National Adoption Awareness Month 2003 

These sites have much information in them, some are searchable databases, some are informative, some are tales of searches and reunions.

Alphabetical Supporting Website Listings 

1950s Adoptee's List


AbusedAdoptees - List owner
To subscribe:
GeorgiaAdoption - Moderator
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AngelsofHope2 - Moderator
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 Robin Abernethy, Marietta, GA

Adopt: Assistance Information Support

Courtney Frey, Colorado Springs, CO - not valid email

Adoptee Birth Family Connections

Grandma -

Adoptees in Search

Kimberly Johnson

ABORN's Adoption Activisim Press

Michelle Konieczny, Westminster CO - Not valid email

 Adoptees and Birthparents for Open Records Nationwide

Gen Goad, Adrian, MO, Cleveland, OH
Michelle Konieczny, Westminster CO, Media Chairperson - not valid email
Kari George, San Antonio, TX

Adoption Crossroads

Joe Soll, New York, NY
Debbie Godek, McKeesport, PA

Adoption Identity Movement of Northern Michigan
P.O. Box 5414
Traverse City, MI  49696-5414
Phone: 231-922-1986
Mary Purkal, Traverse City MI

Adoption Odyssey 2001

Adoption Registry - Wisconsin 
Adoptee & Birth Family Registry - ICARE

Adoption Search and Reunion

Rema, Albuquerque, NM
Robert Barnes, Portland, ME
Zeanna Donner, Colorado Springs, CO
Leslie Mahon, Colorado - not valid email
Sandy, Colorado

Adoption Search

Nic Tregaskes, England

Adoption Search Sites ~ compiled by Kerrylynn
Kerrylynn, IN

Adoption Triad Outreach

Lib Davis - not valid email

Alabama Birthlink Online Reunion Registry

DeAnne Daniels, Pelham, AL

Alabamians Working for Adoption Reform and Education - AWARE

DeAnne Daniels, Pelham, AL

An Angel on My Shoulder

Mary Wert, Christiansburg, VA

Arizona Chapter, Bastard Nation

Cheryl Richmond, CA - not valid email

Arkansans For Adoption Reform

Tracey Converse - not valid email

Ask Bmoms

Lezli Adams, Evansville, IN
Deb, Co-Moderator, FL


Gayle A. Risley, List Manager

Becky's Yearbook Index

Becky Freeland

Birthmothers' and Grandmothers' Blanket

Mary Wert, Christiansburg, VA

"Birth"mothers Exploited By Adoption

see also:
Exiled Mothers Unite for Justice!
Adoption coercion of mothers:
My webpage:
Mothers Exploited By Adoption":
Exiled Mothers please register at MORE (Mothers for Open Records Everywhere):

Birthmother Support Group

Nina Campbell, Muenster,TX - not valid email

Birthparents for Open Records Now!

Now known as M.O.R.E. - see below.

California Adoptees

Geri - not valid email

California Mutual Consent Registry

Beth Leve - not valid email

CA Open2000

Cheryl Richmond, CA - not valid email
David J. Winge, Santa Ana, CA - Co-Chair

Catholic Charities Triad / Relinquished

Candice Camilleri - Johnn, Fort Myers FL - not valid email

Circle of Hope - FL Triad Support Group

Sondi - Greenacres, FL


Larry M. Mainland - Duluth, GA - President

Eyes Wide Open Registry

Janet Sousa, Tampa, FL 

Jerry Burns' Home Page (Adoptee)

Jerry Burns, Tulelake, CA

Facing the Truth: A Look At Adoption

Robin Westbrook, Sanford, FL

Finding in Florida

Patty Burns

FL Bmoms United

Florida Open Records Unity Movement

Susan Boone, Perry, FL - not valid email
Sandi Ledbetter, FL - not valid email
Lisa Raffone, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Rebecca Wulzer, Pensacola, FL -not valid email
Mary Hicks, Chipley, FL
Barbara "Bobi" Burch, Pensacola, FL
Ginger Nunley, Orlando, FL
Diane Pruitt, Orlando, FL
Jo-Ann (Jody) Richardson - not valid email
Brady Watkins, Perry, FL - not valid email


Anne Velez-Birthmother & List Owner 
Kathy Pavlick-Adoptee & Moderator

For Manning

Pat Zimmer, Jupiter, FL

Gale, Reunited Birthmom - Dedicated to Son

Gale Munden, Victorville, CA

Georgia Adoption - List Owner

Denise Smith, Midland, MI
Anne Velez, Jacksonville, FL

Happy Birthday Vanessa

Vicky King, Elkhart, IN

Heart of Triad

Heart of Triad Helpers

Bonni, Pacona Summit, PA
 Patricia (Fowler) Horton, Fremont, MI
Debbie Krivickas, Deltona, FL
Sandra Radford, Nashville, NC
Gale Sipple, Walton, KY

