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Sought & Found

We want to hear from you!!
  Please let us know when you find your friend or loved one! Everyone likes to hear about successful endings to other peoples searches. After all, they have been reading your messages daily and have been wondering whatever happened to you! Besides, if you don't tell us, your message will stay with us for a very long time! Unfortunately, most of the time, the only time we hear from you again is when you try to answer someone else's message and the e-mail address is bad!

We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person.  Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others.  If you have a story you want included here, just write to comments@the-seeker.com and tell us HOW you found them.

Here is what some of our viewers have said:

Please remove my message: #47835, as I have found my daughter on 12/10/99.  The reunion has been very successful as she was also searching for me too!
I will see her for the first time in 25 years on 12/31/99 for our first face to face reunion! We are both very anxious and can hardly wait to see each other!
D. Hunt

Hello! My name is Linda Wilkinson and just 3 weeks ago I found my birthmother. I had an ad in the seeker for finding a missing friend and just happened to keep looking at all the available sites and helpful hints section. The advice that I was given cannot be matched anywhere.
I did a lot of my own leg work with a lot of help from friends that I have met through The Seeker. I received my identifying information from Catholic Charities in Cincinnati at the end of October. I really did not know what to do with the information that I had in my possesion. It took me a while to figure it all out but through birth certificates, a few good hunches, the city directories in Covington Kentucky--The library has invaluable information-- and many trips to Kentucky, I finally located my half sister. I made a few annoyomus phone calls and
found out that my b-mother was living only about 45 minutes from my house. I went against all advice next because I just had to see her---so armed with a pointsetta plant and a letter explaining who I was I set off for her house. Gathering all my strength I rang her doorbell. Lo and behold she invited me in--you see I was just the
delivery girl!! I said that it was a pleasure to meet her and
left---broke down and cried for hours!! But my dream had come true- I got to see my mother. One week later I received a short note from her with her phone number inside. A day or two later I called her and we talked for an hour!! I promised to call again soon and then she sent me
a Christmas card. I called her on Christmas Eve to thank her and to wish her Happy Holidays. She then invited me to visit with her soon.
This will be my next biggest dream come true. In our phone conversation I found out things I never even dreamed of--for instance- she was told that upon my birth that she was told that I had died. Now that is quite a shocker after 48 years. She never told any of her children of this birth because she did not think she would have to---now 48 years later she is finding it extremly difficult to find a way to do so. I understand her dilema and I respect her wishes to keep it just between the two of us for right now. She did however confirm my suspicions
about my father name and now I am on the paper trail to find him.
Please if you are searching don't give up hope! My birthmother is 76 years old and I have at least a speaking relationship with her and of that fact I am extremely grateful. So please hang in there! It has filled a hole in my heart and I finally have seen someone who looks like
me!! It was worth all the gold in the world!!!

Please remove my ad #49411, found Kimberly Anne Murdock, she got my letter on Christmas Day, called her birth family, we are very happy!!! I was helped by several search angels that responded to my ads on the Internet...thank you for allowing me to place my ad, and tell our story!!!
Many of these search angels do it for free or a small amount of money, they are wonderful, know all the tricks!!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL SEARCHERS!!

Finally Found Her!!
Please remove message #15376 from your registry. I am so excited that I have found my birthmother, who I have searched for for over 11 years. The Lord ended up using Catholic Social Services, which is who I was adopted
through, to bring her to me. She could not believe I had searched for her for so long -- she thought I would hate her & never want to find her. How wrong she was!!
This has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. This was our first Christmas together & next month will be the first one EVER that I haven't wondered where she was & if she was thinking of me.
The discovery of her also brings a HUGE family -- 4 brothers, a step-father, 2 aunts, 1 uncle & countless cousins, etc.!! We're still looking for another
brother who was given up for adoption 5 years after me. My message for him is still on your site!
Thanks for all you do. Good luck to everyone who is looking. Remember, God's timing is PERFECT & He will restore to you all the years you'velost.
Thanks again,

Could you please remove message #42514 from your site I have found Ed alive and well Danny is still missing And Bruce was killed in a auto accident in 1974. Thank you for the service And I have posted a new add for Danny
thanks again, Doug.


My daughter had registered on Adoption.com about 3 years ago. I stumbled upon the site a month or so ago doing geneology research. That "what the hell" and put in my info and her info. Came up a match! About fainted off my chair. My father and I spent about a week to find out where she was now, as that message was probably
old.  (They wouldn't tell us how old.) Ended up tracking down her parents.
When I let her go for adoption she was 18 months old. I sent a letter with her why I was doing this, telling her about me, about her, her birth family and other details of our lives, and said I hoped she would want to find me
sometime.  Her profile in Adoption.com mentioned details of the letter; also,   her wonderful adoptive (real) parents gave her the letter and helped.
We talk on the phone at LEAST once a week, usually for 2-3 hours at a time.  I call her parents, they call me. It's been absolutely delightful.

