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I have been looking for my birthfather and brother for many years.  But I have now been reunited, via phone, with one brother I didn't even know about!  Bob Mundry - now Bradley!  And he has two daughters. 

 While we reunite people every day, I now know how you all really feel.  I was speechless when I found out about them on a television show in Houston, TX called the Debra Duncan show on November 22, 2000.  They surprised me by having Bob call in to the show and he told me about my family.  So my long search has ended.

I have seen pictures of them, and have sent pictures to my brother, Bob.  I have not yet spoken with Leroy, as he is unavailable at this time.

Bobby's wife, Eileen, Bobby, and Roy

I'm keeping the below information for all of you to see that not everything is as it appears.  I was given a name of Carbone, but it was actually Carbo.  I was told I had one brother, I have two.  I was told their mother was dead, she is alive.  I was told my father was alive, he is dead.

Never, ever give up!  If your search gets to be too much for you, put it down.  Pick it up later when you feel up to it, and the obvious answer will slap you right in the face!

The best of luck to all searching!

Simone Keevert 

This Was My Search Info

I am searching for a my father, Leroy Mundry, Jr. , and now, a brother that I just found out that I have, Leroy Mundry, III.

My search began looking just for my birthfather, and has since developed into a double search. The only thing I had when I started was my father's name but thanx to The-Seeker, I am now the very happy sister of a bouncing baby brother probably in his forties. I don't think he knows about me though. Perhaps if I could get my original birth certificate it wouldn't be so difficult.

Here is what I know so far about my FATHER:

lilpurp2.gif (326 bytes) My father's name is: Leroy Mundry, Jr.

lilpurp2.gif (326 bytes)My fathers birthdate is: Oct. 20, 1931.

lilpurp2.gif (326 bytes)My father attended: St. Anthony's School and Bassick Highschool, both in Bridgeport, CT. He also quit school at the age of 15 to go to work.

lilpurp2.gif (326 bytes) In Sept. of 1952: (7 months after I was born), he went to work for UPS in Bridgeport. He also may have worked for United Aircraft there around 1958.

lilpurp2.gif (326 bytes)My father was stationed in: Erlangen, Germany with the Army and left there in 1951- When my mother was 6 months pregnant with me.

lilpurp2.gif (326 bytes)My brother's name is: Leroy Mundry III but could go by "Roy" as my birthfather did.

lilpurp2.gif (326 bytes)He was born in: Bridgeport, CT after 1952.

lilpurp2.gif (326 bytes)His mother's name was: Charlotte.

I'm guessing that after Charlotte and my father divorced, that she remarried and that her new spouse adopted my brother which, of course, would have changed his last name. Through the-seeker, I did find a first cousin. She is the one who told me about my brother existing.  Her name is Lynn Volk and is the daughter of my father's sister, Mary, who is deceased. She kept in contact with his parents - Leroy, Sr. and Ida Mundry from Bridgeport, CT. - both deceased. I also found out that diabetes runs in the family, (my grandmother Ida died from it) and with two brand new grandbabies, that info may save a lot of problems down the road. I'm very concerned about the medical history since my father's sister died at a pretty young age.

IF you have ANY information AT ALL that could lead me to my brother, or more information on my fathers side of the family, PLEASE contact me!! It would be GREATLY apreciated.

My father's name is Leroy P. Mundry, Jr. and my brother's name is Leroy
P. Mundry III. His mother's name was Charlotee Carbone - just found
this out 3 days ago and also just found out that I have a step-brother,
Joseph Carbone that would be in his mid to late 50's and went to college
to become a doctor. The two girls would be younger than him and their
names were Shirley and Laurie Carbone. If I can find them, I can find
my brother. Apparently, they were also from Bridgeport, CT. There is
also a chance that Charlotte never married my father. None of these
people, except my father, know that I even exist.

