Sought & Found

Sought & Found

We want to hear from you!!
  Please let us know when you find your friend or loved one! Everyone likes to hear about successful endings to other peoples searches. After all, they have been reading your messages daily and have been wondering whatever happened to you! Besides, if you don't tell us, your message will stay with us for a very long time! Unfortunately, most of the time, the only time we hear from you again is when you try to answer someone else's message and the e-mail address is bad!

We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person.  Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others.  If you have a story you want included here, just write to and tell us HOW you found them..

Section Three
Here is what our viewers have said:

Thanks again for your kind words! Amazing how in such a short time I could be so lucky. No possible way to cover everything briefly, but between contacting the attorney who handled my adoption on behalf of my aparents, obtaining marriage info on my bmom, following that to receiving divorce papers, which led to sibbling names, to doing DMV search on them, I managed to track them down. This all without any names to start with! (all is going nicely right now ~ ;-) ) As for the bdad, that too was luck, as I called a small library in IL to request an obit for who I thought might be a deceased bgrandfather, and it turned out that the daughter of my bdad's sister worked there. She saw the name being requested, told her mother, who contacted me via snail mail". Small world we live in! (This one requires patience on my part, he can't/won't tell his current wife for many reasons) Heartfelt wishes to all who are searching!! Hang in there, lean on fellow searchees, take the breaks we all deserve, and be prepared for anything. Hugs to all! :-)
Laura ~

Thank you very much for your help in my search. With the info you provided , I contacted Greg and Deborah Bell of Tracerz Investigations and successfully located the lost family member. I can't thank you enough for your help.

Please remove add no. 3374. My friend has found his bparents. The internet was instrumental in the find. You were THE FIRST site I had posted on in late 96. Thanks again.

Editors note: This message is in response to the question How did you find your birthmother?: My Mom since I was 4 days old finally found some papers, of which she had been saving for many years. I am now 38 yrs old. Now with getting on line with the internet and all I found it very easy to do searching etc. etc. Well I mentioned it to her if that I was going to do a search and then when I didn't get far with it she offered to give me some names. Well, she gave me my birth mom's name and her first married name . that led me to her first husband. He led me to my mom's first daughter. That led me to her my birth mom. But I had to be very patient in the early stages as to not hurt anybody. Well I am fulfilled. I did find out alot more and if you want I will tell you more but as it turned out I did not have to use any of the services available, but I was coached by David Gray (from the World Wide Registry) somewhat and he was good. Now I have 3 half sisters and one half brother and they have children also oui vey!!

I have been located by and in contact with my birth family and you can go ahead and remove my posts! Thank you for all the help!

Thanks again! I found my relatives via Four II. Looking under just an initial, and not my cousin's son's full name. It turned out that the phone was in his wife's name...same initial. So when I recognized her first name, it was easy. Called there and he had his father's address and his cousin's phone number. Called them all, and the reunion is 7 or 8 people stronger than it was before. But I have another request in The Seeker for more of the same family (whom I never met), so we're still seeking!
Editor's Note: Four 11 can be found in our Site Seeking section under Miscellaneous Database Directories

I have been busy with a search that has a happy ending. You can delete #9738 and 9158, as of this afternoon Sandra Sue Jarrell is reunited with her Birth Mother, so now I can go to bed happy. I might have another one this week. I found the Birth-Mother, (deceased), but as soon as I get the obit from the paper, I will know a few of the living relatives so I can pass that on and close that one.
Bill Colgrove

Thank you so much for your helpful public service that is connecting people all over the world. Please delete the following ads I placed previously, because I have now gotten results. Ad 7270--DeShields, 7271--Hoy, 7272-Forberger, 7273--Hillis, 7274--Shively, 7275--Rodriguez, 7278--Karzen, 7279--Marshall, 7280--Kandyba, 7281--Kasper, 8647--Ealey. You may also want to delete Ads 737 980 regarding Marjorie Molnar--I saw an ad in USA Today Newspaper in approx. 1996 in which Wayne (at the same toll-free number) had placed an ad for her there, and I suspect that they have gotten a helpful response by now. Congratulations on the redesign of your Web pages--it's very refreshing! Thanks Again, KEITH NORTHINGTON, (No E-Mail Address Available), P. O. Box 3328, Tulsa, OK 74101.

Please delete my message in The Seeker. I found the person I was looking for and we will be married this Saturday here in Tucson.

Thanks for your concern. I did get in touch with those people, so you can delete whatever you want to delete. Thanks for your help. (This was in response to someone doing genealogy research. The person did not leave a correct e-mail and we got them together via phone.)

Thank you for your prompt email response to my email regarding our search for Kevin Soto. We ended up finding him ourselves (in Indiana). Thanks again.

