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Sought & Found

We want to hear from you!!
  Please let us know when you find your friend or loved one! Everyone likes to hear about successful endings to other peoples searches. After all, they have been reading your messages daily and have been wondering whatever happened to you! Besides, if you don't tell us, your message will stay with us for a very long time! Unfortunately, most of the time, the only time we hear from you again is when you try to answer someone else's message and the e-mail address is bad!

We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person.  Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others.  If you have a story you want included here, just write to and tell us HOW you found them.

Here is what some of our viewers have said:

Linda and The Seeker: I am happily notifying you that you may remove my  listing from your website; I have been reunited with my nephew Jonathan!
In January 1998 I began placing my "searching for adoptee" listing in   numerous search sites, including The Seeker. I was searching for my twin   sister's son, as she did not have internet access. Since my sister's son   (Jonathan) was to turn 21 this year, my hope was that Jon may be in  college and have internet access and therefore may come across my  listing upon beginning his own search for us, his birth family. I am
ecstatic to say that my hopes and prayers were answered! Just days ago I  received a call from another site telling me that they had a match for
my listing. They provided me with all Jon's contact information along  with his consent and wishes that we call him. I sped breathlessly to my  sister's home. She called Jon immediately as I sat in on an extension
phone. At the end of their conversation, my sister said that she would  really like to see him some time and when did he think he might be able  to come for a visit. He said, "I can leave in 20 minutes..." Jon then
traveled about 2 hours to our city and met his birth mom, a birth  brother and birth sister he was not aware that he had, and several  cousins. Jon also met his father.
Although these past few days have been a whirlwind of activity, we are  all so excited and happy to meet this young man, who my twin sister so  painfully yet courageously gave to an adoption agency 21 years ago to  place with a loving family who could better meet his needs in his new  life.
I know from pouring over the thousands of listings in many adoption  search sites that so many people have tried finding their adoptees or  birth families for so very long. My suggestions would be to follow as
many links as possible to sites such as this and list ALL the  information you have on the person your are seeking. (I also received a  call from another site I was registered with, notifying me that they had
also matched my listing with Jon's own listing... so register with ALL  these FREE sites! The more places you put your listing, the better the chance that it will be seen.) Register with the ISSR (International
Soundex Reunion Registry.) Read as much as you can regarding the avenues  open to searching public records. Talk to all your relatives for bits
and pieces they may remember. And most of all, keep the faith. We have  waited 21 years for this day to come and we thank God, and the wonderful
people such as those who maintain this site for making reunions such as  this possible. Bless you all.
Shawn Jade

My ad (#'s 9239 & 14121) may now be removed from The Seeker. Thank you for making this web site available. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any
leads from my web searches, but an underground source was able to locate her within 48 hours of my phone call....
My adoption took place in FL...I had a heck of a time getting info from DSHS.  I finally asked one of the clerks, "off the record", if they had any suggestions to help me locate my mom....I was then given the name of an investigator with a good track record. The rest is history. We met a few weeks later, and have been trying to make up for the last 30 years.
Again, I just wanted to say thank you.
Alan Newman

We are so thrilled about the capabilities of the internet and the way it  has changed my daughters life. We've been looking for her birthfather in many
different ways for quite some time. This year I decided to buy myself a  computer and one day we were sitting around playing with the computer
and  an idea popped into my head. I told my daughter how about looking for your   father on the internet. She just looked at me and said well,  whatever.   I
don't think I'll ever meet him anyway.
She never met him because when I  got pregnant at 16 years of age, he didn't feel he was ready, so I got
up  and left and did what I wanted to do, have my baby. This was in 1982.
She is now 16 years old and all she holds of his is a photo I kept for all those years. Anyway, we put in a request to info seekers and we had to  wait 24 hours for a list that might match who we were looking for. 24
hours later when I checked my e-mail there was a list very long, so I  checked through it and there was her fathers name and I just knew that was  him. By the way we lived in the Bronx for a long time so I was only
looking in NY that is what made our search sooooo long. We wrote that person a letter and waited to see if they would respond. Approximately 4 days later my daughter received a phone call, as I approached her room I saw her crying with much emotion, so I grabbed the phone and said "Who is this" his reply was this is Luis, then a moment of silence because
honestly I didn't belive he would be found. Please note the phone call came in @ 4 days before her 16th birthday.
So he was full of emotions also and disbelief but everything turned out all positive and well. He lives out in Wisconsin is why we couldn't find him.
We made arrangements and he flew out here to meet her July 31, 1998.
Beaufitul meeting..
They speak on the phone everyday get along rather well. They are identical. And a word to anyone who has hopes of finding someone, keep looking you will find them, and I hope everyone that is searching for
someone has a success story like ours. Good Luck to all of you.
P.S. My daughter Jasmine will be spending her first Thanksgiving in Wisconsin with her Dad.
Hope my story wasn't too long. I wish I could tell you all of the week he  was here with her. Great story.
Janice Morales

