Sought & Found

Sought & Found

We want to hear from you!!
  We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person. Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others. If you have a story you want included here, just write to and tell us HOW you found them..

Here is what some of our viewers have said:

Hi, I emailed you about me finding my bmom. Well I
had some names I had acquired which were supposed to be the names of either my
bparent's or my bgrandparents. Then when I came online I had heard of
Geneology and went searching one night on the web and found a woman who had
info on one of the names I had in my notes. So I emailed her and it turns out
she is my baunt. Talk about luck. Things have been so wonderful and we have
all met twice. The search only took me 9 weeks, although it felt longer. I
feel so blessed to have this in my life. I appreciate your interest in the way
I found her. And thanks for your wonderful site on the web.
Best Wishes,

Thank you for your service. This was a match, so you may take the ad from
the service.
Carlin and Natalie Heimann
Editor's Note: This match was provided by us because the e-mail was no longer valid.   They contacted us because they saw a message that fit who they were looking for.   Please let us know when you plan to go off line so we can update your listing.

I have found the person I waslooking for.
He was killed in 1986 in Oklahoma City. Doesn't make for
a good ending, but it does put a closure on things. Please delete
Message Number 4230 from your database. Thanks for your help.
Diann Peterson

My Bdaughter found my "Bfather searching" posting at BirthQuest, when see,
after two years of searching for me [very common names as you can see in
header] in more conventional ways, took her first shot at using the InterNet.
Regards; James O.- happy and proud;new father

Just a note to let you know that I found my Bmom, unfortunately
deceased. So you can remove my ad. The good news is that I found my
wonderful Bbro too, and he is very much alive. Happiness is a 49-year
old baby brother! Now we are looking for our other brother who appears
to have fallen into a black hole. I've just placed a new ad at the
Seeker and am really hoping the right person will read it. Thanks very
Susan L. Harnwell

Hello and thank you for your message. I couldn't remember the address
of the place I put an ad in, but I needed to tell you that I did find my
biological family! I put an ad in the newspaper where I was born over
the week of my birthday last May and my grandmother's cousin still lives
there and saw it. I met the whole crew over the fourth of July and I'm
going to Georgia this weekend for my "new" sister's wedding. Thanks for
your services on this site. I hope everyone finds who they are looking
for. May God bless your work!
Vonda Good-Westmoreland

I recieved your message today. I found my daughter in April 1997. We are slowly getting to know one another better. It has been a healing process for me and I think for her also. Thanks for you service even though I found my daughter through other means. The add # is 4252.
Thanks again, and best wishes to all the seekers.
Ginny Rightmier

Please remove message # 4141. Sis Tabernacki has been found!!!
Keep up the good work!
Bill Amman

My husband found his birth parents in June of 1996. However, they are both
deceased. He has a wonderful biological Aunt that has been quite
supportive. The non-identifying information is what helped the most. We
were able to locate the obituaries within a week of receiving this
information. Thank you for having this valuable service available. He was
listed as Andrew Lee Ingalls, born 5/17/66 in Tacoma, WA.
Andy/Tami Ingalls

Thanks for remembering me! I found my son 1 year ago Dec. 31 Thanks again
for your help.

Hi, this is Zeke Clawson, Tisha's husband. I am very happy to say that in September of 1996, Tisha and her Birth-mother made contact for the first time. A month after they met and have become good friends. Her mother was told at the time of the birth that her baby
had died due to complications. She was found by the miracle of God.  We are very happy about the way everything turned out, It was truely a life changing experience for all involved.
You can take her name or ad off the list, or put a GIANT;Praise God,
they once were lost, but now are found!
Zeke and Tisha

Thank you for your message. I have found who I was looking for. You
may delete my message.
Lysy Gardner

Thank you Linda. I actually have found the person I was looking for
thanks to the services you provide. I am so glad you were out there
to help me in my search process.
Stephanie Greenway

Thank you for reminding me about this. I have been reunited and so my message can be removed. Ad no. 2053.
Stacie Husak

