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Sought & Found

We want to hear from you!!
  We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person.  Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others.  If you have a story you want included here, just write to and tell us HOW you found them.

Here is what some of our viewers have said:

Just want to let you know my reunion with my sister is going to be taped August 27th by Maria. I received your e-mail about the Learning Channel
and since I just found my sister June 7th, we thought we would give her a try.
I did tell Maria The Seeker supplied the info. on the show. Thank you so much for that info. and what you are doing to reunite adoptees and birth families
Wish us luck!
Mary Stegmann

Thank you Thank you Thank you
Just last week I asked you to help me find an old friend from college.  You emailed me back with possible relatives in her area, and the very first one I called turned out to be her sister! She gave me her number, and after a long phone call to her, I am in the process of writing her a 10 page letter to catch up!
I have been trying for over a year to locate her, and most "people finder" sites are extrememly limited, or extremely expensive! You were both informative and free, and for this I thank you. Because of your service, I have one of my best friends back in my life!
Tracy Federico

Please remove my message from your site (message # 26187).   Miraculously I have found my birth parents and we have been  communicating regularly over email. We have yet to meet, but we are  all excited about the eventual possibility. I couldn't have asked  for a better "reunion". Thanks for providing such a free service on  you site. Even though it is not how we found each other, it is a  great service for those who are seeking.
Thank you,
Tracy Kreider

The ad that I placed seeking the pilot who crashed in France can be deleted. We have found our man! Msieu Chaumont of France asked a lot of questions in the area of the plane crash and came up with the lad {50+yrs. ago} who remembered a lot of facts about the crash. The pilot had shot down
3 German fighters, but another German shot up his plane and he had to parachute out of it! When he landed, the French Partisans hid him from the Germans, then smuggled him to England on a small fishing boat. The French historical archives had all the information that we needed, including the
name of the pilot. Mr. Chaumont looked up his name in the white pages on the web crawler site, got 3 phone numbers, 2 in California, and 1 in Mass.
The second one that he called in Calif. turned out to be the right one! He has agreed to go to France in the near future to meet the townsfolk! Being 82 yrs. of age, he said he'd better go as soon as possible.  Even tho we didn't find the pilot thru your services, it's good to know that other folks have been found thru your facility. Thank you very much
for the use of it. Yours: Jim Hammitt

Hi-Just wanted to let you know my birth daughter is found- add# 20914.   I put an add in the local newspaper in Grants Pass Or , which is the largest town in the county where the adoption was finalized, and a classmate of hers saw it and recognized the details as being Lisa's. She called her, told her that her mother was looking for her and then Lisa
called me. She lives only 17 miles from me AND her birth father. She has since talked to her birth father on the telephone. We have met, she has met her half brother and sister. She has two daughters of her own.
Wonderful reunion. Gay at

I have been in contact with my missing brother, with the help of a very kind lady who operates her own seach service right here in Wisconsin. It is called ( I-Care) and she has her own Web Page too. I will say though, I am greatful for the listing. People like you and the people at I-Care are angels in diguise. Adoptees need all the help they can get once they start looking, especially in states like Wisconsin...
Oh, by the way, I found my brother in Ft Lauderdale... Keep up the good work, OK ? So long, zman (Bob Lovrek )

Please delete our name. Not only did we find Chuck's birthmom in March, she left today after staying with us one week. Thank you

I found my brother! After searching on a few hundred web sites we received a call from the state of Kansas adoption search department. We know very little at this point, he is well and wants contact. Thank you for providing such
a valuable, and user friendly service to those of us in need,

I am contacting you to let you know that I have found and met my birthmother!  I succeded in doing this through my baptismal certificate wich was denied to me through the welfare dept. who handled my case.  They told me where my foster parents lived, and I knew that they had me baptised, so I contacted every Catholic church in that area till I found the one that I was baptized in!  On the certificate was my birthmothers name, with that I proceeded to call all the people with the last name until I found her brother and he contacted his
sister who contacted me the next day!!!
I have not yet decided to find my birthfather but will definitly use your site for this
when I decide to find him!!!
My ad # is24468.
Keep up the good work!!!You are doing a great job!!!!

