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Sought & Found

We want to hear from you!!
  We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person.  Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others.  If you have a story you want included here, just write to and tell us HOW you found them.

Here is what some of our viewers have said:

I have sought and found my full-sister (ad #19751) and wanted you to know.
Her name is Wrenette Patterson, and we were reunited on April 19, 1998, in Tulsa, Ok. I had my adoption files unsealed in the state of Oklahoma, and was sent
a copy of my original birth certificate. After checking the Social Security Death Index, and finding my biological fathers date of death, I located the correct form, from Oklahoma, and asked the state to send me a copy of my
biological father's death certificate. I received it several weeks later, and found the name of my half-brother, Bill Willingham, on the death certificate and his address. I called information, found his local telephone number in
Moore, Ok., and called him. He was shocked to say the least. He had been in contact with my full-sister and could tell me her current name and last known address. Since I already had her birthdate, I contacted the Praise Broadcast Network, on the internet, and Claudia Rutherford and her husband, sent me a letter a few weeks later with her most current address and her social security number. I found a friend in Oklahoma who was able to search for a known address and find her home telephone number. She had just recently moved, but had left her forwarding telephone number on a recording. I called the new number, and surprised my only full-sibling, after all these years. We had been separated for 45 years, and had a wonderful reunion for 10 glorious days in
Oklahoma. I was able to have my adoption records unsealed, in the state of Oklahoma, because I needed to prove my Native Indian heritage, for a possible
job, here in Anchorage, Alaska. Those who can prove Indian heritage are put at the top priority for jobs at the Alaska Native Medical Center. That's why I started the search to have my records unsealed to begin with. The Dept. of Human Services, in the state of Oklahoma, had issued me papers that gave my biological parents native origin. That's how I knew about the Indian heritage.
Just wanted you to hear another success story, and this definitely was a complete success! You can remove my ad from your files. Thank you very much!!
Shirley Cross

Please remove my ad from The Seeker, I did find my friend, but not thru your page, I think this is a wonderful place to try to find people and will visit often to see if anyone is looking for me.
Thank you, Alicia

Please remove. I found my friend on Outlook Express using a search for her name and found her email account.
Kim & Mike Baker

Re ad 10678 I have found Joy, though not through the internet. I finally found a friend of hers who led me to her. So you can delete this ad. Thanks

I found the family of Richard Stonehill who is now deceased.  You may remove message no. 14222.  Thank you.
Robert F. Thomas

I found my friend's sister. Since I knew the A-parents names, I went to a site on the web that searches public records (KnownX... free searches at off-peak hours) and I found both names that owned property in NY. It actually said the city name so, I looked it up the the phone directory, and Bingo!!!
My friend called and the A-Mom answered, she had been waiting for a call like this for 38 yrs. My friend's sister is alive and well and she will call him
sometime after July 4th, according to the A-mom. Life is Goood!!!

Hi can remove my ads: Nubmer 13147 and 21002. I didn't have any response to either, but that's OK. I actually answered some who were looking for military folks that I knew. Keep up the great work.
Christine Handing Srock

Hi, I was responding to your message. I found 2 out of 4 of the people I was looking for, I will go ahead and write a new message for those I did not ad number is 14596, So that one can be erased, I
contacted Maria..Thanks a bunch!!!
Esperanza Lucero

I was Add #14333, And I am happy to say you can remove it from your list.
I have found my Brother Kenneth, and in fact I found another Brother, Glenn and a wonderful Stepmother, all which I never knew I had, until Memorial Day of
1996. Unfortunately I also found out that I was just 5 months to late to re-meet my Father, he died Dec. 31 of 1997. I visited your site so many times over the
past year. It was always my starting point. From here I would go to so many other places until finally I found the right place. It was the Social Security Death
Index, and from there it lead me to my long lost family. I found them on Memorial Day of 1998, one year to the day that I started my search. Now my one
big wish is to meet them all in person, and maybe someday this wish will also come true.
Thank you so much for having a place like this, and giving so much encouragement to all of us that are trying to find someone that means so much to
us. And to all of you who are searching, "Don't give up, keep going, and maybe someday you will all be successful also".
Sincerely, Kathy Lang (Williams)

Unfortunately, our search for our lost friend ended sadly.
Using the people search on the world wide web we found an address for our friend. We wrote and actually were writing the parents and found to our extreme disappointment and sadness that our friend had recently died of leukemia. More unfortunately, we had sat with this address for several months and didn't do anything about it. If we had we could have
connected with him prior to his death. A good lesson for everyone here--don't delay! We will now hold this regret for our lifetime. Thank you for the service however--very refreshing to go online and still find a true service oriented person--one who is willing to share without charging.....Thanks again.
Harvey Robideau