I checked my add at your site (number 936). Am happy to report that my son
and I are happily reunited. You can remove this one. Haven't had a chance
to see if I've listed any others, but since I help others as well there may
be more with my email address attached to them. Is there a way that I can
search for my address? If so let me know and I'll check them all out and
let you know if they've been reunited or not.
ISO son Dec 16, 1975
Found January 21, 1997 I will always believe in FATE

Please remove that message I entered into Seeker over a year ago. I found the
person I was looking for, unfortunately no glory story for the Seeker. I do tell
others to use your site if they are looking for someone though. Thank you for
keeping my message going so long.
Pat DeMenna

I am so glad that you emailed me. I forgot all the places I had registered
at in search of my birthdaughter. I am HAPPY to say that I found her
7/31/96. So you can take my ad off your list.
It was ad #1853.

I adore The Seeker. I read it every day. I am a volunteer searcher
for birthparents and adoptees and this is the one place that works!! So sorry
about your cousin from Florida. I read about it in our local paper a few years
ago. My in laws live in Miami so I remember the story well. Best of luck
to you with The Seeker. It's great.
Sandy Baumwald
Editor's Note: We love our Angels, we couldn't live without them!
She is referring to a personal story of mine.

Hi, you can remove #2167 from Relatively Seeking.
I have been in reunion with my birthmother and birthfather's family for one year now. A special thanks to Anne Shipley, a Confidential Intermediary for the state of AZ. Without her I may have never found my mom, sister (who ironically has the same first name as me) and my brother. Thank you to you also for creating this web site for people like us!
Never give up hope! :)
John Briggs

Thanks for the note. Yes, I am still here and as of this week my two sibs
have been found by my intermediary! They both want contact and are signing
their releases. Waiting to hear soon and there are leads to my mother as
well. Will update.
Linda Mae VanHorn-Nielsen

Please remove my ad #2131, I have located my friend.
Mary Jo Newman
(Editor's Note: We appreciate hearing this, but we farrrr prefer knowing HOW you found them, so your methods can help others.

Please remove ad number 37 . We found the person we were looking for
though other means, but you'r service was helpful in that we received
several email's from peope who saw the ad.

Hi, I'm still online but my e-mail address has changed. It's now My message number with you is 766. Would you update my
message with this change please? Thanks!
Tracie Smith
Editor's Note: We REALLY appreciate this kind of messge. So many people go off line without telling us, then we have to go looking for YOU! Thank you Tracie!

Thank you so much for the help (Editor's Note: this was sent to Jan  - one of our favorite Angels who come out to help you in their 'spare' time - for free. We greatly appreciate people like Jan!)
I wouldn't have found him if not for you. We
found out in my husbands adoption records that there was indeed another baby
given up for adoption and guess what, they may have the same father. I am
ETERNALLY grateful. Thanks again, you truly are an angel
Jeanne Robinson
PS, I found him in under 6 hrs.

Thank you soooo much for your wonderful birth son found
the post I made and we were renuited on June 7, 1996. My ad # is #723 (or
724)..forgot to write it down. Again, your effort in maintaining this site is
Love & Hugs,
Lyn Shattuck
Art Studio Major
CSU, Chico
Home Page:

I really wish people would start their search messages with the key word in
BARTLING--Searching for etc. etc.
AUSTIN----Looking for etc. etc.
JOHNSON HS ATLANTA----Class of 1950 reunion etc.etc.
I don't have the time to read all the messages. I am looking for my old friend-----
Back in 58 I lived in------br> I know I can keyword in a specific name, but I like to see if I recognize
any others that I might be of some help on. But I can't spend the time to
read everyones life story just to pick up a name halfway through the
Just a thought. Keep up the good work.
Bill Bartling
Editor's Note: I agree. Please let us here more of your thoughts like this.