My grandfather's name was Leroy Mundry Sr. He died on Oct. 7, 1983 in
Bridgeport , CT and was buried in Mountain Grove Cemetery. He was a
custodian for the University of Bridgeport. His last known address was
725 Park Avenue in Bridgeport. His ss# was 041-10-5203. He was born

My grandmother's name was Ida Mundry and she died Sept.25, 1965 in
Bridgeport, CT and is also buried in the same cemetery. She was 67
years old when she died, so that means she was born in 1898. Her maiden
name was Hair. One of my middle names is Ida after her. My mother had
contact with the grandparents even though she never met them. She never
had contqact with my father again from the time she was 6 months
pregnant with me.

My father had a sister named Mary who died when she was in her early
30's - I don't know what from though. She was the mother of the 1st
cousin that I found through The-Seeker - and the 1st cousin was the
informant on my grandfather's death certificate. My first cousin's name
is Lynn Volk and lives in Georgia.

I have written every newspaper in Bridgeport trying to find an obituary
on any of these people to no avail. I wrote every single school in
Bridgeport and got an answer from Bassick Highschool with a copy of my
father's school transcript with a hand written note stating that a
visual verification of his birth certificate showed my father's
birthdate to be Oct 20, 1931. It also had hand written notes to the
effect that he left there on Oct 20, 1947 for employment. His records
were also sent to United Aircraft on 9/11/52 and then to UPS on 9/30/58.
He was admitted to this school on Sept. 4, 1946 from St. Anthony's and
that his address was 79 Lee Ave at that time.

I wrote the Boy Scouts of America in Bridgeport and also the Army
recruiter. I wrote to Military Personnel records in St. Louis - records
were destroyed by fire for the time periods that would have had my
father's records. I also did a reverse address look up for my
grandfather's last know address - 725 Park Ave - and found 32 residents
- all of which I wrote to see if they may remember my grandfather or
father - no one responded.

I was born in Erlangen, Germany on Feb 12, 1952. As I said earlier, my
father - "Roy" Mundry left Erlangen when my mom was 6 months pregnant
with me. As you can see from the information on the transcripts from
Bassick High school, he was back in Bridgeport no later than Sept,
of 1952 - the same year I was born. I\My first cousin also told me that
when she was around 10, (she was born in 1946), that she remembers
seeing my brother and he wqsn't in school yet. That makes him real
close to my age - in fact, my father may have had 2 pregnant women on
his hands for all I know.

I truly believe that Lynn Volk knows more than she'll tell me - why, I
don't know. Apparently when her mom died, our (mine and her's)
grandparents took her and her brother to an orphanage. Terrible ain't
it ??? She tells me that she dearly loved my grandfather and visited
him often. It had my father's listed as "whereabouts unknown" on my
grandfather's death certificate and that was in 1983.

Here's a list of every Mundry that I have personally contacted:

L Mundry 603-623-0850
Linda Mundry 619-429-3527
Marcel Mundry 716-334-2687
S E Mundry 978-462-9379
Scott Mundry 304-292-0173
Susan Mundry 978-465-9360
T J Mundry 732-388-5026
Thomas Mundry 732-370-0716
Charles Mundry 716-425-7839
Doris Mundry 978-685-4264
Ethel Mundry 740-378-6324
Evelyn Mundry 740-378-9850
JR Mundry 978-686-5114 *
Joyce Mundry 978-688-4806
Kenneth Mundry 978-685-8796 Disconnected
Robert & Clare Mundry 978-683-7681
Edward Mundry 978-688-2100

I have also, in the last 3 days, contacted the 2 listings that I found
for a Charlotte Carbone and the 2 listings each for Shirley and Laurie.
I found 11 listings for a Joseph Carbone in CT but couldn't figure out
how I would check for a listing for a DR. Joseph Carbone. I haven't
contacted any of those yet. My cousin also said that Joseph went by
Joey and I did find one listing for a Joey Carbone, but it wasn't the
right person.

Lynn did tell me that she thought my brother was born in Bridgeport. I
did make contact with a lady named Mertha from Bassick Highschool who
has told me that the records that I need are in McCleavy Hall there in
Bridgeport - so I just need to figure out how to get there. Anyway,
there ya have it - now...any ideas on how to find my brother ???????