My son located me through the adoption agency that placed him. You can   cancel my message. We are doing great, have meet and I have a lovely
daughter-in-law and 4 grandchildren!
Diane Bradner

I found my birth mom and it felt GREEEEEAAAAATTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! Boy even typing that felt great. Well I did it after 12 years of searching and I finally ended my search and the hardest one of all. I ran adds # 26672, 26673, & 28584.
I found her through mutally consent forms. Mine was easy. It only took from June of 1998 till August 23, 1998.
I made first contact on August 23, 1998 at 10:06 A.M. and WOW!! My wife's search just got harder and we
still are searching for her, she was born 5-24-72 in Bedford, Ohio please lets still help her please past the word on for her. However I could not have done it with out please keep the site active and help others I found so much info in the adoption site under Misc. that I was able to find her in such a short time. Linda, GOD BLESS YOU AND THE-SEEKER.COM !!!!! Dave Sanshuck also known at birth as William

I want to thank you for this web page. We have located who we were looking for, although it was not from your web-site, that is where I got the information from to be able to find him. It's not a happy ending yet, as we have not contacted him, but at least we know where he is now.
Thank you again. Message was for David Denbo #23330
This is from Sandra

Please remove the ad from your service. I have found the person I was looking for with the help of many people I had the pleasure of meeting
on the internet.
Thank you.
Donna Poudrier

I found my Birth mother 2 days after my 41st birthday......I called her and as you can imagine..she was in shock. ( I didn't want to believe it.....but she didn't remember my birthdate)......but I let that go.....
I called her back 3 days later.....Oh it was a wonderful call....she wanted to meet me.....just sweet as pie!! I was soooo tickled. Finally after so many
years. I even have a brother.
Well... I called her....wrote to her.....she was so sweet on the phone...then backed it up with a nasty letter.....but I let it pass......shock you know.....Give her time.....I thought.....that will help...
I gave her time....time for everything.....for 8 months she promised me to tell my brother about me......well....finally I searched for him .....after
honoring all her wishes....(.I did everything she asked of me).......So..I decided I would search for my brother.....I found him.....I wrote him......needless to say..he was in shock also......he knew there was
something she was hiding....but didn't know what it was.
He confronted her......with my letter. He said a great burden had been lifted off her shoulders...she was really relieved...that I found she didn't have to tell him....relief!! Which I was happy for her....she didn't have to tell... Ok this is good...I took the burden off of her......Maybe now????
Well, I found mother didn't want anyone to know about know her own sister and mother didn't know she was PG with me.....can you
believe that??? She really wanted me to be a well kept secret....and I still am... Anyway....I called her on her birthday .....what a mistake.....she didn't
care...even though my brother said would make her didn't.....she was doing her hair.....I interrupted ....oops...sorry mom....
I asked my brother if he thought it would be send her my handmade place mats for a Christmas present and if he would give them to her.....he
said YES!!!.....He did and he said she cried.....she was overwhelmed..... I sent those because now I know where my crafting ability came from......from
MOM......Maybe now Mom???
Then.....I also found out from a letter ...I am an embarrassment to her... she really didn't want to know me at all.....ok.....I left her alone... I have my brother, at least he likes me......we talk all the time.... Anyway.....It has been a hurtful ....heartbreaking ......meeting ..even though
just thru letter and a couple phone calls....I found out who she turned out to be.... I am thankful......I am nothing like her....I don't hurt people on purpose....
Like her.....she had the image with her friends of being Miss Perfect....and I ruined that in her mind.....especially if anyone found out. You can tell by now I am so hurt...... But here is the finale...
I wanted so much to meet her.....but we were so far apart....she on the east coast on the west....
I never got a chance to meet her she passed away .
No matter how bitter and how hurt my feelings were....I still wanted to meet her....She is / was still MY mom..... But I never got the chance.....Her last letter to me was...."honor my wishes" DO NOT fly out here......I wrote her back....saying I wouldn't.....but it hurt.
Then I got the heart just sunk......
You see...I never pushed her on anything....Now I do not know anything about my   father.....on my non ID is all lies......she covered her tracks.....his too... Well...not all reunions work out.......but they do not have to be so hurtful. So ...I guess what I am trying to may not
all be  happy and perfect......The way we all dream......of MOM.  And to Birthmoms.......please don't lead your children on you want
a relationship......when you don't......please be truthful......but please give all info ...medical and your child.....then say good
least they will know..... You see my Mother died of Cancer......but she told me there were NO health
problems at all......Her sister passed away a month before her of now   look what I have to look forward to.....Please give all medical info ..that is the least you can do.....even if you don't want to know your child/children.

