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Sought & Found

We want to hear from you!!
  We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person.  Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others.  If you have a story you want included here, just write to and tell us HOW you found them.

Here is what some of our viewers have said:

Heather Leslie O'donnell

Funny you should write to me, I already found and contacted my mother since I placed the msg. It was so easy!  She was on the web the entire time!  Just I
didn't have her new last name but it worked out well and we are planning on meeting early Aug.  Everything has
been great and thank you for the chance to post our thoughts and  inquiries!   Take Care!
Sunshine and Smiles,

Thank you so much for your site. We found my mom after just 6 very creative months of looking!!
For all those who are searching in British Columbia here's how we've done it:
We applied for my adoption papers, original live birth registration, and non identifying Information! We started listing my name and my moms name
on just about every single registry, missing person, lost classmate, heir, birthday greeting list that we could find. We also went in web sites for areas in which she was known to have been and asked there if anyone knew her. We begged small community newspapers for help. We talked to community groups which involved older people, in hopes that someone might remember me or her. We contacted police departments for family location and schools to look at old year books. Just a note, teachers know everything that goes one in a community! We tried just about everything!
The key piece of the puzzle came in the Non- Identifying Information. It said somewhere in the 1000+ pages that she was "Close" to her family and some else she signed her new married name. People who are close to
there families have a greater tendency to say near their families. We put the two together and started calling all Honke's in that area. At the same time, we re-called the schools, police department and newspapers with new information. With in two days we had FIVE different
people call to tell us how to contact her. Four days later I was in my moms house having coffee with her and my little sister!
There are no words to accurately describe how happy I am. I have three sisters and a brother. I have a grandfather who looks just like Colonel Sanders! WOW!!
If we can help anyone, give some advice on looking in British Columbia, anything, we are here.
Best of luck to all those who are still looking. Its worth it!
Jeff Langlois

I too would like to thank you for this fantastic site. My daughter Lisa, <> had placed her
message in your site looking for me. On August 4, 1998, I was browsing in the Seeking Adopted Child site and decided to log out when a VOICE came into my
head and told me I was in the wrong site and to read the instructions. I did, and got into the new site. I was scrolling through and saw the name TAMMARA GAYLEEN LEWIS and thought "that is what I named my daughter". Then I read the ad and was ASTOUNDED to see that it was my daughter and that she was looking for me. I called her that evening and found that she was in Oregon taking care of her ill mother. I was not going to call, but her boyfriend insisted. So, I called and tried to convince her over the phone that I was her birth mother and that I had absolutely no proof, except for the name I had given her, my full maiden name, and the town and date she
was born. That was all the proof I needed.
We have been corresponding and telephoning since we found each other. We recently exchanged photos and we look so much alike. When comparing her photos against the ones I have of myself as a child, there are many times in our lives that we could have been twins.
I thank God for directing me to this site, and I thank you for having it there. I knew that I would go to my grave without ever knowing what happened to my baby. I know now and we are trying to make up for 35 years.
Carla Lewis Carpenter

Thankyou so very much for this web. On Aug.4, 1998 my biological mother found me. After 35 years of wondering, I'm finally finding out what my background
is. I am so glad that we have found each other. Because I have been having a real hard time in my life.  My mother that raised me had a stroke in Jan. of this
year, then in June she had back surgery, then suffered another stroke in July. I live in Colorado, and she in Oregon.
So I packed up myself and my kids in June, and went to Oregon to take care of her.. Believe me, I was on a mission to save her, and to make her be able to
take care of herself again. It was so very hard trying to get her up and around again.   After the back surgery she came back pretty good,then all of the sudden she
started failing again, I thought that I had done something wrong. Because of being adopted I had
felt that my mother didn't want me. While my mother was in the hospital for the second stroke, I got a call from Carla, my biological mother, I about fell out of my chair, it completly changed my whole line of thinking. Now I know that I was wanted, and really
truly loved. Thank you again. You can remove my name from your web site.

I am happy to report that since April of 1998 we have reconnected with several of our Woodbridge Jr. Hi. classmates from RAF Woodbridge where our fathers
were stationed during the years 1964-1969. Some of our friends include:
Joey Meyer, Judy Fiene, Bill Dorman, Jimmy Piganell, Jamie Spaine, Karen Baird, Mark Baird, Mimi Robertson, Karyn Winsor, Suzie Chadwick, Sue Galligan, Sidney Autin, Kenny Biggers, Phil Lupo, JoAnn Gerchow, John Glaize, Carl Hevron,
Bob Fredette and Scott Spaine.
Thanks to The Seeker we will be involved with the Discovery Channels new Reunion show. We will be meeting in Las Vegas on Oct. 29, 1998. It has been
30 years since we have seen each other. The excitement is mounting and we wanted to thank you for helping bring us together after so many years.
I'll let you know how our reunion turns out! Oh-and our french teacher Mr. Joe Hanania will be joining us also. We found him through Linn Barringers UK website. Mr. Hanania still lives near RAF Woodbridge, in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK.
My sincerest thanks,
Pam Patrick

