Mark, Jennifer, and Emma Anne

Me at 36 Weeks Pregnant

The Best Doctor in the world  - Dr. Fetko

Mark and Me

"Look at me, I was just born!  Aren't I adorable?"
March 14, 2004 at 12:06 pm

Poppy and Emma

Emma Singing

Emma Sleeping

Emma Contemplating

Emma and Daddy

Emma and Me

Three Generations
Tara, My Mom (Grammie), Me, and Emma

Sleeping Angels

Two other sleeping angels

Grammie changing necessary things

Emma and Uncle Cory

Emma saying 'Enough is Enough, stop picking me up - Feed me!

Emma and Nanna and Grandpa

"I'm holding my breath til you feed me!"

"Okay! You can pick me up now, I'm fed and I smell all fresh now!"

Granny, Emma, Cousin Mason

"This is my Aunt Tara"

"Enough of this liquid stuff, I need REAL food!"

   "That's more like it!"

Burrrp!  Well, THAT felt good!

Okay, we're bored now, let's do something!

Dreaming of cruzin' with my pals.

We kinda dance alike!

"I was Dreamin' of my Poppy"

"Mommy, don't lie to me, you're goin' back to work!"

"Fine, go ahead, leave me, I'll find my own playmates!"


"My flamingo is prettier than those are! Their heads are upsidedown!"

"Mommy, be careful!  I'm kinda full!"

"Mommy and me, aren't we cute?"

"Okay, enough with the family pictures, feed me!"

"Look at me sitting up!"

"Yeah, so what, I suck my thumb.  Wanna make somethin' of it?"

"I love the way Granny smells, makes feel warm and fuzzy inside."

"Oh Daddy, stop making fun of my cute lil cheeks, my mommy gave them to me!"

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