I thought I'd tell you that I found who I was looking for. I registered on the World Wide Registry on late Feb. 28th/early March 1st. That Monday, March 3rd, I received a call from Julie Carter w/the search support group in Battle Creek, MI. My brother had been looking for me about 1 year. We have seen each other and talked since the beginning of March. My daily newspaper has articles in it on Fridays about people searching for family. I am going to see if I can help some of them. Thank you for the newsletter. I'll visit often.

FOUND! #7883 I am so happy to say that I found my half sister who was given up for adoption over 41 years ago. I only waited only 2 days for her to respond to my search posting. We look forward to a reunion, but are enjoying corresponding by e-mail and talking on the phone. I would like to encourage anyone who is searching for a family member to not overlook any curious detail We only found each other by a fluke...a hunch that paid off.

Please remove ad no. 8023, pertaining to David Hightower. I found him! Thanks!
C. Stewart

Please remove ads #4154, 4155, 4156. I was able to contact these people by other means. Thanks for letting me post these ads.

I posted my message on th 14th of April and 5 days later I found my Grandfather...But the Big bonus is that the Message I sent out to find his son Glen Mc Mahon, my Uncle was answered too! After over 50 years and in just 5 days they were found....MUCH Aloha! and ThanX!
Bobbi K.

I just wanted to let you know that I have found my ex's father. Thanks so much for allowing me to post here, it's a wonderful website. I posted my message on several different sites and lo and behold, someone knew him. Thanks again for the opportunity to post.

I am writing to tell you that I have been reunited with my birth sister! We had a telephone conversation and will have a face-to-face reunion in a week. Thank you so much for creating this site for those of us who can use it!!

Sorry to tie up precious bandwidth with a silly e-mail, but I just had to tell you what a great site this is. I check back frequently to see if any old friends are looking for me, and they probably will now that you have been mentioned in USA Today. Thanks again.

You can remove my ad now because I have found my birthmother! You asked how I found her. I still can't believe how I found her!!! Thru all the Great people OUT THERE!!! I first met Judy about 6 months ago and she helped me write to the people with the agency...the Salvation Army...and to a Judge....then by chance I met Linda...playing Slingo!!! She sent emails to anyone with the last names of Davis and Haynes in Ma....So I in turn emailed about 150 to anyone in Lawrence, Ma and Ma in general....offers of help came pouring in....Linda did get the best offer though..This Wonderful, fantastic man Eddie...found my mother's birth and marriage certifcates...he mailed them to me....then he put me in contact with a reporter in MA so a week ago Monday this is how it went... Monday..reporter called I gave her all my info....My husband faxed her all my paperwork Tuesday...she called luck......Linda found a posible match to my mother's mother,,,birth and death security last payment sent to CT. Wednesday we faxed that info to the reporter. Heard nothing on Thursday. Friday morning reporter called me with my grandmothers obituary in a CT newspaper and it listed my mother as a survivor....different last name.... so the reporter gave me 11 phone numbers.....I thought I had written down wrong area code..Jumped on computer typed in the info...and My Mother's came up!!! It was the 10th number on the list!!! I called was total shock to her.....but she did ask me to call her back. She had never told her 2nd husband about me....or her she told her husband that day....I called her back on Monday....And she told me just about everything that happened back then......and her husband asked why she didn't tell him about me....The Drs. and nurses told her it had to be a lifetime secret..tell no one!!! ever!!! Anyway....I am waiting to hear from her...I am giving her tell her son now. I wrote her and also sent her pictures.....Oh she was tickled she has 3 granddaughters!!! 3 ggkids too!!! Thank you for letting me get my message and info out there!

Thank you for letting me put my message in The Seeker, but it can be removed now. I found my mom, through the Social Security Death Index. She died in 1986. About four years ago, I did find my brother who had been placed three years before we were born and a daughter that I had given up for adoption at 18. Those were both thanks to the State of Michigan who recognizes the need for closure in this issue. Both reunions were very happy and we remain close. My daughter assisted me with locating my mom and doing genealogy. She wanted me to feel the same sense of contentment that she feels.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Even if The Seeker didn't directly help you in your search, whether directly from the message put in, or a link, let other's know how you were successful. All help is greatly appreciated!

From the University of Connecticut English Department: Please remove the names Benton Ross Montgomery and JohnKincaid from our ad. Someone let us know that Benton died 10 years ago and we had great conversations with his surviving family. We found John Kincaid after over 2 years of searching. Thank you so much for your help. The Semper Fi listings have been so helpful to us. Thank you.

Thank you so very much. You played a large role in helping me find my grandson. His mother adopted him out when he was four years old. To make a long story short, after 26 years, we have him back (as a grandson). Please remove my posting.   Bless you for the work you do.

I want to thank you for your service, because that is where I started and you enabled me to find him (my classmate). Remember, I told you the e-mail address was outdated, but you provided the means to reach him. Although, it was a pretty roundabout way. I used your links and found my high school's home page in the Military Brats Online and Overseas Brats Homepage. Thanks again for your service! I am in Japan now.

