Mark, Jennifer, and Emma Anne
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"My FIRST day at the beach!"

"Ewww, I'm not going in that water!"    "No way, I want my feet to stay dry!"

"Yep, this is the way I like to travel!"    "Hey, what's up with all these waves??"

"Babies were meant to float!  C'mon, lets go play with my new cousin, Zack, it's much safer!" (Check out his website below)

"My Aunt Tara is so silly.  She makes me sit up straight and asks me questions.  Yeah, right, like I talk already, Lady!"

"Aw, c'm'ere, I didn't mean anything by that, I love you, Aunt Tara!"

"Mommy is soooo funny when she dances!  She really cracks me up.  She should be on stage!  Oh Stop (she's singing now)!"

"I'm crying, this is too funny!  Where's my camera??"

"My first Fall!"

"Aren't Mommy and Daddy cute?"    "Yeah!  My Grammie is coming to visit!"

"Giddyup Daddy!"

"My first Halloween!  I'm a Bumblebee!"

"Daddy and Me - looking for my Grammy"         "My Grammy and Daddy"

"Mommy, Grammy, Aunt Tara - Everybody - but me!"

 Merry Christmas!

Santa is so cute, he listens so well too!  He even listens to secrets about mommy!

Where'd everybody go???

("My cousin, Zack, my Grammy's great-nephew, has his own website too!")
"Tickle my mouse to go there!"

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