I received an email from you reguarding your site cleaning. I think my number is DB12. You said to include that. I wrote that I was seeking my
older brother who was given up for adotion sometime in the late 1960's. It was somewhere in New Jersey and his birth name was William Wintermute.
Well, I have found him!!!!!!! I was able to find out which adoption agency was used by calling them one at a time and I also had my mom's death certificate. SO that really helped. We haven't met yet, but are working on it. I contacted Maria about all of this and she is gonna get back in touch with me sometime next week. Thank you for the info on that show.
Sheri Christie

I was reunited with my daughter when I received a phone call from the dysfunct county adoption agency her case had been handled by. It turns out
we had both turned in an affidavit that we wanted to be found 3 years before they ever called us.
Please remove my message.

Please remove my ad #4884. After 5 years of searching I have been able to locate my maternal grandmother, Marion Armitage. An ad in the Lutun, England newspaper brought a response from an "one time" neighbor of Marion's. Her aging memory was able to help me locate Marion's nephew. Now onto other lost genealogy blanks.
Thanks Diana Compton

Just a note to let you know I have found my bson david Adam now David Matthew.  It has been two weeks now! We have a wonderful telephone reunion. We have spoken a couple of times on the phone and send lots of e-mail. My wishes were  granted in that he was placed in a Jewish faith home in a very loving and
nurturing family. He grew up In Ma and now reside in Fl. Probate court out of Portland, Me located his adopted parents who now reside in Fl and located
David who now lives in Jacksonville. David has spoken with his bio brother Stephen who is two years younger. We are all in 7th heaven. Hope to get together soon. Lots of stories to exchange. I'm hoping to meet the
adoptive parents someday to thank them. My plan is not to take over being his mother but to be and added addition to his life.
Thanks for all the support.....I searched everywhere online with many posts...even forgot where all the posts are...So please everyone searching don't give up. My search was short compared to some. I started in May 97 found May 98!!!!
Keep the faith all!!!
Carol Snyder Mansur

I am writing to tell you that I have found my missing relatives, and my message at The Seeker can be removed.
I was seeking for my grandaunt Gollaug Schwab and her son Arthur Schwab, Ad. Number 3604.
Last fall I found Arthur's son and daughter, who are living in Pompano Beach, FL.
I didn't find them through The Seeker. I contacted the Broward County Court House, and they found Arthur's will. Then I got a copy of the will and it
told me the names of his children.
I found the son, Steven A. Schwab's e-mail address at Internet, and in this way we got in contact. And it was great, because our families have not had
any contact since 1965, and I had been seeking for them for a couple of years.
I am living in Norway, and Gollaug Schwab emmigrated from Norway to the US
in 1904.
Kind Regards
Håvard Ler

My child has been found! Kelley Marie, DOB 3/17/63, Yonkers, NY is Robin...and as wonderful as I knew she would be. Through a series of very strange events and interventions we reconnected last Tuesday 6/2 by e-mail.  It's been a roller coaster ride this week but we are doing fine!
Thanks for listing my information. Please mark it FOUND.
Warm regards,
Mary M.

