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The below "Angels" will aid in your search for your missing person.  They are free searchers only, and they are dedicated to 
Reuniting The World!

If you would like to be included as a Search Angel, and are a free searcher,  write us!  
(Only reimbursable database charges are acceptable as fees.)
Write us!  
To BECOME an Angel - write to us at [email protected].  To contact one, read on.

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 Search Angels 

Terry Boone RD2 PCF 90
Qui Nhon 68-69
Kansas City, Mo.

I am a Vietnam vet, and I would like to concentrate on the military men and women looking for lost friends from their service time. 

Aaronette Wagner Leahy, NY
Emergency Medical Locators for Adoptee's
"Dedicated to adoptee's whose lives are imperiled by medical crisis"
Free Medical locations
Locating and obtaining biological medical histories for the adoption community and all in need.
Biological family traces for transplants available. Staff members are online 24/7 To handle emergency searches.
Donations of old databases greatly appreciated.  [email protected]

Jeannine Swennumson
Florida and other states. Always free, unless using a paid professional database. Actual fees for databases will be given, to person searching, in advance for approval, before use. I only use the paid databases when I hit a brick wall on all the free sites. I also do some court house searches.

Dagmar Koch
Help in Germany

 Christine Matthews 
I would like to help in Michigan.

 Janine Cortese
I am an adoptee searching for my biological family. I recently had some contact with a few Search Angels. I am willing to search local records for others. I live in Western North Carolina.

 Susan Mitchell
I am a adoptee/searcher. I like helping others find their birth families.
  I can help search in Gaston, Catawba, Iredell, Greensboro and sometimes Forsyth Co as well. Sometimes even other counties as well in NC depends on where it is at.

Susan Messina 
I live in Florida but originally from New York. I can help anyone from these 2 states, as well as Texas. 

 Barbara Campbell, South Carolina 

Nancy Warner, NY

Debbie, Virginia
Va Beach,Chesapeake,Norfolk,Hampton and Newport News

Tracey Kirkham, Oregon

Sharlene Pribila, Saginaw, MI

Pat Lechuga, Crystal Bay, NV

Laura Witherspoon, MD & PA, with help just about anywhere

Alyssa Rohrbaugh

I can do just about anywhere with my databases but live in Pennsylvania and can do leg work here and in Maryland.. Would travel further if necessary

Mississippi Search Help

Nancy Schaefers
Texas Related Searches

Adrianna Saldana

Riki Rickert
Boise, Idaho

Ellen Bishop
Rapid City, SD

Lisa Southard

Lisa Kuykendall, McAlester, Pittsburg County, OK
I'm willing to do local phone calls, area lookups, library research, online research and just anything i may be able to do to assist others

I live in Charlotte, NC and am willing to help search for anyone seeking information in Mecklenburg County.

Tonya Davis, NC and OH searches

Sandy Hardy
I would be glad to help search in Kinston, NC (Lenior County) Register of Deeds Office and Library

Mike Acton, UK

Lezli Adams, Kentucky
Also can do some OHIO (have the birth and marriage indexes)

Florida Search Angels' Website

Sandra - WI


Bonni, Support Group Owner of Heart of Triad
They have their own Angel Helpers list - to subscribe to their list, click here!
(HOT and Angel Helpers are ADOPTION related searches

Lynn Underwood - Texas

Keim - Texas and Missouri

Ric Candor

Wendy DeHaven - Ohio

Green Ribbon Campaign for Open Records - Maryland Coordinator
Green Ribbon Newsletter -- UPDATE
Search Assistance - Maryland
(These are ADOPTION related searches only.)

Donna McCarthy, Massachusetts and US

Norma Young, Utah

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