I set out in October of '97 to search for my Natural Father. On July 14, 1998 I was successful in locating him!! It turns out he lives only 2 hours away from me. We have met one another, and both are very happy to be a part of one another's lives. I am a member of parent finders in Oshawa, and would like to thank them for all of their support and guidance throughout my search, and their "gentle push" to encourage me to make the contact call. Without their help, I don't know how far along
I'd be today. Thank you so much!!!!!
Yours sincerely,

Hi! I put a message up looking for my old friend Vanessa Fuchs. We lost touch when we went to eighth grade and it's now been 10 years. Nobody responded to my message, but I finally found an old picture of her. It said the name of the junior high she went to on the back. So I looked that up on the web and searched the different high schools she might have gone
to. Luckily, her high school had an alumni page and I found her name.  I clicked on her name and it gave me an e-mail address. So I wrote hoping she was still there. She was! I was so happy and she was so surprised that I found her. We are now communicating through e-mail and catching up on the last 10 years. I hope this will let people know not to give up on finding an old friend or relative. Thanks for having this site even though I found my friend another way.
Cathy Hutto

Guess What !! We found Our Birth Family!!! and This is how...
Starting in March of 1998 we began posting messages on all the boards that we could find.. Started emailing everyone that we could find.. and even called everyone that we could call...
Then I get this email from a Woman out in Washington.. who gave me more ways of doing the search here... on the web... and then we lost contact... Well I found a mailing list for Adoptees and Birth Mom's and I started responding to that and posting on there ... Well again .. I get this email from This Woman
in Washington..... About a week after the first email.. I made a few phone calls and got ahold of some of the letters in the last name so I started asking for people to read the 1964 1965 phone books in Washington...  One person went to the local library ... and found nothing !! Thank you for your time !!
Then this woman started digging for me out in Washington.. and we came up with the Birth Mom's Ex husbands Mother's telephone number. !! BINGO!!!!! Well I get home tonight and i see this email.. !! ... OMG !! I am thinking. .. there is no way i would be able to sleep tonight... I have to call.. so I did....
and SHE WAS RIGHT !! We hit BINGO!!!!!!!
My Heart felt Thanks .... from the bottom of my heart goes out to Fredi Perry !!!
She really does care... she is there and she looks till she gets it out. .!!!
Fredi .. has been a life long resident of The Bremerton Tacoma Washington Area.. and She knows her work !! She knows Her Surroundings !! ... She Knows her Neighbors..!!
Tonight I sat here for 3 hours talking to people that are Related to the Birth Mother I have been looking for My Adoptee here !! ... And they are soooo receptive... They want to get to know Rogena !! ... I cannot wait till day
break so I can be at her house and tell her in person... !! ...
But I have to add to this.. I am sorry.. to end in such a sad note.. EVEN THO we did find happiness... We can not meet The Birth Mother... as She has passed on... to the other side.. in 1991... I am sorry Rogena... I have not been able to fulfill my end of finding your Birth Mom.... But you do.... Have a Birth Family that would love to get to know you !
Love you Girl ..... Joanie {{AndezzGrma}}

Hello All:
This past week end was the happiest of my life.
On Friday, July 17, I found my birth family. I had been searching for about 10 years for them, but couldn't do much until I got my computer this past Mother's Day.
When I started having my own children, I started questioning the medical history of my birth family.
I joined a Search and Support group in Ohio. Read the books they suggested that would give me an idea of how to conduct my search. At this point in time, I didn't even have a name for them. My adopted parents had just hinted
that I had brothers and sister when I was born.
About 6 years ago, out of the blue, my adopted father sent me the original adoption papers. I now knew who I was looking for. I wrote a Judge in Illinois, and he was able to send me my non-identifying information off my original birth certificate. I now knew their ages at my birth and how many brothers and sisters I had, but not the numbers of each one.
When I got my computer, I really started looking. Right away I found 2 people with my fathers name in TN. But I wanted to be sure before I tried to make contact. I looked and looked for more information, while putting posts on every adoption list I could find and searching for someone who was already
searching for me. No luck.  Then I talked on line to an investigator in CA. She got a little more info for me, and she called TN.
Lo and behold, they were my brother and his son. They had been looking for me all along (just not on the web).
She called them on Friday, and on Saturday I talked to them. It is like I have never been separated from the family. We are all like old friends all ready. I now have 3 brothers and 9 sisters, and more nieces and nephews
than I care to count right now. Quite a change from being an only child.
My adopted father is very happy for me. He knew with the information I had, that sooner or later I would find them.
My children are still in shock. They can't believe all the relatives that they have now.
I had read all the horror stories about adoptees finding their families and being shut out by them again. I was really afraid of what would happen when I did find them. I am not afraid any more.
My family was waiting for me with open arms.
I just hope and pray that every adoptee out there has the happy ending that I have had. My birth mother is in fairly good health and we should have many years together.
Thank you for all the help that this site has provided and the support.
Keep up the good work.
Susan Deck JASKE Newell

Since I've posted this add, I have found both my biological Mother and half sister. I have met my half sister and I correspond with my
biological Mother Via E-mail. It was due to the assistance of a friend I was able to locate them. I'm still searching for my Biological Farther I
now know his name was Terry Sandstrom and he was 22 at the time of my birth. He attended Chardon State College in Nebraska. I'd appreciate any assistance in locating him.