You may remove ad numbers 17967 and 18004. My cousin contacted me!
I want to say thank you, to you and your sponsors for providing a great
service and super site.
In addition to placing ads here, there and yon; I located Marla's ex
mother-in-law in Kalama, Washington via online searches. Due to her
advanced age, my phone calls and letters, written over the course of a year,
were ineffective. I finally decided to write a letter to Marla's "ex
husband in care of his mother's address. I knew his name but alas, he was
unlisted. I asked him point blank to put divorce animosity aside and help
me by making sure Marla received the letter, which contained my address,
phone number and email address. It worked! She emailed me last monday from
her home in Puyallup, Washington. Her sister, Lee Ann lives there also. To
make matters even better, their mother is living, is only sixty-seven, and
knows some things about Chester, the California cousin I was looking for in
ad 18004.
I wish everyone would close out their ads when they're finished with them!
Again, Thanks a million!
Jerry L. Dingeldein

My name is Debbie Battle. My son was born on 02/08/72 in San Antonio,
TX. at Nix Mem. Hosp. He was located on 09/09/97 and I will have phone
contact with him on Sat. Thank you for posting my search info.
Debbie Battle

(This one is a bit long, but very interesting)
I really enjoy hearing from you. Your enthusiasm and direction for the open
records movement sounds just like I feel. It is a great thing you are
doing, keep up the good work. I will make a copy of the Indy Star article
for you.
I found the Butterbox home page, it is at:
It's real name is the Ideal Maternity home. Go check it out and read some
of the stories from the people who have been affected by it. I recall one
letter from a man who adopted a child from there which told about how the
babies fingers were blue and how he was sure the baby would have died if
they hadn't taken him home and saved him. It really tears your heart out to
read it.
Here is an angle I am using which gets the legal community to take notice.
Divorce is very common today, and in a divorce step parents are very much a
visible part of the family. If a step parent were to keep a child from
their natural parents they would be considered kidnappers, and it would be
considered very detrimental to the mental health of the child. Why is the
same consideration not given to adopted children? In a divorce all parties
know who the other parties are and it is NOT the end of the world.
Conversely the children grow up knowing more people love them, and are
showered by gifts from more people. When I was happily married, my 4 year
old came home from day care one day dissappointed that other kids had more
than one mom and dad and he only had one each. The world is ready for open
records and open adoptions
I discussed this angle via email with an attorney once who was seeking input
on adoption privacy issues. He responded very positively stating that this
is a very good point because the law should not discriminate against one
group of people while treating another group another way.
I am in the process of writing a book which is very powerful (in my
opinion). It includes my search details, imbedded with all the raw emotion
of each step along the way. In addition my sister wrote a political fable
which will be included in the book. It is a fantastic piece of work. If
only I could find the time to finish it and get it to market.

When I wrote to the Seeker, I was looking for my daughter whom I gave
up for adoption at birth some 37 years ago! At that same time my
daughter was looking for me thru 'normal' channels and she found me!
We were reunited in August of 1996 and have developed a wonderful
relationship as a family.

Please remove ad no. 7093 from your relatively seeking list. I have found out
one of them is dead and I have found the other one. Margaret is dead and I
have talked to Dorothy on the phone. I really appreciate all the help you
have been able to provide me in my quest. Without your Seeker magazine I
might have never found them.
I am still looking for James Myers,(ad no. 6803,) Please leave that ad in the
listing. Someday, with your help, I may be able to find him.

Please delete ad number 17919. You truly run a great service.
D. Lesemann

AD #17311 can be removed, my husband's friend has been found. Ultimately The seeker wasn't how he was found, but the Seeker certainly helped in terms of links and ideas for how to find him. Thanks for this site! It's very much appreciated!