Please delete message 48774. We have found my fiancee's dad. Not only have we found him before Christmas we have found him before our wedding.He even has a brother living only 15 minutes away from where we live!
Bless you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Deborah Crane and Kenneth Foote

I have had an ad up with you for about three years but I recently found my wife's brother, lost for thirty years, by using AT&T Anywho Search and methodically eliminating all the bad ones. Keep up the good work, I'm glad you were there.
Don Sargent

Please remove my seekers message's 30265 / 30266 /30268 . I thank you for your service . My friend Bennie's
daughter saw one of my search ads and contacted me last week . She has told her dad that I am seeking him .
Can you imagine my suprise to find some one who has been missing for 36 years.
Best Regards
Gerald (Gerry) Paulsen

I found out what happened to my friend,  message #26857
I am sorry to report I found out my friend was killed in an automobile accident, there was not a "happy ending" but there was "closure".  Please delete my message for me.
Thank you.

I believe the one number 45459 E-mail for that was
Buchh1wichzhd@Webtv.com and there was one listed from this address but I do not know the #.Thanks again and God Bless You for having The Seeker site.

Please delete message 44894. I have been told my friend has returned to England and is now living in South Shields.
Tyrone Ali

I posted my message looking for info on my father.  I had an email from a cousin I haven't seen in 36 years. Since then I have found family I didn't even know existed. Sadly, my father had died long ago, but to have found my cousins and to know I have half brothers and sisters, more than makes up for the years I missed. I plan to make a trip soon to be reunited. Message boards work..thank you so much..keep up the good work.
Ann Dowty

THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! WE FOUND HIM!!! I looked in the white pages of one of the-seeker links you sent and BAM there he was! :) Thank
you so much. We are getting back in touch and he is
going to try to come down this weekend so we can do
some catching up. If there is ever anything I can
help you with please let me know....once again thank
you from the bottom of my heart.
Love Always, Jamie

Please remove ad #39169
I found my daughter and granddaughters in August and She had been looking for me too. My life is now complete.
Lynn Perkins

Remember the e-mails we sent each other last week? My neighbour Jacky and me (Inge) were desperately seeking MaryBeth Hart... You advised us to call your show one day and we decided to keep that suggestion open as our last possibility. Well, we don't need it... a bit of a pity on one side, but on the other that means MaryBeth is found!!!!!!!
We sent a letter to the school where she had been on in 1980, and today we got an e-mail of them with her nowadays address plus a phone number. So I phoned her and got her answering machine... it was so strange hearing her voice after all these years! I left a message, immediately wrote a letter and now I hope I'll hear anything from her soon. She knows I'm searching
for her, her school has been in touch with her to ask if they could send me her address and phone number. It seems that she's living in Salt Lake City now, while we have been searching in New Hampshire and Massachusetts...
You can understand how happy I am, Jacky and I celebrated with a good bottle of wine!!
Thank you so much for answering the e-mails, for the tips you gave... We both wish you a lot of success in bringing people together again and lots of happiness for the future!!
Inge van der Doe (and neighbour Jacky)
Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Europe

I am very happy to find it necessary to have my message
deleted.  My birthson and I have been reunited and I'll return the space for another's message. Please delete message 26940 regarding my search for my
birthson. Thank you for the wonderful service you offer those of us in the adoption triad. God bless.
Judy Moxley
Dallas, Texas

A old friend of mine from 20 years ago was able to find me thanks to your site! I have always wondered what happened to her, and now thanks to you, I no longer have to wonder because she sent me a e-mail that floored me!!!
Joe Pomponio
KC5SEZ-Amatuer Radio Opr
Angleton, Texas

Could you please delete my messages as I have now found my father. My message numbers are: 46523
& 46524. Thank you very much for letting me post my message on your page and I will continue to use it,
especially for your genealogy page. I have also found out I have quite a large family in the United States.
Once again many thanks.
With regards