Thank you for your information. I am happy to say that we did find my   brother and have already reunited and met with him. It was a wonderful   experience, and continue to build our relationship. Thank you for  making sites like yours available to the many who may not be as  fortunate as my family was.

I wanted to let you know that I was reunited with my birthmother on   6/23/98 by phone and 6/28/98 in person and it was GREAT!!!!!! I have found my birthfather, but still waiting to hear if he wants to meet me or not.
Anyhow, you can remove my add and me to the reunited status. Thanks for all  your help.
Deborah Finlaw

Ad number 20230 may be removed. The missing siblings have been found. They don't remember which WEB site they found the address and phone number to call, but it was probably yours!! Thank you very much.
Steven O. Argabright

Please cancel 25085. I have found my
friend and am corresponding regularly with him. We met a month ago in Detroit and the fire is still alive! I found him thru another service
(I found his phone number on the web). Thank you for providing this service to so many!
Pamm McGarty

Through the kind & expert help of Jan Uible in Cincinnati [she's a volunteer w/ VSN network]
(Editor's Note: and one of our *favorite* angels)
we uncovered a kind & sympathetic soul at the
adoption agency who helped without breaking Ohio's restrictive laws. She wrote to Birthmom without telling her anything @ us, but could legally answer Birthmom's questions. This led to an exchange of letters & a happy ending.
Sincerely, John Eyre Adoptive father of Mary]

This has been an incredible year for me. In just a few short weeks after placing my ad, I received a response from a couple that thought their grandmother might know something about my biological family. Indeed she did, and gave me a name of someone who knows my
brother. I contacted them and gave them my name, address, phone no. and e-nail address and asked her to please have this person contact me.  The next day he did, not knowing that I existed , he was, to say the least...shocked. He of course checked out my story, found it to be
true, and contacted his brother, and our mother and father. I have been accepted with open arms, we have exchanged pictures, and we talk on the phone and e-mail constantly. My biological parents contacted me for the very first time , the evening of my birthday. Next month I am taking a trip to Florida to meet everyone. Words can't express the wonderful feelings I've had. since all this began, one month ago.
You never know what kind of reaction you're going to receive when you find who you're looking for, but in my case, the acceptance and love was far more than I ever dreamed possible. I thank The Seeker for making my
lifelong dream become a reality.

I found my friend, Linda Sindelar. I got her email address from the internet
- I think under classmate listings. She was my room-mate in college the late 60's. It was great getting in contact with her again! So, you can remove that ad! :-)
Carole Broderick

I have found that adoptee that I posted for.  She is my sister and is wonderful.  Thank you for the posting.  I don't know how to say thank you. Brenda

Thanks for writing, I did find my birth mother 5 days after I put an add on the Angry Granma web site, thanks Jeff Jones

My father has been found! I just returned from a trip out to OR to meet him! Was a good "Reunion" and I now have 4 "new" brothers and sisters to add to my family!
The initial phone call was fantastic! I had left
a message on his machine, stating my name and that I was trying to do some "family tree research" (which I really was!), and left my number. He called me back the next morning. As over the last 15 years of searching off and on, I asked if he would mind if I asked him a few questions to make sure I was talking to the right person. He said that was fine. I told him the person I was looking for had parents by the names of so-and-so. He said, "Yep, that
was them". I paused slightly - again, after talking to a million people, NONE had said yes to that question! I gathered my wits and told him that the person I was looking for had lived in such-and-such state at such-and-such
time. He not only said, "Yes" to that one, but he also named off the EXACT city I was looking for! Another brief pause on my part... He immediately "recognized" me (or associated the name with the place), got very excited, said he, too, had been looking for me for years, and kept telling me over and over how much he loved me and how sad he was that he had missed being a part of my life. Yay!! We talked for almost two hours - telling each other
what we had seen and done, sharing the fact that he had 4 beautiful grandchildren, and "catching up"! We made plans to meet soon.
He called me back later that night, drunk, to talk some more. As I have a very low tolerance of drunk people, I was less than pleased.
...Reservations were made for myself and my two daughters (sons were in TX with their dad for the summer) to go "meet" him.
He called me three more times drunk, and I was beginning to have serious doubts about wanting this man in my life. ...I had uncovered that
this man has had several DWI's, Federal and State liens. I hesitantly boarded the flight.
I had been warned that such a "happy event" might be a trigger/excuse for him to show up drunk at the airport, <there> ...was my new "dad" - if not totally drunk, then well a few under his belt. The rest of the visit there was
spent with him drinking/drunk every other night and Grandma and the girls and I off doing things by ourselves.
...So here it stands.
I can't say that sometimes things are better left "unturned", because I now have two beautiful sisters and two brothers that are cool, and a wonderful Grandma that loves the kids dearly ...But I CAN say, "Beware and ready to "accept" that what rock you turn over just m-a-y have something crawl out you don't want to see!"
Don't know how "inspirational" it is (not
very, huh?!?), but such is life! And I've learned to take life on life'sterms...
Big hug to you, Lisa Smith
Bless you in all you do. Will still keep you on my website to help pass people your way.

