My Bio

My sleuthing career began when a friend of mine named Donna, and I, who help The Seeker out each night, (finding missing people) were visiting The Seeker's radio show in Dallas, TX.  

  Two stars! 
Me and Donna

Me and Donna on Donna's birthday, 2001

Ruh Roh
At first, I thought Linda wasn't going to let me talk anymore!

But I behaved and she let me be her co-host and Editor!


     I live in Green River, Wyoming with my husband, Owen

Simone and Owen
a/k/a "SD"

and my birdies: Twinkie, Scooter, Sweet Pea and Duke.   I have FOUR wonderful children and forty grandchildren - give or take a FEW.  

  Simone's Family
Owen, Jesse, Luke, Amber, Steve, and me in the front.

My Grandbabies, Isabel and Gabbrielle

My newly found brother, Bobby, and Me at our first meeting.

My daughter, Amber at college graduation!

I am a Certified Nutritional Stress Consultant and taught Nutrition classes at
Western Wyoming Community College for some time.  I have a Certificate in Business Law, taught Parenting classes at Monroe Middle School in Green River, WY, and am Current Lifetime President of the National Dart Association of Sweetwater County in Wyoming.

I am also currently involved with the Wyoming Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Sweetwater County Dialysis Program, State of Wyoming Food Bank, St. Jude's Hospital, also the organizer and head of the Sweetwater County Toys for Tots program for the past 9 years.  I may be calling on YOU!

Since I have found the other part of my birthfamily, I have discovered that I am Native American.
I am of  Cherokee descent.  In fully embracing my Native heritage, I found others of my Tribe and have accepted the position of  Clan Mother in the Adawehi Keetoowah Society, a Cherokee Tribe.  I am of the Red Paint Clan.  Those searching for their Native roots can feel free to call upon me to head them in the right direction. 

Also, I am now expecting my NINTH grandchild in February!

I was searching for my father, Leroy Mundry, and my brother, Leroy Mundry, III, and The Seeker helped find them!  You can see the whole story here!

Now I have begun my own company, Peek-A-Boo Enterprises, and help find people full time.  Check it out! 

I also love to paint, see some of my paintings here!  And NOW I am crafty!  Check out my Native American Handbags!

Write me some time!


  Simone's Security Guard 

Simone's Security Guard

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