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Sought & Found

We want to hear from you!!
  Please let us know when you find your friend or loved one! 

We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person.  Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others.  If you have a story you want included here, just write to and tell us HOW you found them.

Here is what some of our viewers have said:

Just thought you would like another happy ending. I am still not sure where our messages were found on the Internet, but last Tuesday William and Arthur Nelson spoke for the first time in almost 85 years. Must be somewhat of a record.
William's daughter had been surfing the net for two years when she came across one of our versions of "William's story". William knew his name and knew he had a brother Arthur. William was put on one of the Orphan Trains out of New York City after his mother died in 1919. William had his mother's birth certificate, but did not know his father's name, only his grandfather's. In order to go to school, William needed a birth certificate, so he adopted the name of the family that took him in Iowa.
The one piece of evidence that clinched the reunion was that both men had a coopy of the same picture which had been taken of them in 1914.
Arthur and William will turn 91 and 88 near the end of this month. They have had two 45 minute conversations and plan a reunion sometime in April.
Best regards and thank you for you efforts and prayers.
Marie Joan Huntley

ELBA & JOE CLARK. Imagine my great surprise and shock when after placing a notice on March 6th on The Seeker, I turned on my computer the
following morning and found a note from Vanderle giving me information that my friends had renewed their drivers license, where, and when.
I immediately called information got the telephone number and we were finallly reunited today. THANK YOU !!! You are truely a BLESSING. I
have been trying to find her for over 6 years.
Again my deepest Thanks and may God Bless all you wonderful people out there and esp. The Seeker who made ths possible.
June Robeen

I am just writing to let you know I don't need to run the ad anymore. I have found all my family. Birthmother & father. It was a shock to her at first.
But she came around.  Thank you for helping me

I'm not sure if there's a spot in the SEEKER on this, but if so, I would like to update it, if at all possible.
My good friend (Eileen Beers-Nowadly Russell)had told me a couple of years ago that she was a birthmom. I had offered to help her search,  and placed ads wherever I could (AOL, Seeker, OLV in Lackawanna, Sunflowers and I'm sure others..). After about two years...finally, I received a phone message from a girl stating that she saw a couple
of ads in the registries (OLV - Lackawanna, Buffalo, NY was one of them), and that she was sure she knew who her Mom was...and wanted to make sure it was alright to give her a call. That was February 28th, and just Monday, March 8th - they were reunited in person. Eileen's daughter just had turned 32 this February and got a computer and decided she was ready to search for her birthmother. It didn't take her more than a few she looked in the right places and the data was there!
They are happy and feel good about their new relationship.
My thanks as a birthmom to all those who coordinate these 'free' registries...I still have not been reunited with my son, but "my dream will come true." - I'm patient and pray that God will hear my prayers and make my dream come true.
Linda (Fish) Slade
bmom to son born in Rochester, NY on 9/16/76

Please delete my message 10851. I found my family  and we had a  family reunion. It was quite an event and went very well.  I didn't find my family through The Seeker. However, in doing my own  research I found that the State of Colorado has an intermediary  program. Although Colorado is a closed adoption state, I learned   that I could petition the court to have the adoption record opened.
After a couple of tries, after which I finally found the right court to petition, which happened to be in Grand Junction, Colorado, the court approved my petition. After that happened, the court assigned
an intermediary to conduct the search. These intermediaries do this on a regular basis and are trained in how to conduct the searches.
The fee was around $400.00. My intermediary was able to locate my family after several weeks. The intermediary then has to get formal approval from the party being sought before he/she can put them in
touch but then the parties are on their own. In other words, there cannot be a surprise attack as both parties have to be in agreement to the reunion. It worked out well and now I have met my real family
and have a new Mom and five brothers and sisters and countless other relatives. It was great.
Carolyn Turner

Please remove message #31994. I found my friend's homepage through one of the search engines on your site, e-mailed him, and we have gotten in
touch again after over 4 years. Thanks!
Valerie Bedard

My friend was located because another friend saw the listing and contacted me.
Now I have found 2 old friends. Thanks.

I would like to thank The Seeker for allowing me to post my ads.   It helped me to find my loving aunt after thirty years. Also, it helped me find
a dear friend of mine, that I had not heard from for a while.  Just browsing and looking for names and addresses, I accidently found your page! Thank
God!  My family has found the one person that makes our lives full. Again, Thank you.
The ads that need to to be removed are as follows.
31785 and 24963
Elizabeth Miles

It appears that the adoptive child/birthmother search which was the subject of ad number 18975 will soon result in a physical reunion, thanks primarily to your service.

You may remove message number 15484, as the person I was seeking has died, but through internet his son found me!! So, just this one message
can be removed. Please leave the others on, and I keep hoping sometime maybe there will be success on those, also. Thanks again for the great
opportunity here.
Sandi Coobs

Please delete ad # 2479. Thank you for letting me post my listing. I found my friend in Washington state about to retire from the Navy.

I just want you all to know that I think this is a great sight to help people find missing relatives and friends. Although I did not find my mom
through the seeker, some of tyhe information that was there helped. I found my mom about 1 1/2 years ago through a private investigator that I met. I
happened to ask him if he did that sort of thing. I gave him all the information I had gathered and by the next day he called me to tell me where she was. I was very surprised and to a degree in denial because I could not believe it could have happened so fast. I guess I was lucky in that I was at the right place at the right time. This private investigator
was great and it cost me under $50. My mom, her second family and I have been in touch. It's been great to put closure to the wondering.
Nancy Weils

Thanks for the reminder. I found my "lost" person. In fact, she's sitting right beside me. Yahoo! Thanks for having such a wonderful site.
Ben Walker

Please remove my postings: #9439 Female bn 3-19-61 & #9440 Male bn 4-1-62  We have been united.. I used a court appointed intermediary, after I filed a petition.  Thank you for your service.
Sheryl Laughner

I found my birth family thru the Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry, and will be meeting a whole passle of family in the coming months. Thanks for your great service.
Michael Morris

Please remove message numbers 15395 and 24534. I have found my brother.
Someone read my ads here and personally e-mailed me. This person did my search for me and found my brother for me in only 6 weeks. It turned out that
all this time he only lived 45 minutes from where I live. If it wasn't for this site, I never would have
found him after all these years. Thanks!
Mary Spence

I have found my birthmother.
Thanks to the seeker, I was able to find her after 15 years of searching and my birthmom and I are building a wonderful mother/daughter relationship.

