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Linda S. Hammer
Publisher, Talk Show Host, Newspaper Columnist
Former Private Investigator and Private Process Server

Linda Hammer, a veteran of U.S. Navy, is a former private process server, former private investigator, radio talk show host, newspaper columnist, and publisher of one of the largest websites on the internet that helps people find their missing friends and relatives in the world!

Linda graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Criminal Justice, and has been involved in law enforcement in some form or fashion for most of her career.

Most significantly, she was the first private Process Server in Sarasota, FL - and the first female private Process Server in the State of Florida.

After ten years in banking in the regulatory end, she went back into private process serving and became a private investigator, licensed through Texas, investigating primarily life, health, and disability cases and underwriting cases.

And now, the Seeker's live, weekly call-in radio show originates in Sarasota, FL on WTMY 1280 AM Saturdays from 2 - 3 PM and is heard all over the world on the internet, and her column is in the Venice Gondolier and the North Port Sun.

She is now in the process of taking her show on the road across the Country in an attempt to truly Reunite America!

Topics to be Discussed
(Time Permitting)

Tracing Your Family’s History

--Where do you begin?

--Video of a Family Tree

--Non-cooperative family members

--Websites, magazines, books

--Genealogical societies

--Daughters of the American Revolution

--Genealogy seminars

--Teaching Children/Grandchildren genealogy


--Passed Down Family Recipes


--Native American searches

National Adoption Awareness Month

--So you want to adopt a child?

--Who should, who can adopt?

--Black Market Adoptions

--Transracial adoptions

--Costs associated

--What will the child go through with their peers

--When to tell the child he/she was adopted

--When/should the adoptee search for birth parents

--When/should the birth parent search for the adoptee

--What to expect when that first phone call is made

--How do you begin a search without a name to search for?

--Amended birth certificates

--Changing laws - how to help

--Books, magazines, websites

--Baby Abandonment Laws

Military Searches

--Where do you begin?

--How do you find DD-214 forms?

--Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

--Returning military items to families

--Military Brats

--American Legion, VFW, WAVES, etc. organizations

--Books, magazines, websites

Seeking Beneficiaries

--Could you be a beneficiary and not know it?

--State Treasury Department

-Insurance Policies you never knew about

-Safe Deposit Boxes

-Bank accounts

-Last paycheck

-Bank Deposits

-Warehouses/storage facilities

-Wines, boats, planes, antiques

-How to find out if you are named

--Insurance Policies/paid up policies

--HUD Insurance proceeds

--Federal monies - i.e., $50,000 life policies on soldiers

--99 year old people

--Be aware of ‘Cadivar’ private investigators

--Get your own affairs in order

Your guests' searches

Please tell your guests to fill out the below form if they would like Linda to help them find their missing friend or relative before she appears:

Name: (Of the person searching) ________________________

Contact method: (Of the person searching, i.e., phone number, email addy, mailing address) ________________________________


Person being sought: _________________________________

Place Last Seen: ____________________________________


Approximate age: ______ Sex: ____

Description of the person other than above: ________________



Name of High School or College and approximate year of graduation: _____

Place last worked and year: ____________________________

Branch of Military and Post:  ____________________________

Be sure and put city and state.  Put as much additional information necessary for us to help you locate your missing person:









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