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Sought & Found

We want to hear from you!!
  Please let us know when you find your friend or loved one! 

We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person.  Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others.  If you have a story you want included here, just write to comments@the-seeker.com and tell us HOW you found them.

Here is what some of our viewers have said:

Please delete message 23596 - person found through VA records.
Thank you
Bill Forst

I am 2/3 of the triad, an adoptee, as well as a birthmother. I started searching for my birthmother about a year and a half ago - on the Internet.
I registered at a few registries and basically told my story on websites that had a message board.
Then, in August of 1997, I found out that the laws in Missouri had changed to allow a search to be conducted by adoption agencies. I contacted the
Children's Home Society of Missouri, where I had been placed for adoption.
They put me in touch with a lady that did searches for them. I used my income tax refund to do the search and I must say it was worth every penny!
My birthmother was found and, at her request, we began by corresponding by letters with non-identifying information. This was a good way to begin our relationship by getting to know one another a little better. After a few months, all the information was released and the day I got it in the mail, I called my birthmother. She was delighted, as was I. In November, I flew to St. Louis, where she lives and where I was raised, and we met. It was
not a teary-eyed reunion, as we are not super emotional people, but we spent an entire day together and it was one of the most incredible days of my life. Joan is an incredible lady and we have SO much in common. Since my adoptive mother passed away when I was very small, I missed out on having a 'mother' and now I do. I even call her 'mom' occasionally. The unique relationship and friendship we have is a blessing. I am truly lucky to
have found her.
I have also found my birthfather, Jim, who is, incidentally, coming to visit me here in Phoenix today! I have been cleaning my apartment all week
and think I am finally ready!
I am looking very forward to meeting him.
That's my story. Now that I have found my birthparents, I would be open to helping other adoptees or birthparents searching.
Donna Mueller

Hello. I would like to update my posting on The Seeker regarding DOROTHY CLIFFORD MOREAU, of Columbus, Ohio last seen in 1945. I found out that my birth mother died in 1984. She changed her name to Dawn Soltis. But in my
search I found a half brother I didn't know I had. We already met twice just before Christmas and keep in touch regularly. Pretty amazing after thinking
each of us was an only child for so many years.
While I did not find my information from your web site, it did put me in touch with many knowledgeable people who helped me along the way.
If anyone has information about DAWN SOLTIS who lived in the Pittsburgh, PA area near McKeesport from 1945-1949 and worked or owned Dawn's restaurant in New McKeesport I would appreciate hearing from them. Those are the missing years.
Thank you.

Hi I just wanted you to know that you may delete # 32318 I have found my Father's Family and unfortunetly he passed away. I did however find out
that I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I am looking forward to meeting them and finding out what kind of man my father was through all of his families
memories. Thanks again for all that you do for the many of us that are searching.
Betsy Ward

On Christmas night, 1998, we had a match, finding Diane Marie Raney.
I cannot even begin to tell you the joy our family has experienced over this miracle.
I would like to have my message removed now. Thank you so much.

You may delete ad 10780!
Thanks to you and 2 other sites I located my birthmother.
I have placed ads on many sites for years. Recently my birthmom and her sister started searching. They found my entry on 2 sites however those sites don't give out email addresses or anything until a match is confirmed. When I got an email from one of those sites saying they may have a match, I didn't have
the patience to wait *smile* so I searched some others sites, in hopes that I would find an email address or phone number.
Anyway on your site her sister had posted (even though she posted the wrong birthdate), and I emailed her. Within about 2 hours I was talking to
my birth mom on the phone and now have a MUCH larger family! Thanks for what are you doing!
Kelly Matthews

I just wanted to let you know that you may delete my message-ad #23290. I have found my birth family. I think what you are doing is great for
everyone who is searching. Adoptees should have the right to know all information regarding who they are. Thanks again.
Donna Haley

