The Weinberg Family 2005

Mark, Jennifer, and Emma Anne
Page Four

Welcome to 2005!

Mommy and Daddy in Cancun 2005 - without me!

  They coulda called my cell phone!

"Touch my hair and I'll get bigger!"

"Wow, my first birthday cake!  Very cool!  Would'a been cool on my head too!"

"Say hi to my new friend, Chuck E. Cheese!"

"Enough already with the food, let's open presents!"

"Stop making me smile, I have more presents to open!  This is good stuff!"

  Happy birthday to me!

Enough presents, where's my cake!?

Hey wait just a minute Poppy, it's MY birthday, I get the first bite!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to find the Golden Egg we go, Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

You put my golden Easter Egg back right now!

Did my Golden Egg hatch??

I found the most eggs, where's my Golden Egg?!?!

Oh, I get it, Daddy's my Golden Easter Egg!!!


I'm goin' for the studious look.  Where's the Sears photographer when ya need em?

Silly Mommy, it is cold out here!  Let's come back later.

Shhhh, don't tell anyone, this is my lil man disguise, beard and all - thanks to mom's mashed potatoes!


("My cousin, Zack, my Grammy's great-nephew, has his own website too!")
"Tickle my mouse to go there!"

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