This is Joe Cash. I found my father, mother, three half brothers, half   sister, full sister and full brother. Thanks for all your help.
My Email address is

Thank you so much for your service! After not seeing my younger brother for 10 years because of family disputes, I finally got up the courage to
search for him. I knew nothing of his whereabouts. I was so excited when I saw his name appear as a result of my query and used you little 'knock-knock'
service to send him a brief message with lots of hope. To my surprise I received a response in less than 5 minutes! My brother was on the
internet at the same time. He said he had also searched for me but without success.
He gave me his phone number,and I called him. We talked for about 20 minutes and our relationship is now renewed : ) Again, thank you.
Sincerely - John N. Viands and Brother!

I did leave a message some time ago on your page but I have good news, very good news. I was
very young and had to give up my daughter for adoption 32 (thirty two) years ago, and yes we found each other. I searched many years immediatley after giving her up, I was really advised to give her up by many adults in my world at the time. I had refused to sign final papers until court action was threatened to my parents. I signed. Last Spring of 1998, I learned the Catholic Agency that handled our case from the beginning, opened their files for "searches". I did all the paper work, notorized and paid the fee. A short time later, 3 mo.'s, we were
able to connect the adoption name to my case. Wolla! It matched and we met on July 9, 1998. The following night she & I met each others' families. I had tried many agencies, homepages, internet groups, but finally came full circle to the very agency I started with. My daughter's name is Krista Beth & she has been looking for me for many years as well. I had more information than her so ultimatley it was my serach that brought us together but how wonderful it is to get to know her now. We are spending a long Labor Day holiday weekend together.
Getting to know her will be great, as I already love her & have for a long time.
Sincerely, Pat Cascio

Located missing brother and have communicated. Located by using American Information network. Report was excellant and led to reunion. Thank you
for your site. I still review on a regular basis. You never know who may pop up!!
Cathy L. Burks

I Found My Birthmother!!
Hello everyone, I just talked to my birthmother on the phone and I believe everything went great. We are both looking forward to meeting sometime in
the future.  I just want to
Carl Zobel
Found Birthmother 8/19/98

Finally found my friend Pat Pearl Cardidi by looking in the Social Security Death records and finding out when her dad died. I then contacted someone
named Doug at the local newspaper and asked about accessing the obituaries.
He said you can't do that online but he would look for me when he had time.
A couple of weeks later he e mailed me and then sent me the obit. Her married last name was not listed, another dead end. But then I deceided to write to the funeral home who handled the arrangements and asked them to forward a
letter to her. It turns out she the man who runs the funeral home is also the coroner and she works in the county courts so they know each other. She had my letter within days. Though we have yet to meet again face to face (Pat is in New York and I am in California) we have renewed our friendship through
the mail and phone. This was all it took to find a friend I had not seen in nearly 20 years and for whom I had no current married last name. I did all
this after I had called her ex husband and several of her relatives who were of no help. So tell people not to give up. It was my experience that most people are really pretty helpful. Good luck to all who are looking.
By the way I have an e mail address for someone here in Calif. who  has access to birth records for bio parents and adoptees. Wrote to  him for a friend and had the adoption info on the child that same day.
If anyone wants it let me know (it is a free service).
Julie Schmidt, Santa Rosa, Ca.

