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Sought & Found

We want to hear from you!!
  Please let us know when you find your friend or loved one! Everyone likes to hear about successful endings to other peoples searches. After all, they have been reading your messages daily and have been wondering whatever happened to you! Besides, if you don't tell us, your message will stay with us for a very long time! Unfortunately, most of the time, the only time we hear from you again is when you try to answer someone else's message and the e-mail address is bad!

We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person.  Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others.  If you have a story you want included here, just write to comments@the-seeker.com and tell us HOW you found them.

Here is what some of our viewers have said:

I just want to thank you guys for your service. I just posted my ad 2 days ago and I guy named Steven sent me an email my my friend's phone number. I tried the number and it was her. I found her after almost 9 years. We promised that we are going to keep in touch. Thanks again. Please remove my
message. The number is 58218

I am writing to update my registration I FOUND MY SISTER!!!!
My registration # is 54259
My Story~
I found a Searcher here in Minnesota that knew how to search the Birth Indexes. They are Public Records here. We did that 2 weeks ago. At that time I learned that I had been searching with the wrong date of birth. There were no amended Birth Certificates for the date I had been told by the county of
her birth 4/27/62. There were 3 amended certificates for the month of April.    One of the dates is the original date I had been told by family members. I wrote letters to all 3 women. The day after I mailed the certified letters. I received a phone call from the one I thought was my sister. She didn't have
alot of information to verify that she was my sister. She did have a few things that made us think she was though. I was able to contact my aunt that my mom stayed with after having my sister and she verified the birth date for us.
After I had called and verified with my aunt, I immediately picked up the phone to tell my sister that she was definitely my sister. When she answered the phone I said "Joy, this is your little sister Kim" She dropped the phone.
She is happy to be found, while she has not searched she has thought about it. I need for someone to pinch me because this just doesnt seem real yet!!!
This is better than I could have ever dreamed. We sound alike on the phone.  We are alike in many ways. We live only 14 miles from each other and have never lived more than an hour away from each other. We are planning on meeting soon. We just need to let it sink in a bit. Understandably she has
been found by someone that she didnt know existed. I will be back to your registry as I still have another 1/2 sister and step brother to find. I just want to let this one sink in a bit. Good Luck to all of those searching.  Keep
the faith, It can happen just when you never expect it. Just when you are ready to give up it can happen to you too.
Kim Jackson
Half- Sister
Birth Name~ Annette Marie Impila
DOB~ 4/15/62
Duluth. Mn
Lutheran Social Services

Pepper here. I just want to tell the folks searching in Georgia to keep it up! The state is a hard cookie to crumble BUT the internet is providing massive help in searching this state.
Personally I searched for 14 years before I found my birth son Tommy. I searched via snail mail and email, and I can literally say that email saved my searching soul! It's a tough upward road with many detours but worth more than all the tea in China.
Keep the Faith.

You may not believe this, I hardly believe it myself, but within hours of placing my notice I received a call from a former classmate with the phone number and address of the person I was seeking. I talked with him that evening.
I wish I had found your web site long ago when I started my search.
You may remove my posting and thank you for all your help, I will definitely recommend this site to everyone!

Simone,  Thank You so much for your help.
I haven't talked to my friend Marie in years and called her immediately.
Please mark this as another one of your victories!
You may delete all of numbers 56770, 56777, and 56772.
Leshelle Baxter

Simone, Good News. She called me last night. That first one you gave me was her.  I haven't called her back yet as I got the message way too late but I will call her tonight and I'll let you know how it goes. She sounded very happy
to hear from me.
Thanks so much for your help.

My name is Andrew (baby boy Charles at birth). I have lived for 31 years knowing part of me was missing. I have tried to fill that void with every and anything I could find. Two and a half years ago I lost all hope of filling that void. Thank you to Kimberly (my wife) for not allowing my
dreams to die. The last two years of my life have been complete and utter hell. Yet, while I was destroying my life with drugs and alcohol, my wife continued after my dreams.
On March 22nd, 2000, my sister Laurie was searching adoption registries and came across the posting in The Seeker.
Within 24 hours, I had met my birth mother and sister, and that feeling of being lost had left. I was whole. I have met two of the most beautiful and important women in my life. I have yet to meet my brother but look forward
to are meeting.
I would like to give a very special thanks (with a big hug and kiss) to my wife, Kimberly, for never quitting on something so important to me. Also, I would like to give another special thanks ( with a hug and a kiss) to my
sister, Laurie, for searching and finding me.
Thank you The Seeker,
Lost but found, Baby Boy Charles.