Please remove Ad# 24026. I found my daughter on 6/13/66 -- exactly 32 years to the day I signed the relinquishment papers. Our reunion has been a
true fairy tale. We have formed a wonderful, close, loving relationship. Our reunion has been written about in two major newspapers in the Dallas/Ft.
Worth area, we've been on television together (along with her wonderful adoptive mother) and we shared our testimony at my church, where we performed "Great Is They Faithfulness" together -- Juli sang while I accompanied her on the
keyboard. In a few days we will perform a piano duet together. She has bonded in the most special of ways with my two other children, Lisa and Todd.
On December 28th we celebrated our first Christmas together -- I was surrounded by ALL my children. Even though Juli is 32 years old -- I had
to give her a gift that all mothers give to their daughters sometime in their lifetimes -- a doll.
I found that God had been so incredible faithful to answer all the prayers I had prayed over my little girl for the past 32 years -- and He had answered
them all long ago. How thankful I am that I was finally able to see the answers.

Thanks for reminding me about my listing on The Seeker. I want to   delete my listing, #10830, because we found our sister in lat 
September. Isn't that great? She was looking for us, too, and she  was listed with the International Soundex Reunion Registry. When we  sent one in, we got a match. Thanks for your help.
Ginny Youmans

Please remove ads #26023, 27042, 27043, 27044, & 27045. I apologize for the duplication of ads. However, we did find my husband's family.
Unfortunately, it was too late for him to meet his father, as he has passed away. But, we
did find his stepmother and three brothers. We have not been able to meet them in person yet as we cannot afford to make the trip. But, we do hope
to be able to visit them soon. Thanks for all of the help. We found my husband's father listed in the social security death index and contacted the newspaper in the town where he died and they sent us the obituary, where we got the names of other relatives.
Thanks Again,

Please remove ads #'s 26352 and 27099. I hired a professional searcher who found my son within hours. This is a terrific service. Thank you for
allowing me to post to your service. May all who are searching find the one they seek soon. I hope everyone will be as blessed as I've been.
Thank you,
Karen S.

Thank you for the reminder that I still have messages out there that need to be taken care of. My searches are over for my birth family.
Please delete message #s 25960 and 26264. My Birth mother has been deceased since 1984, my birth father since 1965 and one birth brother since 1965.
I have found and am building a relationship with one birth brother and a half sister and two half brothers. However we prefer to delete the half. Am
taking it slow and easy, all kind of strange due to having no siblings for 52 years and now I have a whole family.
I did not post to find my birth son however I did. There the news is not what I would have liked. He was killed in an accident Christmas Eve 1984.
I would never have found him if his auncle was not doing genealogy on the family and ran across a post I had made seeking information on his brother (adad) and the family. You never know where you will find the ones you seek.
Thank you for the opportunity to post at your site. Please keep message # 26265 active. I still hope for some information on Pop.  Again thanks and you
have my permission to post any or all of this message as needed.
Gail L. Day

I found my birth sister and I would like to be deleted from the list.   I found her througth the
Adoption Registry of Canada. The number is 27239.
Thanks for all your help.
Tammy Lemire

I found my dad. He died in May of 1982. This has been a very trying year for me, because my sister, aunt, cousin, uncle, and friend passed away.
And, then after all of that I find out just by chance that my father has been deceased since May of 1982, one month prior to my high school
graduation was a bit much. So, please take me off of the list. His name is Robert White.
Antoinette Woods 

Please delete my message, I have found my brother.  Thank you.
Have a happy day!
Jill Barrera

Thanks for the message but I have now managed to trace the missing person through UK Family records Offices. Many thanks for your assistance.

Hi, I posted message 25661 about James Errera. I have since found out that he died in 1982 so I am no longer looking for him. I would appreciate it if
you could remove the message. Thank you very much and I think you offer a wonderful service.
Heather Marquez

My message number is 26195 and you may delete it because I was reunited with my siblings Dec 1st. My birthmother had passed away in 1982 and I had
searched for her since 1991 so she had already been deceased, But from the obit I found all the sisters and my brother and called them and since then
we have talked on the phone and all met in person twice now-we were together on Dec23rd for a xmas party so it's all working out really well.
Thank you for all you do to help people like me.
God Bless!!!
Melissa A. Wintersteen