I was contacted by the couple I was looking for because someone saw my message on your site and knew them. There were very dear friends of mine 25 years ago, and moving out of state, well, we just lost touch. I am so glad to be able to talk with them again! We will be getting together soon. Thank you for your site!
Dan Wiskoski

The connection made through your assistance is wonderful!
Finding my daughter was such a fantastic treat for me. I hope it's good for her as well. She is traveling out here to see me next month. Having recently lost her adoptive mother, then finding her birth mother within this past year, they're having a grand time together, then my coming into her has been a hectic time for her but she seems to handle it well. She had really great adoptive parents and a brother, also adopted. Very stable, loving and they built a most wonderful young woman. Even the natural mother and I are communicating, in a most freindly manner, no acrimony, no bitterness of any kind, only a wish that we might have done better by one another. What a delightful outcome. Please take a bow, you are terrific and your efforts have been appreciated!

Please remove ad 1259, I have found who I was looking for. Actually, I gave three girls up for adoption, each one year apart --
The middle girl searched, and found one sister, me, then the youngest sister.

Please remove posting #13737. Thanks to the assistance of one of your readers I was able to locate my birth father and he very graciously provided me with the medical information I desired. Thank you for providing a place to put my ad; and to the kind person who took the time to answer.
Kim White

Please remove AD #7512. I have found my father... At least I
have found that he is no longer living... But during the process of
locating him, I did find my half-brother and half-sister..
I received information. from someone that used to work for my dad, that
he was there in Costa Rica. This person had heard from someone on the
Internet that I was looking for my father.. After contacting him, and
getting the information, I later found out that my dad was no longer
I located my half sister and brother from individuals in Costa Rica that
knew my father... They are both here in the States and were actually
living in New Hampshire just a couple of towns away... (small world)..
I don't know if your web page was the one that helped to locate my family
or not, but I'm sure it helped..
Thank you for your service...
Jessica Boody

I am writing to let you know that my friend has been found by a relative of hers who used this service! The relative let her know that I have been looking for her. So thank you very much! I appreciate having had my ad # 325 available on the service for so long! So thank you again and you can remove the ad now!
Lynne Sanders

Please remove my ad. #16964 as soon as possible. I have located my birthmother.
Thank you so very much.
Lorie Patch

Please remove ads #8742 and #12843. I've found my birthmother. Thank
you for your great site.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! - A woman called me from La Fayette, GA where my
mother was born. She does this for a hobby - she found my mother in 10
minutes by contacting everyone with the same last name in La Fayette. She
gave me the address and phone number and I will be calling tonight! I have
posted my information to a lot of registries, but 1 hour after I put my
info in yours, I had the answer.
My ad number is (WAS) 17920. I called my mother last night - I was
terrified, but it turned out great! It was so amazing hearing my own voice
speaking back to me. She said 'I HAVE TO MEET YOU'; it looks like that
will be in March. She was very happy that things have gone well for me,
and that I was adopted by a great family, and I assured her that I have
always believed that she did the right thing (she was only 17, and wasn't
married). She has 2 sons (my half brothers) and they know that she had a
baby girl who was adopted out, so this won't be a complete shock to them.
We are going to write to each other and send pictures today. THANKS again;
I will recommend The-Seeker to everyone I can find that needs help locating
someone. The person that found her wishes to remain anonymous, but she
asks that I post this story to encourage others to use the-seeker.

Please remove add #15715. I have found my birthmother. I was contacted by a complete stranger because of your services and within twenty four hours, I found my birthfamily. They live over 1100 miles away so we are planning a reunion for January. We e-mail each other almost daily. Thanks again and I will let you know how the reunion goes!