I have wonderful news!! You may remove posting number 46092. My husband was recently united with his birthmother after almost 26 years. What a wonderful reunion!!! We first began looking for basic information on our own and then I contacted a searcher. We had limited success with the first searcher.
After approximately 5 months, I contacted International Locator www.bighugs.com. They found her within
3 business days. It was absolutely amazing!! The reunion aired on the Dr. Joy Browne show on November 22, 1999. My husband and I can now have children because we know his medical history. I wish all of you the best of luck and I highly recommend International Locator. They were very nice to my husband and I. You all deserve to know your past and your medical history. Knowing this information should be a basic right. My husband will be spending his 26th birthday with his birthmother for the very first time. What a wonderful Christmas present!! :) We have so much to be greatful for this holiday
season. God has truly blessed us.
Christel Lewis

I would like the message removed that I posted no. 30248.   I am pleased to announce that we found my wife's birthparents after 41 years. It was the most happy emotional event that my wife has ever experienced. It was a long 9 year search but well worth it. Thank You Randy and Lisa Castor, 605 W. Main St. Mahomet, Il 61853. P.S. I hope everyone searching has a happy reunion such as my wife's. They deserve it and also deserve the right to know !
Randy and Lisa Castor

Thank you for the news letter we have been trying to locate my husband's father we did find a family member of his although it was not thru The Seeker, thank you for your services. My husband's father called us last night
they had a nice talk.
Brandie Judkins

38114 I think
Yeah!!I found him!
I was searching for a male born 7/31/56 in st Louis mo.
I used a dob list to find him.  If any of your searching people want info they can call me 918-288-6430
or email me.  Also if they are searching in Ark --I can help them there also. --I have  helped a few who were searching in ark. It is a sealed record state, but
I found a way to help them.  I don't do the searches but -tell them how to do it.
To all good luck.
Lynn Stegeman

re: Leroy Colegrove jr. Linda;
Just wanted you to know since I posted in your registry, and you read my letter on radio, I have made contact with my father's family.  My dad died about 4 years ago but I talked to my half brother and MY AUNT, and a lot of  cousins.  I have a half sis.  But as my parents were divorced no one knows about my mom.  Also I have 1-whole bro. that I did not know about.  I am not sure which post they found as I posted at least 100 different ones.  I am in the process of notifing everyone. JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU
Sincerely Roy Krauss

Please delete message #48097.  We have found our friend, Glenda, thanks to The Seeker and Lewis Screening and Research Services.   Within days of
my  posting this ad, I got a phone call and was put in touch with my friend, who I haven't seen in 21 years.   Myself and another friend, spent about 4 hours talking to her by phone on Saturday and plan to get together for the
weekend coming up.  We can't wait to see her, but that voice on the phone the 1st phone call was like magic. Thanks again so much!!

Please remove messages 26838 and 28800 we found my husbands birth mother.  It was not through this site but the information I gathered from related sites led me to a list of Joans born the same day as her. Luckily there were only 15 names. I sent letters to each one and received a letter back from one saying she was his mother. They have been corresponding for a couple of months now, my husband wishes to take it slowly. Thank you so much for posting messages on your web site!
Sue Kessler

Dear Linda and friends,
This is so great! After 15 years of looking for people it took one email directly to you guys and we are all back together!
In the Netherlands we have a similar organisation, called Spoorloos ("without Trace") and the other day I was teaching computer sciences to some people of
their editorial staff. Naturally I told them on your success and showed them your website. They went beserk of enthusiasm. I'am sure they will contact you soonish.
In Holland they have a weekly televison show in which they will try to find people and long lost relatives.
However their objective may also be to find fathers who never saw their children due to war or divorce or different family reasons. The story behind the scene is always good drama for tv.
George Kerstholt

Hello my name is Chantal Gray, I placed an ad with your site and guess what I have found the old friend I was looking for. Unfortunately it was not from placing the
ad, it was the first and only e-mail address I had found on the exact name I had found. If that is not fate I don't know what is. He did visit your site to print out a
copy of the ad I placed looking for him after I told him I placed it. My old friend, Joseph Pomponio, we were very close friends in elementary school in Fort Meade,
Maryland 23 years ago. I had lost touch with him and often wondered what ever came of him. Now I know.

Thank you for being there for me to place the ad it is nice to know there are places that are free to place a ad like this.  Thanks
Chantal Gray

Please remove the add number 7623. I was able to find my birthson thru an intermediary. They are avalable in the state of AZ as long as the child you are searching for is 21. Our first and primary contact is over the internet. I had only talked to him twice by phone before I went to see him for a weekend. The fourteen hour drive was worth it.
With ICQ, I talk to him almost every day. Thank you for letting me post an add on your site.
Yvonne Fadness

I'm happy to report our search is over, after 30+ years. The day before Thanksgiving, our long lost sister Patricia Ann was located. Various efforts over the years had been unsuccessful. We did write to Social Security in hopes of having a letter forwarded, but it appears they may have ignored our appeal. Finally, my sister Mary called Soc Sec to follow up
and I guess got someone who was sympathetic. We were able to get Patricia's married name which has been the stumbling block all along. Unfortunately, our efforts thru 1800USSearch, etc produced a long list of women with 1st name of Patricia and her date of birth, but it turns out she wasn't on that
Jim Hagerty
Virginia Beach, VA

Please remove my ad from The Seeker. I found my old friend! How? At his 20 year class reunion!
Yvonne Kistler

Editor's note:  Now THERE'S a good idea!  Just show up!  Some alumni associations won't tell you where someone is, some will forward messages, but just show up at the reunion, you'll find your ole pals!  Someone HAS to know where they are!