Please remove message #8614. Today, my daughter, Dana, called me. I posted a
message with the Seeker in Spring 1996 and prayed that someday, someone who knew her would see it.
She's 22 now and I haven't seen her in 19 years. She works in property management where she has access to credit checks and address verification
databases. All she had to go on was my social security number on her birth certificate. She started looking for me three years ago under my previous
name, Baker. She told me that a couple of weeks ago, she ran it again and came up with the name of Kayter. I remarried 4 years ago, but some of those
databases take awhile to catch up.
She then called a nationwide directory service and came up with several listings. She started calling... and calling... She said she talked to several people and was ready to give up. On a whim, she called this
afternoon, expecting an answering machine. I was home . We talked and cried for an hour. After dinner this evening, I called her again and we talked
and cried for another hour. I not only have my daughter again, I have a son-in-law and a two-month old grandson!
My word of encouragement to seekers: don't give up! and don't have an unlisted number! (you can get a directory assistance only listing on request, which eliminates most solicitors and crank calls). Overcome the fear! Dana and I confessed to one another how we feared rejection and imagined the worst might happen if we ever found each other, but she's been seeking me as much as I've been seeking her and now, we're making plans to get together very, very soon (she lives 6 hours away).
Thank you, Linda, for being here. Although we were not reunited through the Seeker ad I placed 3 years ago, knowing that I had a small flag waving
often kept me from discouragement.
Colleen Kayter

Hi my name is Jackie Lowe and I have an ad in your online magazine. I want to let you know the ad#'s so you can remove them and add my reunion story to your found page. My ad #'s are 12667 and 13136......... Well, as my ad said I was looking for my husbands siblings, Tina, Teresa, Steven, and Jr (John Jr). Well, throught the tireless effort of
a new found friend in WI, named Mary, I have found all of the children.
They were all seperated from my husband, because of their parents divorce and my husband's mother's marriage to their father. As you can tell they are 1/2 siblings, but they are still siblings none the less.
Some of them were never told of their brother's existance, and the ones that did know were told not to bother with trying to find him, because it was not their business and so they were kept apart. I myself have been married to Michael, the youngest of the 5 children and have been searching off and on for 7 years since I found other family members that
told me of the siblings existence. I was nearly at a loss until Mary e-mailed me back, and was able to find them. Yes I paid out a tiny amount of money, compared to the vast amounts I had already spent on phone calls and hours of internet searching which had produced no leads.
I would have walked to Timbucktoo to find them, and was afforded a pair of shoes with someone to walk beside me and search for and with me. I am
so happy and excited for my husband Michael and his sisters and brothers. I did not find them through The Seeker Magazine, but I know you all are a worth while place to begin, and I thank God for you and all the people willing to help and search for those of us who can't or who have hit brick walls in our searches. Again a million thanks to Mary
and to The Seeker, for giving to us a Priceless Gift, our Family.
May God Bless All in their searches and all of those that help in that search.
Jackie Lowe

You may delete message #27886. After 15 years searching for the wrong surname in the wrong city, I received my non-ID info from the State of
California, then found a wonderful searcher named Cher Caldwell on the internet. I faxed her all my info and the next day, I was talking to my birthmom. Have 2 half brothers, grandparents, and all are wonderful.  Planning reunion in February 1999. Thanks for your help.
Teresa Ischar

Please remove my mothers message Number 31735 regarding Donald Jones.   He has been found---thanks to the posting on The Seeker. There has been no contact yet! But, hopefully there will be soon!  Mother is responding better then we expected from her stroke in January. Thanks to her being able to leave a message on your board she has some peace of mind. Please, do not remove any of her other ones as the others have not been located. We have had some queries but, nothing firm. Again my mother (Sue), my brother, and I wish to thank you. If it wasn't for people like you and your staff we wouldn't have had this success. Praise God for you all. Thanks. From,

I found my birth mother! I can't believe it! I want to recommend to everyone a man named Dan Doughtery. He can be reached at He found my mom in just 12 days!
Pam Maxson

Thanks for the reminder notes.
YES - I have been blessed. In the last 18 months I have located my birth family (#13407) and my birth daughter (#26693) I can tell you it has been a life-altering time to locate two wonderful families. Thanks to all the people, such as The Seeker, who make tt easier for us to feel empowered to search. Bless you and thanks.
Carol G. Cox

First of all I'd like to thank you for your commitment in reuniting America! Your voice is truly being heard. I have not been able to hear your radio show, but from what I've seen on site, I can only imagine the outcome of your "show" has been. Through I found my birth family. Then because of the e-mail you sent out I found the tool I was looking for to actually be reunited with them. I contacted Maria Badami
of Banyan Productions, and a long story short, they decided to reunite us on their show. (To be aired Wed., Jan. 20th, 1:00 EST) It was an incredible
experience! I have you to thank for the information regarding the show.
Without your commitment to all of us, searching for friends and/or loved ones, I would not have been able to seal that hole in my soul with all the
love I now have from my birth family.
Thank you again and again!
Your #1 Fan,
Paige Chapman


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