Please delete my ad, #21683.  My  daughter and I are now reunited. I hired an intermediary who located her. Thanks.
Tanya Charlton

Please remove my ad #23567. I received info from other readers that the State of Kansas has open records and was given the address to request forms
to file to register to have my info given out if someone was looking for me. My form was recieved in the office on 11/30/98 and my bdaughter came
into the office to complete her request to search for me on 12/2/98.....Yes, just two days apart!!!! She called me on Saturday 12/5/98 and made my Christmas much, much brighter than I can ever remember or hope for! We are taking it slow, getting to know each other by mail and phone.
I am so happy I could almost explode. It must have been time to find each other after all these years and we both began our search for each other 2
days apart. Coinsidence? I think not, my prayers were answered!! Thank you and other readers for the help.
Toni Seyhun

On December 22, 1998, my daughter received a phone call from granddaughter Christina's mother Cindy. It had been 17 years since her last contact
with any of our family and nobody know of their whereabouts. Christina continually expressed
a desire to contact her father and family, so her mother decided to help her.  She somehow found my daughter's FAX number and called. I'd like to report
the Seeker site helped, but we'll consider it a miracle and you can delete my ad.
Tom McGovern

Thank you so much for this wonderful service. I am happily sending this email to inform you that I was reunited with my birthmother on October 21.
Please delete message #17937.
Kerry Dalton

You can remove my ads shown above.I have found my dad, James Oliver Davidson. My sister who lives in SC paid to have a search done with US
Search. Within 48 hours I was talking with MY dad. I won't be able to see him for a while since neither of us can afford the trip. Dad lives in CA and I live in MI, so for now we are just enjoying each other on the telephone. Thanks so much!
Paula York-Miller

Please remove message 19098. A private investigator found my birth mother by using my fathers SSN and searched his marriage tree. He then got my mothers SSN and crossed it to her drivers license, and got her address. It took him about and hour. We are planning a reunion this spring.
Thanks, Payge Baker

I wanted to thank you personally for being the vehicle that reunited my long lost daughter & me after 22 years, after she was adopted out by a
wonderful childless couple in 1976. She & I are identical-personality & physical appearance. It's kinda scary!! We were reunited on 3/13/98 and
have enjoyed every second together since. We correspond daily via email & talk on the phone for hours whenever our husbands will allow (she's
currently living in Utah, I'm in Washington)
We instantly clicked, the genetic bond was as fast as quick drying cement!!!!!! Sadly, though, her adopted parents are still struggling with our new found relationship, but we're working on that. I think once they realize that I'm NOT any kind of threat to them & their relationship with their daughter, I think everything will work out.
We'd love to tell our successful story, either on the air or just via email. Let me know if you're interested. We do have our reunion pictures
(3x5's) if you're interested, too.
Thank you for the wonderful job you and your website did for us, and countless of other Seekers!!
May God Richly Bless you & yours!!
Valerie Cunningham
(was Message #18947)

Please remove message 15495. I have met my father and one of the brothers I was searching for. I have now met a huge number of family members from my paternal side, as well as re-located a former boyfriend, and although these didn't come from using your service, I think it's an awesome idea and I still visit it periodically to see if other friends are searching for me. Congratulations on your syndication, and good luck with the
cruise-another great idea! Thanks.
Leigha Conner

#11312. Please cancel search.
After months of research to locate a female cousin I had lost track of over 30 years ago, I finally started searching for her brother, who had been military. By a stroke of luck, a senior center in China Lake, Ca. knew him and had him call me by telephone. My female cousin, his sister, died ten years ago. Her brother and I talked awhile and that ended the search, as she was the only family member known to me. Thanks.
Earl Friend

I found my relatives through someone leaving a message at HTTP://WWW.WBS.NET/
offering help with genealogy research.
This person had come from the same area as my relatives.
Thanks Linda

