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National Adoption Awareness Month 2003

November is National Adoption Awareness Month, therefore, we, as a unified group, would like to inform the public about some issues they may not be familiar with.


While NAAM was originally formed to raise awareness of waiting children and foster care issues, we thought you would want to know about other important adoption issues.

Adoptees, in most states, are not permitted to receive or view their Original Birth Certificates

Adoptees, in most states are given "Amended" Birth Certificates

"Amended" Birth Certificates, in some cases have been altered

Most Birth Mothers were not promised, nor do they want "confidentiality"

Most Birth Mothers DO want to have contact with the Adoptee

Many Adoptive Parents are FOR Open Adoptions

Our Mission Statement

  • To unite as triad members and supporters, to promote the fair and ethical treatment of adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents in the adoption process.

•To advocate and support reform of adoption laws.

•To advocate and support Open Records and unconditional access to the adoptee's "Original" birth certificate and adoption court files.

•To educate and inform the general public concerning the true issues of searching and reuniting with birthfamily.

What YOU can do to help make the public "Aware"...

Whether you are a member of the "Triad" - adoptee, birth parent, or adoptive parent, or a "Supporter" (one who believes in the issues), contact radio stations all across the country and tell them your "story" during the month of November.  You can see how to contact them by clicking here: http://www.gebbieinc.com/dailyint.htm - write to them all!  Remember, you must use your name and valid email addy.

Your "story" could be your opinion of Open Records for Adoptees;
 it could be a reunion story; it could be a search story; or it could be that of an adoptive parent just wanting to talk about the subject.

Get the radio station to ask their listeners their opinions on the subject, or invite them to call in and say who they are looking for.

If you contact a music station, dedicate a song to the person you are looking for, or found!  If it is a talk show, simply tell your story, and/or say who you are looking for.  No last names please.

If you have a friend at a Radio or TV station or newspaper, get them to talk about this or write a story on it.  We will be happy to list them as a supporter!  

If you just want to show your support, Email Us and give us your first and last name, city and state (that you currently live in), and email address.  (All Non-Triad Members are 'tagged' with "Support").  You are certainly welcomed to contact the media - we'll be happy to list them as a supporter!

To the Media:  If you are a radio or tv station, or print media, and would like to participate, Let Us Know!  Tell us if we can call in, chat with you, be interviewed by you, dedicate a song, voice an opinion, or just tell a story.

See what people have to say about Open Records by going Here.

To Read about other ways to help Promote NAAM, Click Here 

NOTE: The "Supporting Individuals" are listed according to where they live NOW.  The purpose is to let legislators and the news media know who their audience is - and there are many, many more.  They may also have messages posted in The Seeker searching for family members.  Go to Relatively Seeking and use their email address in the appropriate box.  (It will be obvious which box to click.)

However, all the names in the world won't mean a thing if we don't get the support of legislators, or present an "Initiative" to the State.

(Paid Searchers, do not even THINK about soliciting these people or you will loose your ISP! - Believe me, we aren't kidding!)

(For all those writing wanting to be added, we cannot respond personally at this time, we will add your name as soon as possible.)

"Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."
Winston Churchill, 1941

Logo of NAAM is © 2003 courtesy of Michele Carter