The ad was a match! We found my daughter's birth mother! And, we just barely started looking...the original idea was to find medical information. Now, we find that the birth father had put information in her file in 1987 to release information (which the agency did not tell us when we contacted them about a month ago, when she was interested in medical information.) ...I've talked with her (b-mom) and got information for my daughter. She has two full siblings, twins-boy and girl. My daughter is so scared. She is afraid to open up for fear of being rejected...I can't believe how this whole thing just mushroomed so quickly. Can you remove my two ads?...Its amazing how this grass roots operation is spreading. Thank for your help!

As you already know we have found all of our family. With your help and suggestions my husband has been reunited with his father after over 50 years. Please remove our ad to make room for someone else. Thanks you.

It is with a very sad note that even I, the publisher, have found a missing cousin, who has been missing since 1979. We thought she ran away to join some kind of a hippy group in California when she was 16. The van she was riding in was found in a canal in Boca Raton, barely 100 miles from where she started out with four of her friends a couple of days ago. However, I did place a message in The Seeker for her, hoping... It's like I have always said, Everyone can be found, its usually just a question of time.

Hi! I placed an ad on your site a while back. I have been REUNITED with my brother!! Thank you sooo very much for your services. It's much appreciated. Could you please delete it so there's more space for someone else who could really use it? Thank so very much. I'll be sure to spread the word about your site as well. It's fantastic.

Oh my heck! You found her, you really found her! I haven't seen my sister for over 40 years! Thank you seems so inadequate, can I send you flowers!
Granbank@ (for confidentiality reasons, the extension has been withheld - but we know for a fact that she went to visit her sister.)

Thank you for helping me find my birth father! I had not seen him in 36 years. I went to New York and visited with him and it was wonderful! Thanks for your help and I will tell everyone I know about The Seeker!

When I first wrote to the Seeker, I was looking for my daughter whom I gave up for adoption at birth some 37 years ago! At that same time my daughter was looking for me thru 'normal' channels and she found me! We were reunited in August of 1996 and have developed a wonderful relationship as a family.

Thought you would like to know, I have found my b/brother in Kenosha, WI and have been to visit him and my 1/2 sister. My ad can now be discontinued. Thanks for running it! I'm glad I searched and found.
Jim L.

I haven't seen my son since I gave him up when I was 17 years old. Thank you so much. What a great Christmas present!
D. Curry

It's so neat to have a freebie place to let people know someone is looking for them. Thanks again.
Laura A.

Wow! What more can I say! It's wonderful. Thanks for taking time to put something like this together and I'll visit lots more!
Lyresa - no longer on line

I believe you are on to something great! Thanks for letting me post our upcoming Navy reunion.
Edward G.

I am in the business of Heir Tracking and have just found your very fine program. I have placed several ads in The Seeker. Thanks.

I really hope I can find my long lost friend of all those years ago, and with your help, I'm one step closer to finding her. Thanks again!
S. Welder

I have posted a reunion notice and want to thank you for providing this service! I appreciate it greatly. If we find just one more man who served on the USS Cowell... that's one more than we've known of before. Thanks again! God bless!
Rose M.

I've placed my ad, and I want to thank you again for creating new possibilities. My hope is alive and I'll continue to look for my birth parents. Thanks for all your help!
Donna C.

I just think you've hit on a marvelous idea! I'll tell everyone I can about The Seeker!
C. Haney

I like your magazine very much. I am registered with about 8 of the seek or search Websites and yours is by far the easiest to use. Also, my addition or listing, appeared immediately in your issue. I particularly like not having to search through all of the listings to find an item. Good luck!
Mary Jane F.

I wanted to say thanks for all the updates and offers you send me and everyone else. I check The Seeker every day, and trust me when I say I tell everyone about The Seeker! Even if they haven't asked, I e-mail them with The Seeker's site so they can see it too. I love the simplicity of it all. So, this is just a note to say thanks for all of your help in trying to assist adoptees, birthparents, etc. to find that missing piece of their life.
S. Labot

Thanks for your help! I am sending this info down to my buddies in SoCal.
D. Ward

I like the idea of your magazine. I have been surfing the Internet for hours trying to find places to help. I was glad to see your site! I took advantage of your free offer and placed an ad looking for my birthdaughter. I put your magazine on my Favorite Spot list. Thanks again!

Last evening, I discovered you on the Internet. I checked out most of the things on your site and found it extremely interesting.
D. Williams

I placed a message to find my son I think in December. Well, I had a man in Indiana who had volunteered to help in this search and yesterday, we found his mother and she told me that my son is in prison and has been there for 10 years. This is not the way I hoped of finding him, but at least now I do know where he is, and after his mother breaks the news to him about me, I will write to him. Thank you for allowing people to put messages at your net site.
L. Davidson

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