Jeff Humpert's Adoption Webpage

Jeff Humpert,  Greensburg, IN - not valid email

Illinois Adoptee Searching

Lisa Bressner Rettke, Reeds Spring, MO

International Soundex Reunion Registry

Tony Vilardi, Salt Lake City, UT

Jax's Adoption Page

Jackie Ver Hulst, Stow, OH - not valid email

Kentucky Adoption Site

Tom Reid, KY

Kids and Families

Beverlee Park-Sherbo, Ventura, CA

Lib's Place

Linda's Story - A Search and Reunion with Her Daughter

Linda Vecchio

Lynn's Adoption Story, Search and Reunion

Lynn Ingram, Lennon, MI - not valid email

Mississippi Adoption

MARRA - Mississippi Adoptees Rallying for Records Access    

Kate Groover, McComb

Missouri Open 2000

Carol Kurtz, MO
Lindsay Woodside
, MO

My Search, The Story of My 2 Brothers

Crystal M. Picaroni, Inverness, FL

Mothers For Open Records Everywhere
(Previously B.O.R.N.)

Linda Freeman, Jacksonville, FL
Karen Wilson Buterbaugh, Springfield, VA

Nancy's Adoption Pages

National Adoption Awareness Month

Damsel Plum, San Rafael, CA

Nevada Open
 Jean M. Uhrich

North Carolina Coalition for Adoption Reform

Roberta MacDonald, Durham, NC, Chairwoman
Susan Daniels, Fayetteville, NC, Treasurer
Linda Sirmons, Jamestown, NC 
Cindy Stranad, Raleigh, NC, Media Rep

Oklahomans for Open Adoption Records

Tammy Shinpoch, Sapulpa, OK
Cheryl Hert, Henryetta, OK - not valid email

Oregon-Adoptees’ and Birthmothers’ Conventions

Judith K. Harmon, Executive Director
P.O. Box 443
Wasco, OR 97065
(541) 442-5706 

Supporting People Separated By Adoption

Our Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Candee Hamilton, NY - not valid email

PA Adoption Board

PA Search Menu

PAFind Email Search and Support List

Sue Romberger, PA

PA Adoption Connection

Glenda Shay, Pittsburgh, PA

PA Adoption Reunion Registry ("PARR")

Karen DeLuca

Rosemary Powell, Are You Out There?

Jane Stokely Ellis, King George, VA - not valid email

Reflections, Adoption Search and Support Group

Katrina Thomas - not valid email
Lezli Adams, Evansville, IN

Search4 my Bfamily-Please Help

Brad Humpert, Greensburg IN

The Search for My Family History

Mark J. Hoag, Des Moines, IA

Searching for Siblings

Debbie Perkins, Texas

Searching for the Twins

Lanore Cutler Lewis, Port Jervis, N.Y.

Sunflowers Birth Mothers Group

Alana Miller - Owner
Donna Bensen, Groesbeck,TX
Cheryl Jones, Hendersonville, TN
Sandi Ledbetter, Snellville, Georgia - not valid email
Vicki Lovil, Carthage, TX
Vicki Miller, Fresno, CA 
Linda Orozco, Sacramento CA
Donna Osipovich, Coram , MT
Harriet Person, Fir Island, Washington
Beverlee Park-Sherbo, Ventura, CA 
Garnetta Wood, Middleton Nova Scotia, Canada

Texas Birth Index Sorter

Heidi Carrico, Portland, OR

Triad Searches for Chronic Illnesses

Renee Grande-Kloss, Pittsburgh, PA - not valid email

Triangle Corner: A Triad Story & Resources for Adoptees, Bparents, & Aparents 

 Michele K. Carter, RN Winter Park, FL


Lea Cassidy, The Colony, TX - Legislative Chair
Nancy Schaefers, Dallas, TX - PR Chair
Karen Joiner Brown, Arlington, TX
Kathy Broker, Dallas, TX - not valid email
Cecilia Brock, Mesquite, TX

The Seeker

Linda Hammer, Sarasota, FL
Simone Keevert, Green River, WY
Donna McCarthy, East Longmeadow, MA

Torn Asunder
Florida Adoption Reunion Registry

C. Rose "Rosey", Miami Beach, FL

Unlocking the Door of Adoption

Sheila Ganz, San Francisco, CA

World Wide Registry 

David T. Gray, Austin, TX

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