I'm sorry I don't know my post number, but I registered around 6/30/97: Female Adoptee ISO B-mom Patricia from Jacksonville, FL DOB 06/16/60 Born St. Petersburg, FL
As far as the search goes, my main recommendation to others is to be PERSISTANT! The law states that we cannot be GIVEN identifying information but it doesn't say anything about our ability to GUESS. I was blessed enough to have a caring person who was willing to ENCOURAGE me in the right direction, although they never TOLD me anything. I actually was the one who guessed my bmom's middle and last name (after a few well thought clues were hinted to me.) I would NEVER want to get this person in trouble for we have developed a friendship and a trust. There are still a few people out there who really do care and want to help but they are bound by the law, nor can they TELL people that they can guess. NETWORKING with other people surely paid off! It doesn't hurt to reach out and develop relationships...nuture them and then look for loopholes in the law too!
I used the information myself and through a process of elimination was able to find my b-mom without paying a searcher. I had been volunteering my time to others whom I could help and this time someone volunteered to help me. What goes around, comes around!
I called the library in the place where my b-mom had resided in the year I was born. A research librarian looked up the information for me in the City Directores (over the phone, as I was calling from out of town) There was a match. Then with the help of an internet adoptee/friend and a '97 phonebook from that location, we found another family member by the same name still residing at that address, except it had become a business. It took a few more hours of calling relatives to find out where "she" was living and if she had married or had a name change. Then using the Internet, I found her address and phone number. I called.
My bmom thought I was dead. That explained why she had never searched for me. She married, then later divorced my b-father, but they remained in close contact all these years. He had just called her last week to check on her. She wants to meet me and was very receptive to doing so. She then wants to be the one to tell my b-father about me. I can't wait, but I an trying to be patient and give her some much needed time to let all of this soak in!
If I can be of any further help to you or your newsletter, please let me know.
The best of everything to your and The Seeker
Tamara Warren

I have had a wonderful reunion with my 37-year-old son this past weekend. I'm not sure what my ad number was, but he was born 6/14/60 in Coral Gables, FL. He is a wonderful young man who looks like me but is much taller and smarter! Good luck to all you seekers and know that happy endings do exist.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of my search for my son; I heard his first cry at birth on 3-13-69, relinquished him for adoption because it was the best thing to do, then suffered in silence until 12-6-95 when Janet Huddleston, a searcher, called me with the information I had tried to get from the day he turned 18..........I had a Mother's heart and wanted to see my only child.... I spent my life savings on a private investigator, James F. Simon, Business Intelligence, Inc......thousands of dollars=zero results......My search had to stop because I had no more money ...... Until I found Janet, who located him in 2 months and at a fraction of the money spent on one of Cincinnati's Finest Private Detectives!!!!Janet, You are a Winner!!!! Jim: I want to believe that you tried your best.....I thank everyone who was a part of the journey, there were no mistakes, just lessons....We all sit at a banquet of consequences, some now, some on the other side....I wish I had known about the Internet when I started my search. The Seeker Magazine is a wonderful opportunity to place your search on the WWW, Learn from my costly experience....I know there are *Angels* who read these posts and will help you find that loved one, friend or old buddy......I wish you luck and happy reunions to all. Jan

FOUND FOUND FOUND!!! I have had my first reunion with my first of 2 Tx daughters since before the adoption in 1982. I can't begin to tell you how beautiful it is and how thankful I am to people dedicated to NO MORE SECRETS! Thanks for pages like this one and to 2 internet "Angels" who aided in the search. TO ALL SEARCHERS: DO NOT GIVE UP NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES LOOK LIKE!!! If you lose faith, get hold of someone who can have faith for you until yours returns....DON'T GIVE UP BEFORE THE MIRACLE, from 'no longer BirthMom-in-Waiting" aka D. Gibson

After 10 futile years of searching, I hired an intermediary and found my daughter. She only cost $300, and found my daughter quickly. An intermediary works with the adoption agency (in this case, the Volunteers of America). They give her my file, but she isn't allowed to tell me anything that's on it. She found Leanne, and asked her if she wanted to be found. Once the intermediary finds the adoptee (or birthmom), it is up to the found person to contact the person searching. Fortunately for me, Leanne had been trying to find me. What a thrill it was to come home from work one day and have a message on my answering machine from her! I immediately called her back, and we talked for hours. Our reunion was wonderful, and even tho I live in NC and she lives in FL, we have frequent contact. Don't know if I said before, but I'm a grandma! Leanne has a 5 year old son, Cody.
Editor's NOTE: Remember, even if WE didn't help you, all tips to help people find missing relatives are welcome!

