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The A, B, C's on

How to Use The Seeker

  Thank you for visiting The Seeker!  This website is dedicated to helping relocate missing friends and relatives.  You can find them here in many ways, as you will see below. 

First off, read through the messages that have already been placed here by someone else looking for someone.  Find out if someone is looking for you!   But your name will only appear in this section if someone is looking for you.

Next you can place your own message for your missing friend or loved one, or announce upcoming reunions or events.

Then, you can use our vast Site Seeking section that has links to thousands of other helpful and useful sites to aid in your search.  This is where you can use telephone book type directories.

Here are the step by step instructions on how to use The Seeker:

A.  To Post a Message

In the Place Your Own Message section, you can leave messages for your friends and loved ones...

Simply select the heading you would like your message to reside in.

Feel free to leave as many messages as you like.  While there are no restrictions on the length of your messages, please take into consideration that others who have no interest in your message will also have to scroll through it,  so please keep it to the point. 

The Seeker is particularly helpful for those looking for women who may have, for example, changed their names as a result of marriage.  Just type in the name you last knew her by.  Be sure and check both names when looking to see who is looking for you.

Also, if you are posting a message for an adopted child, missing sibling or birthparent, the adopted child's date of birth will help you, even without a name or place of birth.   All that is really necessary is a message like, "I am looking for a female child given up for adoption, born on 2/23/65 in Mercy Hospital in Miami, FL.  Please call Alice S. Looking at 555-1212 or email me."  The e-mail address that you post is an automatic reply back to you.   Make sure it is correct.  Don't forget the @XXX.com.

B. Find Out Who Is Looking For You

To find out if someone has placed a message looking for you, go to the appropriate section, then subsection and type in your name. 

To find out if a friend is looking for you, go to the Generally Seeking section, select "Friend" and type in your last name.  Women, remember to check both your current and maiden names. 

To find out if a relative is looking for you, go to the Relatively Seeking section.  The date of birth of the adopted child in common is the best one to use if you do not have a name to go by.

To find out if a military buddy is looking for you, go to the Militarily Seeking section.  You can read about reunions of the various bases or posts by typing in the name of your division if you like.  Or simply type in something like "Germany" to scroll through messages about Germany.

To find out if you may possibly be named as a missing heir or beneficiary, go to the Seeking Beneficiaries section. 

Don't think anyone has any money for you?  Ha!  The State of Florida alone has about $700 million waiting to give away!  Go to the State Treasury Department section and type in every state you  ever lived in or did business with and find out if they have money for you.  Utility deposits, bank deposits, safe deposit boxes, oil & gas royalties, and believe it or not, the majority of it is comprised of last paychecks never picked up!

Don't wait till someone contacts you to say they know where money is for you - for a percentage they will tell you.  DO IT YOURSELF!   It belongs to you.  See Factually Seeking for other reasons you may have money waiting for you.

C.   World Wide Telephone Directories and Other Helpful Sites

Site Seeking

The Seeker links to thousands of other sites in our Site Seeking section.  If you know the correct spelling of the name of the person you are looking for, use the Miscellaneous Database Sites and select from any of those searchable telephone directory type sites.  You don't need a first name, but last names are mandatory.

The Other Miscellaneous Directories section lists many sites that are even world-wide phone directories, lots of helpful and searchable sites, and sites with links to many other directories to help you in your search.

The Adoption Sites section links to many helpful sites, including other registries, sites that tell you the status of legislation in various states concerning adoptees' rights, and the various Usenet groups who provide online support.

Genealogists will find the Genealogy Sites section very helpful.   Many searchable sites to choose from.  We even have the Social Security Death Index to help trace your family roots!

The Military Sites section has many links to help locate missing service buddies, including those missing or killed in action!

The Missing Children section provides links to many law enforcement sites across the world, including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  This section is for abducted children, not adoption related.

The General Interest Sites section is basically a hodge/podge of sites.  We prefer your suggested sites to be search-related, but occasionally someone asks us to include a site that would be particularly helpful to others, and hey, we're nice guys.   But we don't want yo-yo champion sites here, so go easy on us when suggesting a site. We can only do so much!

Add a Photo!

You can put a photo of the person you are looking for by going to our Photo section and follow the instructions.  What better way to find a twin than including a photo of yourself!

Tips and Tidbits

  • Some people are just plain rotten spellers!  Plus, there are many ways to spell Smith!  Smyth, Smythe, etc.  Try putting in several spellings when posting and looking to see if anyone is looking for you.
  • Don't remember whether a name is Ezekial or Izekial?  Try typing in the city that you last knew the person.  That way, if someone is from Miami, they could just type in Miami, FL and scroll through the messages to see if anyone is looking for them, or perhaps is posting a reunion of some kind.
  • You must put your full e-mail address when leaving messages.   America Online, CompuServe, and Prodigy Users: you must put your full e-mail address when leaving a message outside your service, i.e., @aol.com, @compuserve.com, or @prodigy.com.
  • If you plan to go off line or change ISPs, please provide an alternative method of contact in your message.  When placing messages with us, the name, address and phone number at the top are for our records only.  You must put it in the body of the message in order for others to see it. Tell us the message number and we will add it for you if it changes.
  • When you find your missing person, or the reunion date has passed, please tell us!  We can't possibly read through thousands of messages to find out if your class reunion date has passed, so please keep us in mind after your reunion.  Don't forget to give us the message number so we can delete it.
  • When you change your email, or plan to go off line, or want to change your message, tell us your message number and we will do it for you. You can find your message number by clicking here, and type in the email address you used when you originally placed the message, and email us with the number that appears, along with your changes at changes @ the-seeker.com without the spaces.

If you still have questions, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions section before e-mailing us.  We have more than likely answered your questions there, or in our Factually Seeking section.


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