Thank you for your help and interest. I have now been reunited with my son Rodney Tolbert-Wise and thought my story might interest you.
In Feb. 1965, I was forced to give up to private adoption my 4th child Rodney Tolbert-Wise in Charleston, SC, because of severe financial reasons. I was a single parent with 3 other children, working for minimum wage with no money for another child's needs. On March 9, 1998, after 33 years of separation, I got a phone call from him. Needless to say we were both very nervous and we talked about 1-1/2 hrs. and I found out that Rodney had been adopted at birth in SC by elderly parents who are now deceased and he was an only child. He experienced a rather rocky parental relationship and left home as a teenager. Rodney continued to search for me through various adoption agencies and a private service in SC. I had also tried to find through some Internet adoption services and newsgroups. Rodney has finally found me, we have had a DNA test done to confirm our relationship, but none of us in the family have the funds for a long trip from SC to UT. We would dearly love to meet face to face on some tv show or otherwise. Rodney has a ready-made family that would also love to meet him. Our entire family is on the Internet and we chat weekly (sometimes daily) via email and ICQ but we have never met.
The large family members who already love and want to meet Rodney are scattered all over the U.S. We all pray that someone out there has the ability to bring us all together somehow. For this we would be eternally grateful.
P.S. Rodney has no interest at this time to pursue the identify of his father.
Rodney's family:
(me) Jane Tolbert Kinzle - mother - Grantsville, UT
Todd W. Kinzle - step-father - Grantsville, UT
Martin L. Tolmich - brother - Kent, WA (unmarried)
Terri M. Tolmich Hulett - sister (twin) - Salem, OH (3 children: Amanda, Spencer and Amie Rae)
Phillip Hulett - brother-in-law - Salem, OH
Sherri M. Tolmich Vanbrocklin sister (twin) - Brighton, MI
Heidi Vandemoere - niece (dau. of Sherri) - Brighton, MI
Heather Vandemore - niece (dau. of Sherri) - Brighton, MI
James J. Tolbert - grandfather (nursing home) Lansdale, PA
Linda G. Tolbert - aunt (group home) - Lansdale, PA
James J. Tolbert, Jr. - uncle - Staunton, VA
Dianne Marsh Tolbert - aunt - Staunton, VA
And our helper that united us: Betsy (last name omitted), Charleston, SC
Thank you for your help.
Jane Tolbert Kinzle - mother of Rodney, a reunited mom

Please remove my message #9401 from your site. The names on the message   were James E. Hurliman and Gina Lee Hurliman. I found my father using
telephone books on the net and called all the Hurlimans in the country  until I found a distant relative of my father. Thank you for the
opportunity to locate my family.
Gina Lee Hurliman-Thompson

Thank you we have been reunited. You have a wonderful service. We found one another in a totally different route but do keep up your wonderful work.
Be well,

I have been reunited with the birthson I was seeking. The Ad number is 13069. What a joy this has been for me for I also have a daughter-in-law and grandson in this lovely package. For your wonderful service, I am eternally grateful.
Dorothy J. Berry

Please cancel my ad #13104. I found my dad's friend Max Shields thru 411 much to my surprise (and theirs).
These 2 guys were the best of friends, lost track of each other in 1947, and 50 years later they're picking up on old acquaintance via phone & mail.
One lives in CA, one in FL, so I don't know if they'll actually meet any time soon, but they're both pretty happy anyway. We also discovered that 10
years ago Max vacationed in Rye Beach NH, 20 miles from where my dad was living at the time.
Thank you for the ad,
Mike White

I just wanted to tell my story of how I found my sister after searching 11 years.
My sister never knew about me.  She only knew she had been adopted when she was born.   When I was in my early teens, my mom told me I had a sister. I Asked what happened.   I longed to bond with and do "sister" things. I envied anyone who had a sister.
After she had told me that, I would cry myself to sleep wondering where my sister was and what she was like.
I started asking questions and making phone calls that lead to disappointments I kept that up until last November (1997) then I decided I had to find her to fill a void in my heart.  I just had to let her know I was here.
So, I was sitting @ my desk @ work one night and I thought I would just check with the Milwaukee, phone book and look under anything that had to deal with the name of the place my sister was born at as it is no longer there.
I talked with a manager of a nursing home who knew where the birth records went to after that place was no longer.
She gave me the name of the lady who is in charge of those records.
I then called this lady.  She said yest to having those records and I told her my sister's birth name and my mother's maiden name @ that time.  She checked and said yes, she had the record right ther!  I was almost in tears!  She, of course, could not give me any info.
She said my mom and I had to write up a letter saying who we were and why we were doing the search and have it notarized.  Well we sure did.  After that, I called her to see if she got the letters and she did.  She then gave me the info I needed!   I was hysterical.  All I gave her was my sisters birth name and my mom's maiden name.
She had to give me my sister's date of birth, and time of birth.  Come to find out the tiem of birth is very important!  I then had a friend of mine drive me to the county courthouse in the County my sister was born in.  I had to make an appointment for the visit.  I got to look in these big books and I looked under every girl born w/this birthday and year of birth.  I wrote all the names down because then the workers there will pull 10 files down for you to view.  Well, I have to say, when I wrote down my sister's name, I had a weird feeling in my stomach that that name would be the one. So I picked 10 names that I wanted them to pull the files of.  Sure enough, my sister's was right on top!!   We looked @ the time of birth which matchd!!  I was crying!  I never was happier.
I then went back and emailed a lady who does searching like this and she found my sister's address!  I then called the directory operator and she gave me her phone #!!
I called and got my sister's answering machine.  I was still crying my eyes out!   Tohear her voice on there gave me such as feeling in my stomach!
I left a brief message not to scare her but suggested she call me back ASAP.
Well she called about a half hour later.  I then explained through my blubbering and tears that I was her birth sister!  Her response was surprised, of course!  No real emotion because she was in shock, I am sure!  I explained a few things then asked if we could meet. She willingly said how about if she came that weeked.  I said Yes!  Well to further the story to that time she got here she got her fine.  She called me from downtown to meet me since she wasn't sure of where my house was.  I went to meet her @ an ice cream parlor.  When I got there, I walked in slowly and waited for her to turn around. She did and I thought I was looking in a mirror!!  She looked just like me!!  We both cried.  Myself more.  She tried to hold back and did so all day.  Not too much emotion at all.
Well we visited all day, I showed her pictures of the family and talked.  she went home that night.  I didn't want her to leave.  Well about a week later, I received a letter from her w/pictures.  That was so great!  She said in the letter that I could give family members her address and pictures and she promised to write back.  Well you know, that was the only  and last communication I had with her!
(Editor's Note: Part snipped)
Anyway, that is my story.  I found my sister, but now to try to communicate w/her if she will respond to us.