I found the people we were looking for, by using information and ideas that I got from the net....Mainly the idea of talk to talking to an uncle we got mega info...even tho at the time did not seem like much...just a birthdate of my husband's mother and that he thought that her mother (my husband's grandmother) grew up in a town near where we lived....but we did not know her mother's maiden name....but out of husband said ya know I keep thinking this last name I have heard it using the net I looked up all people with that last name in the town his uncle told us of there were only 3. I called 2 with no success....then the third they were not home...but they had caller ID...and called back the next evening...she was a cousin by marriage...she gave me the phone number of another cousin who gave me the phone number of my husband's great uncle...who gave us to his mother's twin brother....who gave us to his mom....all within a few hours was wonderful...they stayed on the phone for 2 hours ....we went to visit her (she lives in another state) and we felt right at home...she and her husband were the best...we still keep in contact on a weekly husband could not be happier than to have his mom back in his life.

My granddaughter, Yavonna Pamela Lynne Collins has now been found. We made contact with the adoptive mother on 7-19-93, so her message can now be removed. Thank you so much for the web page to search for relatives. I found my grandson on a registry on the Internet, but I had to hire a paid searcher to find my granddaughter as she was not on the Net. But, without the Internet, I would not have found this searcher. So, the Internet is really the help that I needed to find these children. Wilma Johnson
Editor's Note: Don't forget that most libraries are on line now!

Please remove add no. 3374. My friend has found his bparents. The internet was instrumental in the find. You were THE FIRST site I had posted on in late 96. Thanks again.

I found Eileen by placing an ad in a newspaper in England which was seen by her brother. Hilary was found by word of mouth. I found out where she had worked in 1960 and phoned about 30 people that she had worked with. I was hoping that someone would know where she had gone when she left Edmonton and I got lucky. One person still kept in touch with her after 35 years. Thanks for your help. This is an invaluable service which you are providing.

Please remove ad no. 10547 from the Relatively Seeking section, I have found and been reunited with my birth family. (When asked how:) I had also registered on a website called the Massachusetts Registry. My birth parents found the listing there and contacted me. Thanks again. Amy

I am an adoptee who has posted on one of your seeking sites. While searching I read the post for AD # 4140. I have information about this person's birthfather, Leonard Pruitt, from Melbourne, FL but have no way of getting in touch with her. The post merely says to contact by US mail but gives no address. What would be the best way for me to notify this poster?
If you have a way of contacting her, please have her contact me by e-mail or by phone (407) 726-8180 or by mail. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Editor's note: When you post in The Seeker, you must put your e-mail in the BODY of the message, or no one but us will see it. This person has now received the information.

Please remove message no. 11065. I found Kevin through a link in your 'Site Seeking' section. This led me to his internet address. Thanks for providing such a great service!

Hello, Just wanted to stop by and let everyone know that I have found my sister. I began my search in October 1996, and found her on March 26, 1997. Just six short months of not giving up, searching all of the bulletin boards, and doing a great deal of paper tracking on my own. I found my sister. We have spent every spare moment of time either visiting eachother or talking on the phone. She's terrific. Even though our Mother past away, 1970 and my sister will never get to know who she was, we can deal with that together, you see our mother past away when I was 3, so neither of us got the chance, to say that we Loved her. But with out her looking over my shoulder I would never have been able to locate her other daughter. Thanks Mom and Thanks to everyone out there searching and assisting each of us as we stumble down that path of searching.
Today, I also have posted a new listing. My sister and I are now searching for our cousin who was also lost by adoption. I have faith in my heart that together, all of us, we will find her, greet her with open arms and loving hearts.
Don't Ever Give UP!!!
Sincerely, Donna-Lynn,

