Although I am now retired from searching and not taking on any
searches at this time, I will try to assist you if this is a medical
emergency or there has been a death in the family. I still encourage
you to check out the information in my site because it was designed
to help people get headed in the right direction.

Please contact one of my old associates for assistance.  He will get
your search to some people that may be able to help you. Be sure
to tell him that Simone sent you and to please get your search to
the Team!!!  Also, send him as much info as you can from the
questions below. Keep in mind that Bob doesn't know what the
questions are, so include those as well.  Good luck!


I wish you the best!



Most searches are FREE but in some cases, it may be necessary to access a pay database
and if it costs me, it costs you.  A list of rates will be provided if I can't find them without
accessing the pay databases.  Please keep in mind that I do not do searches for other
countries as I do not have access to those databases and do not know how to do adoption
searches for anyplace other than the United States.  However, for those that have come
here hoping they can receive help for overseas searches, please go to the following link as
it contains many worldwide directories:

Prior to contacting me about your search, please get your information in order.
I do not want to spend 10 emails back and forth trying to gather the info - that
is YOUR job.  It is also your responsibility to act on info that I provide to you.
In your initial email to me, please tell me your "story".  Try to send as many
details as possible as to your circumstances.  You may know all or none of the
following, but it is critical that you fill in as many blanks as you can.

 1 - full name, including middle initial and any nicknames.

 2 - maiden name and any and all known married names

 3 - parent's name(s) of people you are searching for

 4 - siblings names - preferrably brothers since they are easier to locate

 5 - last known city and state of origin and WHEN that was

 6 - list of where you have posted messages and if you have posted
    in The-Seeker already, please include all message numbers and
    categories you posted in.

 7 - city and state of high school and year of graduation

 8 - correct birthdate or at least an approximate age

 9 - military branch served and dates of service

10 - if you have the person's social security number, be careful who
      you share that with!  I can usually find a person very quickly if
     you DO have this number.  Send it!

Be advised that I look at close to 100 searches on a daily basis and
my response time may be slow at times.  I have access to the driving
records for: Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin.

However, I will not search these databases without at least a first name and
correct birthdate if you do not have a full name.  Depending on what info
you can provide, I will let you know straight up if I think I can help you.
Good luck in your search and I hope to be able to reunite you with your
lost one very soon!


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