We have located my husband's birth mother and have just had a family reunion with her sisters and brother and their families on 5/31/98.
It came about after we received a copy of Ken's original birth certificate andthen requested information from the adoption agency that was in charge of the case.  Once we had a name or two we were able to get in touch with his birth mother
through her brother.  It was a big surprise to them all because Momma promised her mother she would never tell anyone about this. But it did come out and it was indeed a happy reunion.
Thank you for contacting me. If you need any more info, please let me know and I'll put it together for you.
Judy Spurlock

Thanks After 53 years I located my first Love and went to see her 3000 miles away Wondeerfull Thanks for the help of good on line help (Carey ) New
address Bye

Found through the V.A. fowarding service. Please remove ad 16226.
Thank You!!

Hi, glad you liked my reunion story, hope it was an inspiration to you and others! I am from Peterborough, Ontario Canada. I called the adoption centre where my adopted parents "got" me. It is called the
Kawartha Childrens Aid. I talked to a lady there and told her that I was looking for my birth family and she gave me a form to fill out where I filled in my given name, birthplace and city/country and I sent it back to
them. Two weeks later they sent me a letter along with my adoption order (which is the paperwork that my parents filled out when they got me) on it,
it had their names, my given name and my date of birth and birthplace. That is all I needed was my last name! I then went on the internet and went to a
sight called Canadian Adoptees Looking for Birth Families. (among other registries too!) On that sight I filled in all my info.- date of birth,
place, name etc. and hit SEND! A couple weeks later I scrolled down the list of Birthdates on this particular sight and found my birthday...I was then on a world wide registy, that anyone could see. Turns out that someone who knew me and my family and my birth mom recognized the last name and birthdate and they then called my birth mom and told her thet found her
daughter! They then called me and asked if I wanted my mom to call me.
The rest is history! If you would like some samples of my paperwork I would be more than pleased to send you copies for other people who are looking
through the mail. It would be my pleasure. Most people don't decide to search until it is too late in life and they find their families have passed
on. This is very sad.
I forgot to tell you that the adoption agency in Peterborough faxed me some sheets that had ALL of the information about relatives and health etc.
Sometimes if you apply for non-identifying medical information, they will send you other little tidbits. I do know that it is very difficult to find anyone before the year 1965, as a lot of the files were destroyed or lost.
p.s. when I filled out the form at the adoption agency, they sent me a letter saying that "after your application has been researched and entered
on the computer system, you will be notified only if there is a matching registration.
It is sooooo easy if the birthparent is also registered. They can find you in a day!
Here are the sights I used, maybe they can be of some assistance to you...
also.. I keyed in Canadian Adoptees and hit send. Tons of sights! Just key in American Adoptees, as I found there to be much more than Canadian.
Krista Moore

I placed ad #17278 in the Seeker. I just found my brother two weeks ago. Sadly, for me he had already passed away in Feb. 1989. I was able to locate him after I sent for his mother's death certificate. On the certificate was the name of the person giving the info with an address. I used the internet white pages to find a phone # and matched the phone # with the address. This person turned out to be my brothers wife. We have since shared a lot of family history and also pictures. Even though I never met him, I feel as if I know him through my new sister-in-law.  Thank you for letting me post to this site.


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