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Personal Endorsement:  This site will help you trace your family's tree back for many generations.  Very helpful.  Linda Hammer


Katherine Fletcher,  
Private Investigator   

The Missing Link                    

Specializing in Reuniting Birth Families and Loved ones

Personal Endorsement: Katherine is passionate about her searches, and is committed to helping you find your missing loved ones. Check her out! Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement:  They have databases that can find anyone for only $7.50!  Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement:  If you ever were apprehensive about an eye doctors, this is the place for you.  Their warm environment will make you feel right at home.  Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement:  You can find all your family heritage right here!  Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement:  Paul Picasso's handcrafted work surpasses any I have seen!  His attention to detail is impeccable!  Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement:  What better way to search for your family's genealogy than to get help from a company who has been doing it for years!  Linda Hammer


Personal Endorsement:  Art has an awesome store!  He can even put your photos on tile, glass, jewelry boxes, etc.!  His work is top notch!  Linda Hammer


Personal Endorsement:  Joe's company has fabulous coffees from all over the world!  Check out their  website, I didn't even know all these countries had coffee beans!  Linda Hammer


Personal Endorsement:  I have been using their tumblers for many years, and they are outstanding, no more sweaty glasses or stains on your tables!  Linda Hammer


Personal Endorsement:  Lori will make your pooch or feline look fabulous when she gets thru with them!  You'll be Westminster bound in no time!  Linda Hammer


Personal Endorsement:  Jerry and Jodie's business relies on YOUR success.  They'll help you gain control of your life and create financial freedom!  Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement:  Dr. Kosanovich and his staff will make you feel right at home.  They are professional, friendly, and very down to earth.  Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement:  I would trust my life to Amos, I know his ethics, and when he fixes or replaces a roof, it is there to stay!  Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement:  Robby will help you get out of debt fast!  Give him a call!  Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement:  When you need personalized computer care - and someone who will come to your home to assist you, call Tim Borntreger! Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement:  Dr. Graham and his staff will make you feel very comfortable, he's been doing this for over 40 years!  Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement:  Don't pay more when you don't have to!  You can save thousands of dollars thru this company!  Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement: Marina's salon will make you feel like royalty, and come out looking and feeling fabulous!  Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement:  This site is not just for veterans!  They have wonderful gifts for that hard-to-buy-for special someone!  Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement:  You you need that extra help locating your missing person at reasonable fees, check them out!  Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement:  The folks at Gibson's thrive on referrals, they will make sure you hear well enough to tell others!  Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement:
  This is THE easiest place on the Internet to find
all your real estate needs.  Linda Hammer

Lucky's Arcade, Sarasota, FL
Personal Endorsement:  You can win a LOT of money here - no gimmicks!  Linda Hammer

Harvath Home Services, Inc., Bradenton, FL
Personal Endorsement:  Your roof is the most important part of your home.  Steve Harvath will ensure that your home stays safe and dry!  Linda Hammer

ABC Baby Rentals, Sarasota, FL
Personal Endorsement:  This company rents all kinds of baby furniture and things to help your friends and relatives out when they come to visit!  Linda Hammer

Susan Keal and Lee Byron, Licensed Real Estate Brokers for Michael Saunders & Company
Personal Endorsement:  Sue and Lee KNOW Sarasota and specialize in finding Unique real estate properties for you!   Linda Hammer

Ink4Art, Sarasota, FL
Personal Endorsement:  If you have a need for ink, you will be doing The Seeker a huge favor by purchasing your products from Jeff.  He knows Ink - he won't steer you wrong!  Linda Hammer

James Ellis, D.D.S.
Personal Endorsement: Forget drooling mouths from numbness, or getting shots, or even having pain when you have your teeth cleaned, or have gum surgery - this is very cool - check it out!  Linda Hammer

Note New URL: www.DDfromC.com
Discount Drugs of Canada - Venice, FL
Personal Endorsement:  If you have a family member who takes prescriptions, get them in touch with this company - it will save thousands of dollars!  Linda Hammer

Personal Endorsement:  If you teach any languages, this is the place to tell the world!  Linda Hammer


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