this family. It just happened to be one of the families that reached out to my mother when my father left her all alone in AL. They were able to fill in the missing pieces I needed. They told me that the couple were both 7th Day Adventists and that they met at an Adventist university
up north. I went to the Adventist website and started my intense research.  I knew from non-id information that the mother was a nutrition major and that the father was in education administration. I also found out from the neighbor that he was born in France. The first university that I was
suspicious of was Andrews University in Michigan. They had the majors that I was interested in. I wrote to an adotion network in Michigan and found a lady that lived in the same county of the university who was willing to make
a few phone calls. She found from the alumni association that Marianne Ellen K was a home ec and dietetics major in 1966, and that her name was now S.  This was a very unusual Swedish name. They had a former address in another
state. I called for a phone number, but there was no current listing for that address. There was one other S. listed in the whole state...only a few miles away. I called and finally located Marianne's ex-husband who forwared our phone number to Marianne, who called us 10 minutes later.
Paul's name was French and also very unusual. It was easy to find out through the Adventists that he is now a missionary in the Indian Ocean area.
I was also able to locate his brother whom I called. He provided me today with Paul's e-mail address.
This is how we finally completed out search. We are taking everything slow and trying to do what is best for all families involved. We've enjoyed several converstaions with my birthmom, which I thought would never happen.
You can now remove Laurie 5-15-1968 from your search list. We are happily reunited!

We found Him!
Please remove message # 36039. We found my my Uncle Jimmy! He was out of touch with our family for almost 15 years. I got in touch with the Social Security Administration's letter forwarding unit. I wrote a letter explaining why I was searching for my uncle and within weeks they found
him through his SS# and forwarded my letter to him. He had no clue that anyone in the family was even looking for him. He was as happy to be found as we were to find him. He is happily married and came for a visit to see my mother and I. It was great to spend the time with him and to be able to
keep in touch. I thought our search would never end and wanted to tell everyone not to give up!

I was looking for a friend from High School that I haven't seen in over 10 years. For the past few months I have been working on my own Website for the sculptures I make "Clayicatures", she tried finding me and by typing in my name it brought up my site, http://clayicatures.bizland.com/ and she e-mailed me, we've been in contact now for a month and come to find out she lived one state over from where we both use to live, but she was married and I didn't know her last name. My advice to anyone not having alot of luck finding someone, if you think they may be looking for you too, make your own personal homepage, hobby page, etc.. and they will find you. It took only a few months for my friend to find me and I was looking for her for years.
Good Luck!

Please remove message # 42956
Thank you for your help. Your service has helped many of us to find lost friends or relatives.
Norman Burhardt has been located and is alive and well. It was good to speak with this old shipmate and fellow band member after 45 years.
Bob Hague

Hello and a GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO EVERY ONE at The Seeker! We probably would still be lost and looking, but thanks to you we have found almost the whole unit. May you all always be richly blessed. Most sincerely,
Nancy and Buddy

I have found our daughter, please remove two entries I put on your list, I guess I was so desparate I put it in twice. The numbers are 38249, 39399.
We were reunited on May 16th, her father and my's 40th wedding anniversary, she also met her 3 full sisters and spouses and nephews.
We all have waited a long time for this. She fits right in as part of the family and is a very lovely woman. Looking forward to the rest of our lives having her included in our family.   I was persistant and lucky in my search for her, so don' t give up.
Thanks for your site.

Please remove my ad since I have located my friend. I did wind up finding her on my own by finding out what high school she went to and contacting their alumnae association and they forwarded a message on to her that I was trying to locate her. She just called me the other day and I was so excited! But
your site is great and I'm sure it will help alot of people. Thanks!!

Please remove me from the search. I found Jim through ICQ
and made contact after almost 9 years of an endless search.
I searched endlessly because he meant the world to me, he
was "The Wind Beneath My Wings". I finally could put a
closer to the mystery, to find out that he was happily
married with two beautiful children. It is a strange feeling
to be speechless and suddenly realize that you are actually
talking to the love of your life. I was so happy to hear
that he found his happiness, but quite disappointed with his
bitterness with me. Sometimes people don't respond the way
you would like them too, but it is a great feeling to be
able to move on in your own life. Thank you.
cynthiamorand@hotmail.com #40062

Please delete messages number 33975 and 40141. The sought for person was located, and brought to live in our home. It was a disaster. We finally had to put him out after about 2 1/2 months. Just tell people to be VERY careful......they don't know what they're getting or getting into.

I have located my granddaughter but still have not been able to see or talk to her due to the mother Kimberly. They were located through the Internet paid search with her social security number. At lease we have been able to file a motion through the court to get something started after all this
time.  They were located with a PO box in Michigan. I have also tried writing her a   letter and she will not respond. Don't ever give up hope. And thanks for   letting people run adds.