I am happy to report that I have found my 25 yr old niece after searching for over 5 years. I registered everywhere possible!!!! I checked frequently to see if there were any responses to my registrations but got nothing, UNTIL....
Monday morning, I got a message on my work phonemail to call Susan @ Reunion Registry. They had a match!!!! My neice had registered with Reunion Registry last week and then did a search on her birth date and VOILA!!!! in about 10 minutes, she found my entry. She made an inquiry, Susan contacted her, confirmed non-identifying and identifying
information and then phoned me. I can't tell you how long it took for the goose bumps to go away!!!! I contacted my uncle, just to reconfirm that I had the birthday right... which I did... and then I contacted the
birth father!! He was so excited!!! He spoke with his wife that evening (she is the birth mother!!!) and I spoke with my niece for the first time. I'm happy to say that she is warm, witty, understanding and open to reunion. Her birth parents spoke with her on Tuesday night...
yes, last night!!! All is GREAT and they're planning a face to face reunion soon!!! Thank you to all those out there who make reunions like this possible!!! For those of you searching, have faith.... all comes in God's time, not ours.
Robert Nathan

I posted a message at your site about a year ago when I began to search for my birthson. I am VERY happy to say that on June 7, 1998, I was reunited with
my son John, through the efforts of the search specialist at the maternity home where I had lived and relinquished him in January, 1966. Since he doesn't
have a computer, he did not know until I told him at our reunion just how hard I had been looking for him, and at how many sites I had registered. Our reunion is progressing beautifully, and there is no mistaking that the love and the bond have always been there for us.
To all of you out there who are still searching, please don't EVER give up.

Ad Number 7439
Bonnie's older sister found me in the Massachusetts Registry on AOL this last Wednesday. We are in contact via email and telephone, and I am a
Thank you for assisting by letting me place my info with you!
Jenn Thomas

My ad number 21483, prompted many people to write and offer suggestions for finding my birth father. Finally, while searching in the Texas State Archives in Austin, Texas, I pursued a tip to look in the Corpus
Christi City Directory for the year I knew my father was stationed at the Naval Air Base there. Sure enough, he was listed and above his name was another Anderson who was living at the same address. It didn't take
me long to figure out that was my grandfather and grandmother and my father lived at the same address! I now had a name for my grandparents. Using this information, I looked in the succeeding year's
city directories and noted that my father was out of the Navy now, listed as married, and having one child, the same year I was born! I followed him and my grandparents in the city directories and was able to
note when my father had evidently moved, when my grandmother was listed alone, indicating to me that my grandfather had died. I searched the death certificate lists for the year he disappeared from the city
directory, found the death certificate showing he died January 7, 1953 (my 8th birthday)and then went to microfilmed Corpus Christi newspapers
for the week he died and copied the obituary. BINGO!!!!! I now had all his survivors and where they were the year he died. My father had a
brother and three sisters. Their married names were unusual enough to try to find them as Anderson was common that I kept finding the wrong family. My father's oldest sister was shown having a married name of Christnight. I did a Bigfoot search on the internet, found only ONE in the whole United States and the address was in Texas, near where I knew
my father to be in 1953. I called, found this to be a nephew of my father's sister, who gave me the Aunt's telephone number in California (she had remarried, so was no longer Christnight) and I was finally connnected to my birth father's family!!!! This Aunt, Faye, is 83, but lively, alert, and the family historian. She told me right away that my father had died 9-7-85, and welcomed me to the family. She also confirmed that my father had been married, had a child in November of 1945 (I was born in January, 45) and another child the following year.
To make a long story shorter, I have located my half-brother and half-sister who were so excited that I had information on their father, who had deserted them and their mother when they were quite young. I
was able to connect them with their Aunt and they are now meeting, again, many lost cousins. I am going to meet my new found siblings this weekend, in Galveston, Texas. My adult daughters will go along. We are very excited about this reunion. We are also wondering if this father, Royce Anderson, has any other children out
there seeking, so will keep checking back in to this site occassionally.
The moral to this story is - don't give up. I am 53 and finally know what I need to know. The only information I had from my birth mother about my father was his name, no birthdate, no social security number, and the fact that he was stationed in Corpus Christi during WWll, 1944 to be exact, when she met him, got pg, but was already married to another sailor who was overseas. It seemed at times I would never find
him, but once the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place, it happened very quickly. Good luck to everyone out there searching!
Jerome Bump

I set out in October of '97 to search for my Natural Father. On July 14, 1998 I was successful in locating him!! It turns out he lives only 2 hours away from me. We have met one another, and both are very happy to
be a part of one anothers lives. I am a member of parent finders in Oshawa, and would like to thank them for all of their support and quidance throughout my search, and their "gentle push" to encourage me to make the contact call. Without their help, I don't know how far along I'd be today. Thank you so much!!!!!
Yours sincerely,

Please remove ad #16313. I found
my daughter and she is now living with me in Michigan. Our reunion was everything I prayed for and I know I can live with peace in my heart for the rest of my days.
Please contact me if you would like to hear the entire story.

