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To find out if someone is looking for YOU, or someone you know:

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Search Tips:

In the "Check Messages Since..." box,  it will default to 01/01/96.  After you have scrolled through the messages in that section, just type in the last date you visited the next time you come here, or just pick a date.

Where it currently says "Check All Names", you can put a date of birth, name, hospital, city, adoption agency, or any keyword you think will help narrow down your search.

To scroll through an entire section, just hit "Check All Names". You will see 25 messages at a time. It is best to do that AFTER you have scrolled through section by section. For your first visit, it is best to scroll through the entire section. Some people do not put in accurate dates, or simply do not remember.

Some people will type in a name like Lisa N. Smith, so if you put in Lisa Smith, it will not show up. Try several ways. Try just the last name at first.

If you are not sure of the name, and only have a date of birth, just put in the year. Some people put in the date of birth as 2/12/56 so typing in February 12, 1956 will not pull it up. Try several ways.

Also try different variations of spellings, i.e. FL, FLA, Florida.

You can scroll through the site by leaving (or putting back) the words "Check All Names" and "Optional" exactly as they were just typed (without the parentheses), and then hit Seek Now.

Adoptees, birth parents, and missing siblings: to find out if someone has put in a message for you, check for both 1959 and 59 for the year of birth of the ADOPTEE.

If you are an adoptee looking to see if your birth parent is looking for you, use the "Seeking Adopted Child" option.

If you are birth parent looking to see if your adopted child is looking for you, use the "Seeking Birth Parent option.

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