I was actually found last year around this time by my Birth Mother's family. I have been so busy since then that  I have not been able to contact all the sites that I posted to to let them know. Sadly, my BMom passed away 10 years ago. I do have a wonderful Aunt who lives in Maine with her husband and I also have many new cousins. I had a reunion with my Aunt Monica (Monique, who I was named after when I was born) and her husband, Uncle Al last April. It was wonderful!!!! They are both very nice people. I have yet to meet all of my new cousins. Unfortunately, I do have a cousin that lives in Ma. who has no desire to meet me. She doesn't
want to acknowledge my existence. I'll never understand those kinds of feelings that people have toward us.
There was some misleading facts that are listed in my adoption records. The State of Massachusetts has in their records that my bmom was from Lawrence, Ma. in Essex County, when in fact, she was from Lowell, Ma. in Middlesex County. When I asked how this could happen, I was told that the info had to have been given to them by my bmom or another family member. My new Aunt seems to think that it was my grandmother. She took the secret of me to her death. The way my family found out about me was from a friend of my bmom's who
had terminal cancer. She felt that it was the secret was kept long enough. The funny part about the whole thing is that I have been searching for about 20 years. When my family found out about me, it took them 2 days to find me on the internet. I could go on and on about this story, there is so much more.
I am still interested in finding my birth father and his family. I have nothing on him. My Aunt can't remember his name. She said she only met him briefly. Please let me know what you need to change my posting. I am listed under mitch6@abts.net Thank you so much for all your help. You have a great site!!!
Denise Mitchem

I have located my birthson so you can delete the messages. Thanks for all the good things you are
doing in the adoption community. God Bless.

Hi, you can remove #11129 and #11131; our friend found us via an email search, and we're happily corresponding on an almost daily basis. Thanks
for this great service!
Ellen Mill

Hi, the Phillip who lived in Oklahoma was the Phillip I was looking for!
I've made contact, but nothing else yet. Thank you for your help. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for all you do.
Jennifer Jones

Editor's Note:  She is referring to the fact that we used our Site Seeking section to find him and gave her the phone number.

Thank you for your wonderful service!!! I have found my biological family. I found them by placing an ad in the newspaper of the city where I was born the week of my birthday. A relative saw it and called my grandmother who now lives in a different state. You might recommend this to people. It worked for me!!!

Please delete my ad on the seeker, number 4139, and free up this space for others looking for family and friends. Thank you!!!
Vonda Westmoreland

You may remove my name from this list. I have been reunited with my child.
Thank you.
Debbie Harvey

I found my birthdaughter in August this year, so please take my posting off #7345.
Carol Kistler

Hi! I found my birthmom so please remove message number 4192. Her name is Rebecca Jane Vinson. We both registered through Edna Gladney where I was born. Ironically, we'd both been registered for two years before they matched us. I have a little brother Andrew Nome, age 10, and he is incredibly smart. I am still looking for my birthfather, but now I have a name. Phillip Wayne Pond. Date of Birth 10/14/57. I plan to put
another message in about him. His last known address was 5412 Vestatartley in Fort Worth, Texas. Thanks a lot.
Jennifer Leigh Jones

I have found my bmom, please remove my message #1952. Thank you!
Margo Nielsen

Please remove ad #32718. I have located her. Thanks.

Could you please delete my search message (#1019).  I found Wyatt Hilgenberg about a year ago. Thanks so much for your help and  the service you provide.
Stephanie Greenway

I have found my son Dean Alexander Lance Villeneuve. We were both matched throught Adoption Dislcosure
Register In Toronto Canada. Our reunion is superb and we are very close. Thank you for posting my message no 951 with the Seeker.
Carol.....happily reunited with son Dean.....still his name :-)
Carol Kisnics

Have found my brother you can remove ad #24548, I did not find him on this link but found him through the adoptee search center on the net, he was looking for me too, we have not seen each other for 49 years. We will meet on the 4th of Dec. for the first time and am looking forward to the meeting.
Thank you for your service.
Thanks D. Richardson

I would like to have you remove my ad. I found my father! Thank you so much. I called him and we have talk alot and last Sunday I got to meet for the first time in over 35 years. I can't tell you how much it means
to see him and to hear his voice. I look alot like
him. For all of you that are still looking Don't give up !!! When the time is right you will find the one you are looking for. Good Luck and hang in there!!!
Louise Starr


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