Dear Simone, Thank you for the names. You won't believe it but Travis is my uncle. I called and talked to his wife this morning, and gave her the information I was
looking for and she said she would have to have him
call me back....he did and he is 4 yrs younger than my
bmom. We talked for a long time and he and his family
wants to meet me and my family. He said he doesn't
think her (bmom) husband knows about me and not sure
if her kids do, his wife said she thought the kids  knew, so we will take it from here. They don't live that far away, so I am excited for now.
I just wanted to say thank you so much.
Kahne Lindsey

Daughter's Father found!!!
I can offer nothing but the very highest praise to the very, very, wonderful people at the-seeker.com. I posted an ad looking for any leads or information about my daughter's father on this website. My daughter and her father had NEVER seen each other. After almost 13 years and watching my daughter grow more into her father's likeness, I felt compelled to tell her about him and find him to try and introduce them and hopefully become part of each other's lives.
After posting the ad, I was contacted with an address for someone by the same name in Maine. I decided no way could it be the man I was looking for and dismissed it as same name, wrong person. A few weeks later, I was sent an email by someone at this site about a newsletter. She mentioned that she was in a hurry writing this, because she had been contacted by the Jenny Jones Show to see if there was someone on the site who would fit a show's description they were taping. The show was about
reuniting family members who had not seen each other in a long time. I emailed her back that I had a story that might fit because my daughter who was 12 going on 13 and her father had never seen each other. She asked again for his name. I gave again and a short while later, I had a name and address for him!!! I was then put in contact with a producer from the Jenny Jones Show and exactly 1 week later, my daughter was on the stage meeting her father for the very first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only had the-seeker.com helped me find him, but because of them we were flown to Chicago to do the show where they met. She has met her other sisters and brother (fraternal) and they stay in contact with each other every few days. They have bonded!!! We all met in Chicago and thanks to the-seeker.com, we have found new family/friends through this wonderful website and the years past haven't mattered, just the excitement of the days to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you did to make a dream come true in a big way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hooked on this website and I am now referring my friends to this website as well. Thanks again!!

I have searched for my father for 34 years. I have tried contacting utility companies, phone book searches, e-mail searches, alumni boards, about everything I could think of until I received my computer from my mother for Christmas. Since I got it I was on the internet every, all night long. I searched every sight I could find. I would think up names and enter them just to see if there was such a sight.
Sometimes there was. In February I heard of a sight on a television commercial. It was for yourfamily.com. I was sitting here and thought about it so I entered it. You would not believe my astonishment to find that my father was looking for me also. He had a friend post a message because he doesn't have a computer. They posted the message two days before I visited the sight. I e-mailed
the address listed. I received a reply that my father was an OTR truck driver and wasn't scheduled to be
back until the next day. I learned that he was ok and he had been searching for us for over 20 years!  He returned home early. I was talking to my father that same day.
Being a truck driver, he was able to find a load to deliver close to my home. I talked to him an February 20, 2000 and got to hug him on March 3, 2000. It was the most wonderful feeling!
My father had no idea that we (my brother and I) were adopted. My mother had taken us when we were small. He was the custodial parent. She got a court order from another state. She had her name legally changed. My stepfather adopted us. When he passed away she remarried and we were told to use his last name. By using his last name we forfeited any trail that we may have left. There are a lot of scenarios that people are forced to be a part of.
I always knew who my father was. I guess that was what got me through a lot of rough times through my childhood. I always knew he would come to save me. He never wanted to lose us. When we found each other it was an instant success. He never wanted to lose me and I never wanted to lose him.  Neither of us could be happier. We have a lot of catching up to do and we do a little of that over the phone everyday.
I have two half-sisters out there somewhere and I'll keep at it because I have a new quest. Family is the nearest and dearest thing that any of us can have and I want to wish everyone well in their searches.
BELIEVE in MIRACLES, they do exist and I'm living proof.
Good luck and Bless You All,
Tracy Lee "Morgan"

I found our dear friend! Or rather, she found me!
She started looking a little further afield from where we
had both lived, found a Realtor who was selling some
property for us, and connected!
Thank you for all your efforts, and space to look.
The person I was seeking was Janet Warren. So you can remove my message now.
Thanks again,
Rhoda McElree