I found my adopted sister's birthmother! I ended up having to buy the information "underground", but they have had a very successful reunion by phone and are planning a personal reunion soon. Her Birthmother actually ended up marrying her birthfather, and they went on to have 4 more
sons...but no other daughters. When my sister made contact and asked that "loaded question": Does the date March 16, 1958 mean anything to you? Her
birthmother answered: You're my daughter, aren't you?
Thank you for your support along the search path, and I wish you much good luck. Remember, if you ever need a translation into Spanish, I will do it
for you.
Please remove Debbie's ad on your site: Number 19563
Thank you again, for everything.
Jacira Castro
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I FOUND my family.
Thru the internet and with the help of a woman that does searches. I was born in 1931, my parents were not married at the time and I was adopted by a wonderful family. Anyhow, as soon as my birth mother turned 21 in 1935 she and my birth father married. They didn't have any other children
until 1943 when my brother Chris was born, followed by sister Judie in 1945 and sister Jean in 1947. They divorced in the early "50's and both remarried. He had two more sons, my half brothers Richard and Harlan. To make along story short. Both parents are dead but my sister Judie has been looking for me since 1972. We first talked in March of this year
and had a family reunion in Green Bay May 8th. More than 25 people were there, cousins, aunts ect. It was really great. We are so much alike it
is uncanny, right down to all of us having small thumbs! If it hadn't been for the internet I doubt if we would have been united. Thought you would like to hear a happy ending.
Jane Ahlborn

My husband and I have been searching for his two children of a previous marriage for years. We have finally found them and wish to remove our
add. He had not seen his children since 1950 and they were found by what we call our angel. We decided to visit the town of their maternal grand
parents (who passed away some years ago). While having breakfast in a restaurant the waitress asked if there was anything more she could do for
us. My husband said : "Yes, you can find my son". She asked his name and came back in a few minutes. She asked his age . When she returned the
next time to our table she said: "I think I have your daughter-in-law on the telephone."
Our family really grew that day. The son and daughter have been found, three grandchildren, a great grandchild and, a lovely and generous
daughter-in-law. My husband's children are no longer shadows in his mind.
His son is coming for a visit the first of September and his daughter is coming the first of October.
Thanks for your service and you are doing great work.  Wish we were closer to hear the radio program.
Janice and James Scheuber

I want to "Thank You"! for all your time and support. I have located my brother and you can update my ads ( #14050 and #23851). I did pay an
investigator for the information. He did alot of work and was very reasonable. I was given his mothers name, phone number and address yesterday.
I called her and she gave me quite a bit of information about my brother.
He called me last night. It was absolutely wonderful. He never even knew I existed.
Thanks again for everything your support with your site and your emails certainly do bring hope for alot of people.
Keep up the great work.
Cathy Reynolds

Thanks to information given by someone who had written to YOUR site in the sought and found section, you may remove my Ad # 28422
Someone (I wish I had gotten their email address) had mentioned they had found someone using (Some info is free other info small fee)
I had been looking at Knowx off and on for a month or two wondering if it was worth trying. After that person had mentioned their success-I tried it.

Aug. 3-Used Knowx-found two names that matched my half sister's married name-one exactly; First name middle NAME and last name. I got addresses
weren't found in any other DB
Aug. 5- sent out two letters
Aug. 8-Used another Knowx DB looked up, one of the address, hoping it would give me an approximate year of birth (sometimes does) -instead I got a
name that fit my sister's husband's name. Now I was 99.999999999% sure I had found her.
Aug. 12-While I was sleeping (work nights) my youngest received a phone call from the sister, Grace, that I had been looking for. Grace was given the phone number of our other half sister. She got to talk to our father, now 85, who she hadn't seen since she was 13, Grace will be 64 next month. Obviously
she was very excited. She had been trying to find us.

The next day Aug 13, it was my turn to talk to her. We plan to write, send pictures and soon meet. I'm in Calif. She is in NJ  I hope this encourages others who are looking-with each of us helping one
another; everyone can be found.
Nancy Chatham

Just to let you know found the desired party through old documents released to family only recently
thanks for help please delete listing at earliest opportunity it's a great service keep up the good work
Claire Payne

Hi my name is David Wiedenfeld born on 7-31-58 to Hazel Randolph. I have FOUND her she is now Hazel Randolph Thompson. I spoke with her this morning! I had two wonderful people who saw my listings on the internet and did searches on their own. Thanks to all the sites on the net for places like this and to all the people who took the time to read my add and do searches.

I have found my birthmother of whom I was searching for...I already knew her maiden name and after a hint from another birthmom that emailed me I went to the library and looked up wedding indexes in the geneology section...I found her name and her husbands name with in 2 minutes.....I
have already met her too....


I found my maternal grandmother, with the help of a volunteer with the Volunteer Searchers Network. Thank you for letting me try here--and for
those who haven't been reunited yet--keep trying!


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