I just thought I'd let you know that only days after I posted myself on the World Wide Registry, I found my birth mother. Actually, it was quite simple. While I was born and put up for adoption in Toronto, Ontario, my birth mother was visiting/traveling from New Zealand. As I was born in 1968 (2 years before Children's Aid stopped putting first and last name on the adoption certificate) I was fortunate enough to know my birth mother's last name. I also assumed she would end up back in New Zealand.
Within days of doing an e-mail search for relatives with the same last name, I was provided with her brother's e-mail address. He in turn provided me with her name, address, phone #, etc. My birth mother contacted me, by phone, 6 days after my first attempt of doing my own search. Our talks have been positive and, currently, we are corresponding via mail and telephone. We plan to meet within the next year. So, all's well. Thank you for getting involved.

My ad is #3104....and yes, I have found who I was looking for. I found him through the Air Force Locator. As a military brat, I think sites like the seeker are wonderful. At times it can be very difficult to find those long lost high School friends, especially if you attended High School overseas, as I did. We need all the help we can get! Two thumbs up for The Seeker! Thank you.

11/21/59 Miami Beach, FL I am a male adoptee in search of birth family. My name at birth was Gregory. I was adopted from St. Vincent's Maternity and Adoption in Miami, FL at three months of age. I was in a foster home before that (Catholic Charities, I think). My parents lived in Maryland. My father was in the service before my birth. Both parents were Catholic and attended Catholic schools. My mother attended a Catholic Convent school. I am of German ancestry. I am 6' tall with brown wavy hair and blue eyes. I am slim and athletic. My mother loved boating and swimming. My grandfather owned a seafood business. Therefore, I think they lived near water. Both parents were attractive and I turned out nice looking myself. Thanks. I was adopted by John and Mary Lou Braun. They have been great parents. I have enough love to give to two families sif anyone recognizes me let me know. I hope I have some more brothers and sisters, too. I love you Mom and Dad! Thanks for giving me up. I've had a great life!

Please remove the following ads. 770 - General, 738 - Military, 737 - Beneficiaries, Name - Marjorie Molnar. I located this lady. Unfortunatly she had already passed away. Thank you for allowing me to post on your magazine. Because of an accident, I was off line for a long time so please accept my apologies for not removing these ads sooner.

Just sent you a note yesterday that I had no luck on my search...Guess what??? Last evening I got everything I was looking for. dob, ss#, address, phone#, all the good stuff. Haven't made contact yet as there is a family involved. Still meditating, praying, and trying to decide how to do this. It's been a long ordeal but perserverence pays off. You can delete my ad #5480 under Military and #5876 under Generally seeking. I believe those are the only two I had. After 36 years, it can still be done. I feel like a professional snoop now...Thanks for your encouragement. Keep up the good work. A very good thing.

I know (that) I (also) have to remove my name from World Wide Registry, etc. I am waiting for my child to complete Birth Registry in NY State, and for the adoptive parents to take my notarized request to the agency involved, to get the records opened...doubt if the latter will happen, because the agency may not do it.
How did I find? I did a lot of leg work, and paid Center for Reuniting Families, 51 Burke Drive, Buffalo, NY 14215, 716-835-6387, Dominic Telesco, private investigator. His fee is reasonable. He is pokey but good. Also have a private investigator here in Orlando area, Bertie Hunt,, 407-843-2760...Triad leader, as moral support and guide. Plus my support group. Also used support group in Buffalo when I went there. Did library research and creative thinking. I am Jewish. My son had a Bar Mitzvah in Buffalo, NY and I researched the Buffalo Jewish Review for a list of names. That was a GIANT clue. Philosophy: If you are from an ethnic group, go for the ethnic newspaper and write/contact people who lived there at that time. Somebody knows something. It is a matter of find the who knows what. I guess it was meant to be, which is my basic philosophy. These things can be accomplished in conjunction with expertise of others. As you well know, NY State is THE most difficult. I have had constant contact with my son, since talking to him, which is just one week. However, I had his name two weeks ago, but did not have finalization and did not contact him until the FINAL confirmation was in.
At his request, his e-mail is being omitted.

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