I found my daughter I gave up
I gave a baby up in 1972 and her and I have found one another. I had updated my file through the adoption agency in 1988.  She called the agency in 1972 and found out about me within 45 mins.  I believe in a adopted child having a right to there birth info.   The daughter I gave up for adoption
has an adopted brother and two adopted cousins who are still trying to find their birth moms.
Charles Shipler

I was looking for my birth neice who we hadn't heard from in 21 years. We found her three months ago in Palmdale, CA. I kept requesting a list of persons with her birthdate, and eventually one was listed that was her.
My brother, her father, was reunited with her and they have spent time together. She also has 2 small daughters and he is grandpa. Everything has turned out very good and we are all very happy.
Please remove my message trying to locate Fawn Christy Jean Fagan.
Linda Coats

I was very pleased to find my old friends, Rich & Kathy Cooper. I did it by checking the telephone directories in the last State they were in and calling every one of them until I found the right one!! It was worth it!! We are now keeping in contact...and great friends!
Cheryl Walker

Birth son FOUND!
With a tremendously GRATEFUL heart I can happily request removing my ad # 18822 from you records. It was totally God's will & His time that I was able to locate my son, Jeff. Once he was located, I drafted probably the most difficult letter of my life which he received wonderfully. Jeff & I have had several phone conversations but have yet to actually "reunite" face to
face. We've exchanged pictures and I proudly show him off to everyone.
Just have one more hurdle to jump & that's telling my other two sons & my dad, that I found the baby I relinquished back in 1961. They KNOW about him but NOT that I've found him.
To everyone out there still searching - PLEASE continue to be
persistant - but one word of caution, Go slow!! Try to remember you're dealing with LOTS of emotions/fears/cares & nothing that happens fast is worth it. Trust me, I've been there & have been @ this for many years.
May God continue to anoint the searches & searchers. Thanks again,
Sharon L. Platt (Pollard)

I would like to remove my ad #25414. Thankfully, I found my sister, and will not need to look further. I think your service is a priceless one for people who are looking for someone. Please continue to offer it!!
Best regards,
Thurma Livingston

I found out what happened to my friend, but I can't seem to delete my message #26857 I am sorry to report I found out my friend was killed in an automobile accident, there was not a "happy ending" but there was "closure".
Please delete my message for me.
Thank you.

My name is Penelope Partch, I have been searching for my son for sometime but not to any great length. Three weeks ago, I accidentally found a sight , (although
I had started with The Seeker) called Reunion Registry. Got involved, got discouraged, finally found it again after going to lunch, finally completed all of the information that they required from me and found a date that looked very promising from someone else looking for a birthmom. Thank you
Seekers for setting me on a road that would change my life completely.  By the end of the day I had a message from Big Hugs in Florida, then another call from New York, a week end of total stress waiting for calls, I was given limited information on having a possible "match" this all spiraled into the most tense, most exhilarating event in my entire life, meeting my
son for the first time, a rebirth, an exhale, instant love and recognition.  All of course on national T.V. - not recommended for all people, but I would do it all over again. This all has provided a completion, growth, and tremendous grief and may other emotions to many to name. Thank you, I never
thought that I would hold special recognition for the internet but you were the stepping stone for miracle happening.
God Bless You.
Penelope Partch

I have a couple messages posted on your sight. I've been looking for old tech school roomies and classmates. I have had some good luck and some bad, I have found 3 of my ex-roomies only to have one pass away 3 months later.
They were found thru the search engines people locators, tell people not to give up not all with e-mails are listed. I had to resort to snail mail for  two. I have also found 4 classmates these have been accomplished thru mass email/locator searches and snail mail to the marine corps and a phone
directory search with a phone call. they were assisted by an identifier word the class had used as a motto the word was a shortening of a phrase that had alot of meaning in its time any classmate was sure to recognize it. So for those I still seek "dilligaf" dougfixit. Thanks for your place to list.
Doug Wilson


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