I would like to see about removing two ads that I had placed. The first is #15590 "Daniel Jones is looking for
Aaron Sonerholm who I had went to high school with", I am happy to say that I had found him. I did a search for
all the Sonerholms on the net and I found his cousin, so I snail mailed her about 3 days later she called me and
told me that Aaron lived in the same city (Reno) that I did. The next day He e-mailed me.

Approximately 27 years ago, my cousin's wife took their three daughters and left him, never to contact him again. From time to time, my cousin, Charlie,
would try to find the girls, but, at that time his resources were limited.
When all the routes we could think of were exausted, I told my cousin that we were going to have to pay one of the people we had met online to help us. We
selected one and went for it. For $50.00 (each person) we were able to get a list of those with the same first name and birthdates as his daughters. A letter was composed to the girls stating that he would like to hear from them--to know that they were ok, etc. I also listed my name, address and phone number just in case they wanted to contact me as a buffer.
[Edit... letters were sent...]
Again we were disappointed, but more determined. I had set my goal to find the girls before Father's Day. For at least the last 20 years, Charlie has
sat by the phone every Christmas and Father's Day waiting for the phone to ring and I was determined that this was the year.
[Edit...She found the step grandfather and got the number of one of the daughters and ...]
I had given the neighbor my phone number so if she wanted to give me more information. Luckily I didn't have to worry long about the delicate part because Terre, formerly Terri, called me. She verified that they were afraid of their father and she asked me what I intended to do with the information I had. At this time, I hadn't told Charlie until I found out more.
I told Terre that for the present I wasn't going to tell her Dad anything, but that I hoped she would think about how much he loved her, how he had missed all of their growing up, the proms, the weddings, etc. and that I hoped and prayed that she would call him. Then I told her how he waited by the phone on Christmas and Father's Day.
Father's Day came and I was so excited--wondering--wishing--hoping--praying.
I still hadn't told Charlie that I had spoken with Terre. Finally, about 7:00 p.m. California time, Charlie called---I said, "How are you doing?"
"Much better than an hour ago. I have been talking to Terri." Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything is moving very slow. The girls had been brought up to believe their dad was looking for them--to kill them in order to hurt their Mother. I actually hurt for the girls so much. I have children about the same ages and I can't imagine my children growing up in that fear. [Edit...]
I got a letter from him the other day and he started out by saying, "I love my girls and my grandsons." Let's just hope he gets to see them someday.
I will be happy to share any information I have with anyone looking for a lost one. FREE! have collected a bunch of neat Hyperlinks. Also, if anyone has
any that I don't have, I would be happy to have them.
Thank you very much.

I had placed myself as a birthmom seeking her birth daughter. I had placed myseld with many other places throughout the internet. I was reunited with her last May. The one that reunited us was Find Me. I
only placed myself with the ones that were free. I felt that if I was to find her or her me, that I should not have to spend money with all of the ones that are free to use.
Anyway, we have been staying in touch with each other and she has had a wonderful life. If there are those of you that feel like giving up, don't. You never know who may be looking for you as well as you looking for them. I am not saying that everyone that looks finds the person or persons that they are looking for, but there is hope, and we all need hope.
Cyndi Hunter

My now 28-year-old son found me two days before Mother's Day this year through a professional intermediary. He says that he now knows who he
is. Seekers you can leave a note in the adoption records to let the child/parent know that you are looking for them. You provide an
excellent service. Thank you. Please remove 11952 from your site.

This is to tell you an amazing story of how I found my birth mother. I was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1952. After 46 years I finally got up the courage to search and I found my birth mother in just 6 days.
I went to the NY Public Library and checked the birth indexes.
From that I learned my birth name was Monarch. I put it on search on the internet and found only 173 listed in the entire country. So, I wrote to all 173.
In two days I started getting calls from Monarchs in Kentucky, Massachusettes, California, Michigan and Indiana. They were sooooo nice and all said they wished they could help, eliminated people for me and
offered my their best. They called relatives for me and just offered support. On the sixth day I got a call from my birth mother's sister.
My mother's husband is terminally ill and doesn't know about me. They are going to keep my letter from her until she is emotionally able to handle it. My first words were, "When God closes a door he opens a
I've learned I have a brother and six first cousins. I've spoken with one cousin and we're meeting for lunch next week. I'm not sure when I'll speak with my mother but I DID IT.
Private detective agencies got my e-mail address from registering on the registry and wanted over $2,500. I wrote them back letting them know if they needed an ace investigator in New Jersey my services are
available for a reasonable fee.
Mario Morbelli Jr


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