Some wonderful good samaritan saw my ad and gave me the vital information I needed to find my half-brother! He asked me not to divulge
his methods so I won't give his name...but he is my hero!!! It pays to place an ad in your sight!
Donna Spahn

I am an adoptee who searched for, found, and
reunited with my bfamily. I did my search on my own. The only professional service I used was a PI I know, who ran several databases for
me. Thank you for including me in your searchable database. You provide a
great service.
Susan Hendricks

I would LOVE to be able to help other people. I found someone who could only help w/ Oregon adoptees. I can't give out the name, but if you ever see anyone born in Oregon, you can refer that person to me and I can see if this person can help them too. I had a little non-identifying information and nothing more.  Within two weeks of giving this person my birth date etc, I received a name. From there, it was just a matter of mailing out about 70 letters to try and locate the right one. I enclosed a self-addressed envelope for a reply. The day before my
31st birthday, I received a call from my half-brother. It was pretty exciting, and unbelievable. Out of those 70 letters, I couldn't believe how many I got back from people wishing me luck, and wishing they could
help. I even got a few phone calls. I wish everyone could find who they're looking for. It's so important to have medical history.

I have located my biological father. I did this through contacting one of my brothers, who had contact with my father after I had left home and was in Germany. (Please understand that my family has not kept in touch with one another very much since we all left home.) My brother gave me the name and city of my father's best friend (also my brother's
name-sake), I then searched databases to get a phone number. This man was very helpful and excited that I had phoned him. He gave me my
father's address and phone number, and I called my father! We have kept in touch with one another by phone--he's in Oklahoma and I'm in Texas.
He also sent me a video tape of himself, since Id never seen a photo of him, and I had no idea what my father even looked like! We are both
excited and happy to have finally found one another. We are finally going to meet, after about 27 or 28 years, on June 25th!! My father is coming to visit with me and my family. Emotions are running high around
here as the date draws nearer!
I want to thank you for offering your services to myself and others like me who need a helping hand. I hope there are many happy reunions
for everyone out there!
Thank you,
Sheri Knott

I didn't realize that I had placed my search info 4 times, until I *went* to and searched for my info under my number in Relatively Seeking! I sought for "Chad" as he was searching for me. HE FOUND ME! On the internet and emailed my other account
as I had posted from that one also. Along with a very loving letter, he had emailed my 6 photos of varies stages in his life. He was such a
cute little boy... and has grown into a very handsome young man. He has came to visit us twice within the last 4 months! He and I have a
very loving and wonderful relationship.
Please delete all four of these.
Thank you, Seeker...
Beverly Lewis

I was looking for my best friends son she gave up for adoption in 1977.
She has since passed away and I felt that if he wanted to know about her, he could contact me and I would help him.
I wrote to the doctor that delivered him and never heard anything until 2 weeks ago when the doctors ex-wife read my letter (she had misplaced it) again and she called me. She was able to give me the lawyer's name that
handled the adoption. I talked with his son's wife and told her my story.
She passed the information on and last week my friend's son called me! It was
a very emotional conversation and he is wonderful!
God has blessed him with a wonderful family and I feel my prayers were answered.
Thank you for listening.

Just realized I hadn't emailed you that my husband has found his birthparents. His ad number is 2953.
I ended up getting an email out-of-the-blue from his birthmother who found one of my search postings (not sure which site it was that she found it on).
We're actually flying to Reno, NV (where my husband was born) to meet both his birth father (who still lives in Reno) and his birth mother (who is driving from CA). It'll be very interesting to say the least! Not to mention that we get to introduce them to their new grandchild since we just had a baby this last year!
Thanks for your site... your site and the others out there made this reunion possible and I know that both my husband and his birth parents will be eternally grateful!
Thanks again!
Kelly Bartron

Just want to let you know that I looked through your database and discovered that I have a repeat Message #9434 You can delete that one.
Thanks. Also, I have found My sister. I went through SRS. Near Christmas  1997 the social worker called to say they located her. We exchanged letters once and then last week I received a letter from my sister  letting me know where she is. For now we will just write. But I hope we will get to meet face to face before too long. Anyway, You can also
delete that message too. # 9433 Again, Thanks so much. Theresa


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