Thank you for the newsletter, but we found my fathers friend via the church she attended as a child.
Thank you for the chance to try to contact them. When we finally talked to them they said they have not heard of this site. And they will let friends know of it, as will I.
Thank you again.

I found my adopted cousins, Debby and Mike who were given up for adoption 37 years ago at ages 2 an 3. I hit brick walls at the Dept. of Children's Services and made lots of out of town trips to the area that they were kept in foster care. After several months of searching and then weeks spent on all the adoptee and search sites I could find on the internet I came across a message that was a sure match....They had
been looking for 11 years! I was only a cousin, but the only one that had looked for them in 37 years....I gave my new found cousin, Debby information on another cousin that had dropped off the planet...ha..In three days, with the new information I had given her on her surname(which she didn't know) she was able to find another cousin, Beverly Dorsey, that had lost contact with the family over 26 years ago
at the death of her mother....Beverly had only had her computer for about 1 month, Debby and Mike posted this message in the last 60 days, and I began a search 60 days ago. It was the most wonderful feeling anyone could ever imagine....In a period of three days and with the "Grace of God" we were reunited after a total of 37 years...No words can ever describe it...Debby and Mike, Beverly, and myself have come full circle.. It was sad for Debby and Mike to learn of the death of their father in 1976 and then their mother in 1984, but we have lots of new found cousins to unite them with and although Beverly was lost and not adopted she and I will be able to re-unite them with siblings, older and younger that they haven't seen in 40 years...thank you....
Randy Shelton

I did call into the show last Saturday and spoke with you all. It was great.  Since last Saturday I have found my birthmother and also saw her. I had a list of phone numbers for her last name given to me by a support group and her mother's number happened to be on the list. We are in the process of
her telling her 3 children about me, they never knew. She is everything I thought she'd be.
I am truly at peace.

I have been reunited with my biomom, so you can delete my message. It's number 3756. Thank you for running such a great search engine!
Rachel Cornett

I have found my daughter all is going great, please remove me from your list. Thanks,
Brenda Oberholtzer

I recently found my birth mother. I was not legally adopted. I searched with information given to me by my adoptive parents. I went to the local library which had a telephone CD Rom. I printed out all of the names within a general demographic area and wrote letters seeking my relatives for medical and genealogy purposes. One of my letters was forwarded to my 77 yr. old father. Even at 77 he denied being my father, claiming it was a one night stand. He did however, after 50 yrs remembered my mother's name. I had learned through my genealogy research to always look good and hard at birth certificates for clues. I found that although using my adoptive mother's name there was an incorrect birthdate (which was not my adoptive mother's) on the hospital birth
certificate (not a state birth certificate but one insued by the hospital).  I used that date and the name given me by my father, as well as a married name (she had married a yr. after my birth) given to me by my adoptive father to apply to the Social Security Office for humanitarian purposes to search for my birth mother. You must include a stamped unaddressed envelope with a non embarrassing letter to the person you are seeking.  I also included a stamped on with my address. I included my address and phone. Social Security can not tell you if they found the person nor can they give you the person's address. But they will send a reply. It will contain your letter to the person if they were unable to locate.  I received my back with only the cover letter so I knew they had forwarded my letter to my mother. Several weeks later I received the long awaited answer.  My first card from my
mother. In my excitement of writing the initial letter incorrectly type my phone number.   She said she would
contact me again. She told me she was my birth mother and was glad to find me also. After 6 wks of waiting she finally called me and I heard her voice for the first time. It was so special. We both have so many questions and we live 1000 miles apart but hope to get together soon. There are still some complications as she is not yet able to tell her husband of 34yrs nor her family but God willing that to will happen. She told me my father really was my father without any doubts whatever. He had lied to me as he had known her since school together and had had a 2 yr. relationship, with her expecting him to marry her.  She had seen him the previous year and he had told her about my contact with him but told her to leave it be and not to try to find me. He did not give her my phone
or address. So reunions can go both ways. I was also saddened to learn that my half brother had been killed in Vietnam. But hearted to know that my father has two other daughters he has never seen somewhere around the Chicago area. So my search begins again. Thank you so much for your help and hopefully my story may help some one else in there search Valerie Foster 

Please delete #35773. My daughter and I were reunited through a Canadian Adoption Site. We were reunited July 14, 1999 the day before her 20th birthday. I started my search in December 1998 and she started hers on July 13, 1999. Less than 24 hours after registering, we were talking on the phone together!! She has met all of my husband's side of the family as we hosted the family reunion at our house this summer
in August. Let's just say that it not only was the last family reunion of the millenium, but probably the best one our family will ever have - at least the most talked about and remembered. My daughter was the best kept secret in the family for 18 years and now she is the most well known of the family!!! For all of you out there still looking, don't give up and keep the faith!! When you are least expecting it - your
phone might ring too!!!
Thanks to you and the many sites like yours out there.
A very happy mother and new grandma!!
Louella Heraid

