The Weinberg Family 2005

Mark, Jennifer, and Emma Anne
Page Five

"Hi Daddy, Mommy's in the other room and she's probably trying to listen."

"Mommy, if you don't mind, this is private".

"I can't keep a secret,



"I'm flying!"

"YUM!  This is my first popsicle ever!  Kiss me Mommy!"

"Am I the coolest chick in town or what?"

"Okay dude, stop snapping pictures, it's time to go swimming!"

My Trip to the Bronx Zoo 2005

"Does this thing move any faster?"

"Giddyup Turtle!"

"I'm a Flower child!"

"Whew, what a day!  Thanks Mommy and Daddy!"


("My cousin, Zack, my Grammy's great-nephew, has his own website too!")
"Tickle my mouse to go there!"


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