Here are the details of my story. My daughter that I had to give up for adoption 29yrs ago found me the first week she got a computer. I had  put my data on your site about 2yrs ago when I got my first computer. I  figured if she would ever search then she would know I was looking. Well on  Feb 25th I get and email from this girl. Now I check my email around 6:15  every morning and then again later in the day. Well you can guess I was
surprised when she said her info matched mine and she thought I might be her mom. So at that we started to exchange emails and info that was common
to  both of us. A week ago to day on March 1st at about 11:30 in the morning we finally knew we had found each other. Since that time we have been emailing  and exchanging other info and we will probably meet in June when I go home to  PA to see my parents. She lives in PA also but as yet I do not know where.
We decided to take this thing slow and go at her pace. I do ask her questions  and she does answer but I dont want to seem pushy.
I am just glad to know that she is alright and had a good family life and is   healthy. That is all I ever wanted. She is the one who said she wanted a relationship. I never had any other children and so she is my mothers only
grandchild. My parents are happy I found her but still a little say confused and maybe in shock. My dad especially since he is the one who made all the arrangements for this adoption. They want to meet my daughter too. So I think that may just happen.
She said her father was having a tough time of it but I told her to tell him he will always be her dad and her mom her mom. I would just like to be good friends and stay in touch.  This is about all I can tell you for now. As it progresses I can add more.
Take Care, God Bless

I just wanted to write and say I have been found by my birth daughter.  Last Friday the 25th of Feb I got an email from a girl who said her birth date matched the one I had posted. She then said to email her back. Well it was
all weekend before I heard again from her. I thought she might have changed her mind. Well on Monday she emailed me and said she just got her computer
and did not yet understand it completely. So we started by asking each other questions and giving medical info to see if we had a match. Then we started on the details of the adoption. Well today I finally had to phone my father
to get some more info from him. He handled all the arrangements and he knew more than I. Well I mentioned the name of the lawyer and the pastor and he said they were the people that were involved. At this I knew then that Stephanie was my daughter. I email her right away and gave her the news.
We are going to go slow and email one another at first till we really get to know one another.
And thru this all I have God to Thank because I put this in his hands last year and said that if he wanted me to find her it would have to be thru him.  He answered my prayer and now I am praising his name every day all day long.
Thank you for listening to me and thank you for your list.
God bless all those searching

I started searching in "Generally Seeking" for Helga's brother Ronald Venhorst and found 2 addresses with his
name. So I wrote telling that I was searching for Helga and if she could be his sister. And yes I was lucky: I
received an e-mail from Ronald, telling me that Helga is his sister. He remembered me and Helga is very much
looking forward to receive a letter from me. After almost 40 years. Isn't that great!
Thanks to you all.
Agnes van den Heuvel-Wolf/ The Netherlands

Please remove my message #30254 mrogers@hotmail.com. This is a portion of the email that I received on Jan. 8, 199

"Dear Marilyn,
This might be the strangest message you ever get, so you might want to sit down. I was recently staying at my
parents home and playing on a new computer that my mom had just received. I usually do not have that much
interest in computers, but for some reason I decided to play on the internet. I am adopted and have known my
whole life. Occasionally I get a little curious about it and for some reason I typed "adoption" under the search
engine. Somehow, amidst all the thousands of choices and directions the internet could have taken me I ended
up on World Wide Registry. I typed in my birthdate and the place of my birth and was suddenly reading
messages sent by you. I was only on the computer for five to ten minutes.  It is amazing to be reading information
on the internet and realize that it is very, very likely that the information is about you. "

I had been posting everywhere for two years. My birth daughter and I write and talk on the phone. No physical
reunion yet, but it will happen when she is ready. So everyone who is searching, KEEP THE FAITH!
Marilyn Rogers

Please remove ads 20652 and 23203. I have found Vicki Cline which was posted in both ads.   She seen the ad and contacted me.  Thank you,
Tammy Cline

Please remove ad #51997. I am an adoptive mom who has been looking for my son's birth mom. Last week, with
the help of my Search Angel, Jennie from Tulsa, OK, we found her. I did a first name lookup in OK, then Jennie
did a birth date lookup to find appropriate ages group and that narrowed my 50 names to 12 names. I found
ONLY 5 telephone numbers for those 12 and decided to start calling. The 3rd call was my son's birth mom!
She was so excited to hear from me. She said she'd been waiting for my call for 29 years! (and I was afraid she
might reject him).....NO! We are meeting in April. She can finally meet our son and our grandchildren.