Once again, I get to post in here, this time it is a happy post!  I have found my friend, John Duffy, after almost 20 years!  John is actually the reason I began The Seeker years ago.  I always wondered what happened to him.  But, being a horible procrastinator, I never really looked for him.  Til the other day when someone read my bio and asked if I ever found him.  Well, two minutes later, I was talking to him!  All I did was use the Site Seeking section.   Something I always encourage all of you to do.  So there ya have it!  I am so thrilled to have found him.  Don't put it off - do it now!
Linda Hammer, Publisher of The Seeker

I appreciate the opportunity to post a listing.
Louis Gates and his siter have been reunited after 43 years of separation!
I told Louis that he and his sister, Marla Jean should call in and tell their storyon your radio show. He called you and went on the air 8/21; however, his sister did NOT  know that she was adopted, an amusing story with a happy ending.
Norma-Jean (Jeanie) Sorrell

I found my sister.  It has been about three weeks already. My mom is setting a time to go meet her. So my family is pretty
excited. Her husband set an ad up in the California yearbooks of all places and I stumbled across it and found her.  It is a miracle from God and I was amazed at the response I got as well as how grateful they responded to my searching as well. It can be very hard to approach the missing family member that was adopted because sometimes they know nothing about it or would rather not find the mother. So I am happy. Thought you might like to hear some good news.
Vernell Mumm

 Hello good people at The Seeker, Just to inform you that I have located my daughter! Although your site was not directly involved, you surely provided much support in the hopes that locating her could be done!
Thank you again. My file # is 45691 and my email address is hounddawg2@yahoo.com
Again, thanks for being on the net for all of us in
need to locate family memebers!
Respectfully, Christine

Ad Number: 45659
Thank you for your time,
Jim Elgan

Please remove my add #7267 as my father has located this friend from his past. He did not find him through the seeker but did find him through address searching on the internet.
Susan Bayes

Please remove my ad. I am a birthmother who, after a year of searching, found my son. I found a lot of support and VERY good information by joining the Washington State Triad support group. They were able to give me addresses and names for getting the original birth certificate and
non-id information from the county he was born in. Also, the Sunflower birthmom group provided great support. My dad remembered vaguely that Idaho was mentioned and I was able to get drivers license info for Idaho for my son's birthday. With the non-id information, I was able to narrow
the search down to one young man, born on that day, with the same first name.
I am thankful that I have found my son and that he has lived a very good life--he is very happy. I hope to be able to meet him someday.
Karan Rau

Hi , you can remove ad#44914. Birthmother and son were
reunited on the telephone 10/12/1999. Thank you for letting
us use your registry.
Marilyn R. Fiedler

I found my possible half-sister!!! Thank you so much for all your help in locating her.  Donna is most definitely an angel. I actually talked with Sandra for 2 hours. She needs time obviously to deal with everything, but we are on our way. It is so exciting!!!!! I do not know how to delete my post, if you would help me it is ad# 45651. That way the angels who may try to help can go on to another case. This site and your radio show are wonderful!!!! I will make sure anyone who needs help gets connected with you.  Thank you so much.

You can remove message #14801. I have found my birth mother.  I went to Texas the beginning of August for vacation and to look for any relatives.    On Aug 17th I started searching and found a whole new family on Aug 19. It only
took me 3 days to find them.
I probably broke all the rules for contacting family members but it worked out great. I discovered unfortunately that mother and grandmother are dead. My mother was shot and killed in 1970. This was upsetting to me and I was really
disappointed. Now what? I was informed I have an aunt that lived in this town.    The man that I initially talked to had called her while I went to make a copy of a picture of my mother. She wanted to meet me. He took me over to her house and it was just like on unsolved mysteries. We hugged and cried. The only thing missing was the cameras. This aunt informed me that I had a brother and sister.   She called my sister and we met that night. She welcomed me with open arms.   No questions asked (although I did provide proof) and we stayed up until 4 am that first night talking. I spent the night at her house and in the morning she called our brother. He was shocked but loved it. We arranged a meeting on Sunday and
I met his family. We talked from 11 am to 8:30 pm. We exchanged addresses and phone numbers. We plan to get together soon. I've been on an emotional roller coaster for almost a week now. I have a wonderful family despite my
mother being killed. I don't know all the facts but it seems tragic. The only regret is I may never know who my father is as anyone who knew she was pregnant has died now. My sister does have some ideas and we are going to work on it
together. There is hope in finding your relatives. After starting my search in 1977 I'm glad it's finally over. Now I look forward to getting to know my new family.
Lisa Jennings
P.S. Out of all my search tools the past telephone directories and the cross directories proved to be the most valuable.


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