Mark, Jennifer, and Emma Anne
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"Yeah, yeah, Mommy, you're cute, but this IS all about ME!
Stop hogging the screen!"

"Same to you big Daddy!  I wanna show people ME!"


"Get that camera outa here now, feed me!"

"Look at me roll over all by myself!"

    "Now, where's my lunch?  That was a lot of work!"      

Received July 27, 2004

"I'm 4 and a half months old, and you're not!"

"Far out, a psychedelic giraffe!"

"Hey, who spiked our punch??"

"What're YOU lookin' at?"

"Daddy thinks I look like the Gerber Baby,

I think I'm cuter, what do YOU think?"

"I love my Granny!"

("Let's go play with my new cousin, Zack, he's my Grammy's great-nephew, he has his own website too!")
"Tickle my mouse to go there!"

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