My name is Joe and I placed a message on your site some time ago. I called in on a Saturday looking for an old flame, Pamela Kelley and thought you girls were just great. I have a sad ending to my search as God would have it, Pam has passed away in 1993 from a brain tumor. I found her smallest brother by some weird chain of events and have since then talked to her whole family including her daughter on the phone. To keep things short Pam's daughter who is now 25 told me that she talked about me a lot through the years and she was sure that she still loved me, although I wish she were here it has settled a 30 year question just knowing that she never forgot me. God bless you for your efforts and all the help. please remove my add.
Joe McNeil

I was looking for old friends from Alaska when my dad was stationed at Elmendorf AFB.('63-'64) during the earthquake. I am a member of  "Overseasbrats" and Military Brats and after registering, received an
email from a friend that is still living there! We have been writing back and forth helping each other find common friends. Thanks for these other sites. am anxious to check them all out! Sincerely,
Jenny (Forman) Lester

Last week when I was here in the library I found out that my father's obituary was in the Washington Post and that my father's wife Agnes was deceased in 97. I made a few phone calls and found out that the only area library that carried the Post on microfishe was the State Library in Harrisburg. My husband stopped and retrieved a copy of it this past Monday. I in turn called directory assistance
and got my 2 half sister's phone numbers.  I called my eldest sister Monday evening. The conversation went
great. She and my other half sister suspected I existed. Anyway she has suggested that we get together in the near future. My eldest sister's name is Joannie -she's 53 yrs old and has a daughter, Susan who is 2 months younger than me. Joannie designs the web-site for A.A.R.P. and also coordinates the volunteers for the U.S. On Wednesday, I spoke to Linda, my other sister. She is 49 years old and also has a daughter, named Dawn, who is almost 35 yrs. old.
It's weird having nieces my age...Linda does psychological evaluations for the District Attorney's office in Del. Neat jobs, eh? Our conversation lasted for 1 hour and 45 min. When Joannie gets back from her business trip in CA, we'll set up a meeting. This is hard on the nerves!
I just wanted to let you know that I have had success finally. Again, thanks for all of you help and direction.
Marla Steele

After posting all over the place and obtaining my non id from Cath. Charities, I was able to piece together the fact that I had a half brother who shared my same birth name of Krautkramer. (My aparents caught a peek of my folder at CC so I have always known my birth name.) So I started searching for a male Krautkramer born 1957, and low and behold I found one (him) not more than 20 minutes away from my hometown. He was not adopted out, but had lost contact with his (our) mother. But through him and many phone calls, I located her and my bfather and 8 more half siblings. It has been quite a
couple of months! Even flew to TX to meet my bmom and her son. So all is well but I need to find one more half sister. She was adopted out too. Her DOB is 1/22/60 and she was born in Wisconsin. Her birth name was Tammie Luann Krautkramer. Anyone out there know her!!??
Lisa Bennett
D.O.T.S.« Director
Winneconne, WI

You're not going to believe it! But, after 6 months of trying to find the Morrow family, I did! Have already talked to them and are setting up a meeting for this week-end! It is so wonderful! We haven't seen each
other for 30 years, I'm sooooooo excited! Thanks again for your consideration and friendship!

Thank you for your message, but luck has shone its face upon us! Soon after I posted a message on your board, the object of my search (my long lost friend) bought a house! At last! A public record that just POPPED up!
Her family and friends are thrilled to know she's alive and well (well enough to buy a house!). Getting her to respond to our messages is another thing, but at least we know she's well. Thanks for your support!
Carole Moran Krus


Re: message number 50135. Thanks to you, I have found the person I was seeking.
Jean Bubley

YES!!! IT's a MATCH! I have talked to both adoptee and
b.mom and they are so thrilled!!! Thank you,
Anne H. Johnson

Please remove ad # 33988, I am pleased to say that my half brother has contacted me. I do not know how, but he has. I am so happy to have found him. Thank you for letting me post my ad on your site.
Debora Rathmann

Please kindly remove posting # 51677. The lady I searched for, was found with help from Simone Keevert, in the Social Security Death Index (unfortunately). I had hard time breaking the news to the deceased's sister. I guess, however, it is better for her to know what happened, than not to know. Thank you very much for your help by posting my message.
Margaret J. Stringer

GUESS WHAT?????? David called me Saturday morning. He wanted to know all about my grandpa and the rest of us. He told me all about him and said he would send some pictures. I guess I need to send him some, too. He was O.K. with everything and wants to have a relationship with all of us. He even wants to fly out here and meet everybody. We are all really happy.  It's
hard to believe after all these years that we actually found him! Thanks for all your help and I will keep you updated! Thanks Again,
Kelly Beyer

You may remove my posting (#43829); I am pleased to report that I have found my old classmate and have even had a chance to meet up with her again! "
I visited the "Classmates.com" site and found that she had registered there before me. The rest was a piece of cake, as I was able to contact her through that site.
Thank you for your help in directing me towards the helpful web sites!
Jennifer (Lay) Wildman 



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